Kate Beckett in a Wedding Dress: First Look!

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Brace yourselves, Castle Fanatics… for Kate Beckett in a wedding gown!

On the January 27 installment of this ABC hit, Stana Katic's detective will make like a model once again when she comes across Frances Fisher as Modern Fashion magazine editor Matilda King.

And, as teased here (via TV Guide Magazine), Beckett will try on a couture dress from a runway show.

Prepare yourself some some serious beauty and check out the preview image here:

Kate Beckett Wedding Dress

Many questions will surround the wildly anticipated nuptials between Beckett and Castle, Katic has an idea of how the event should take place.

"There's got to be some espionage stunt that screws up the wedding and leads them to city hall to just get it over with," Katic tells William Keck. "They are constantly living on the edge, and their wedding day should be no different."

As you prepare for the big day, watch Castle online now and catch up.

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This dress has got to go!!! Kate Becket is a simple woman that wears beautiful clothes. This dress does nothing for her. I hope this is a tease. It's the way Castle works, great writing and surprise, so surprise us with a dress that brings out the characters beauty, PLEASE!


You only see the dress with Kate...
But you should see Kate with a dress!
The complete show I thought she is a elegant and normal woman which loves a subtile elegant look.
Sorry for my "geman" english

@ katy

Hoping for something wonderful. This is just horrible!


Too busy, I figure Kate for simple and elegant.


Yeah, that dress is awful!
But does anyone really think this will be her wedding dress?! Come on, do you think it would be shown so soon?

@ maria

I'm sure it's not going to be THE dress, but it's just so awful! And we know Becket looks stunning in fitted dresses.

Sue ann

That dress looks like mosquito netting and curtains. At least Carol Burnett had the sense to wear the curtain rod to indicate the farce ...


For THAT dress???? Go to city hall in a simple dress. I thought Kate would have much better taste than this, it is possible that it is just to throw us off as to what she REALLY will be wearing ... every time Kate has gotten dressy-dressed up (like in the black little number at the surprise birthday party she threw Rick - Rear Window anyone?) she looked like a million bucks ~


I so want to like it but...yeah. That's pretty bad. Hopefully it's not the REAL dress.


Awful dress. Hope this is not the final choice.

@ SYLVIA2036

just terrible

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