Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 11 Online

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Did Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11 feature the end of Bluebell as we know it?

After all, Lavon lost the merger during the latest hour of this CW drama, making it look very much like our favorite Alabama town would become Filmore.

But then the Lt. Governor swooped in to both save the day and also drop a bomb on viewers: He's Shelby's baby daddy! She wasn't artificially inseminated after all! Sorry, Brick. Tough break.

Along with Shelby, Lynly also left town this week, while Harley Junior returned and Joel continued to be awesome. Why is no one on board with him and Zoe as a couple?!?

Watch Hart of Dixie online and try to answer that question:

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We are not on board with Joel and Zoe as a couple because they are just too "every day", boring. We tune in to see unconventional, original and refreshing. You know, something like an ambitious, high strung, neurotic, snobby New Yorker falling in love with a laid back, easy going, big hearted good-ole boy falling in love in spite of all the odds. We liked seeing the changes Wade made in Zoe and Zoe made in Wade. Wade taught Zoe how to relax and enjoy life and Zoe taught Wade how to do things like staying up all night making gumbo or baking black and white cookies. Zoe and Wade happened naturally, there doesn't seem to be anything natural about Joel and Zoe. Yes, Zoe and Wade fight but they also watch out for each other and they admire each other because or in spite of their differences. I'm not sure that Wade and Zoe was the intention of the show but it happened and it was amazing, it was what we all dream of and we rarely see, why can't the fans just be allowed to enjoy it?


Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

[To Harley Jr.] Zoe Hart will win you over.


[To Wade] He says he's going to kill oyu in your sleep unless you break up with my mom.

Harley Jr