Psych Review: The Ballad of Jebediah

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The Psych world is quickly becoming a different place.

From new careers to growing families, the landscape may be changing, but one thing stays the same: Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassiter are still a top notch team inside and outside the line of duty, as Psych Season 8 Episode 2 swiftly reminded us.

Shawn and Gus Together

I think we could all see from the promos that Lassiter has been demoted to beat cop in light of the shake up in personnel courtesy of Trout in Season 7 Episode 14.

But it's clear - or at least it was at the outset of the episode - that Lassiter still thinks of, and conducts himself, as head detective... and will stop at nothing to nab a perp.

Or at least he was until he found out he will soon be a father! Even from season 1 we knew Lassiter wanted a family. Another clue a family could be next for Lassiter was alluded to in Season 7 Episode 8 when Shawn and Juliet were planning to get Lassiter a dog in order to quell Marlowe's apparently strong desire to have a child.

Since that was in the reality where Shawn kept his secret, we know Lassiter never received the aforementioned pup, leaving the opportunity wide open.

I think he will make a great dad, but I do have to question whether or not "Little Lassie" will, in fact, be a boy as he repeatedly remarked throughout the episode. Wouldn't it be the best twist that his new bundle of joy be a little girl?!

Either way, the news clearly had a profound and almost baffling impact on his behavior. A man who never shied away from going in hot to any situation was overly cautious and ignoring his better judgment. I love that a single comment from someone they were questioning changed his entire outlook on his situation.

He will make the world safer for his "Little Lassiter" and do it in the most epic way possible; his showdown at the end is proof of that.

And I suspect Interim Head Detective O'Hara will be right there to help him do it. Three cheers for her moving up in the organization, even on a temporary basement. I love how sensitive she was about it, trying to whisper her first briefing in order to not make him feel bad.

She wasn't the only one in the business of making people feel better. Without any cases to keep them busy, Gus and Shawn - but mostly Shawn - decided to embark on a new business venture as a life coach with an acronym which does absolutely nothing to support his mission.

In the end, it was clear that the only person it seemed to at least minimally influence was Lassiter. Then again, perhaps he was their most important client during the course of their very brief venture.

It was good to see Shawn, Gus and Lassiter tracking down leads together. Perhaps the most entertaining of which was the one that led them straight to Trout's mom! I don't know what led to their hilariously dysfunctional relationship, but it made for good TV!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Lassiter receiving life advice from Henry, only to proceed to issue him a ticket for a broken headlight - in the middle of the day mind you!
  • Shawn thinking Lassiter was dying.
  • Gus failing to shed tears at the thought of Lassiter dying.
  • Hearing Franny, McNab's wife, for the first time!

So, Psych-O's, do you think Carlowe is about to have a boy or girl?


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I'm with Paun, this show is getting more stupid. This episode had its moments. Every scene with Lassiter was great. I love the development of him becoming a father, and seeing him wrestle with that transition was fun to watch. If only there was some development with the main characters, Shawn and Gus. They seem perpetually stuck in wisecracking/carefree/20-something slacker mode. Their banter used to be so funny and entertaining, but now I just find it annoying. It's like they are trying too hard. And where has Henry been? More Henry!


This episode was funny. I liked how Shaw, Gus, and Juliette thinking that Lassiter was dying but then found out that he was actually having a baby. can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


Did shawn and juliet break up? I feel like i missed something, they rarely talk and never show affection towards each other anymore.

@ Tyler

They broke up in Season 7 for a time and only got back together right before the Season 7 finale, which was marked by a :26 second clip in which Shawn declared they were back together. Give it time!

@ Chandel Charles

Time? From what i can see from the episode titles the last episode is called break up. I wonder what thats gonna be about...

@ Tyler

It's not what you think, guaranteed. I surmise it will be about Shawn and Gus and moving on than about Shawn and Juliet breaking up. Psych is about the bromance, not the romance.


This is the most entertaining hour on TV. My usual response is "what was that?" Then I rewind. Love the writing and the wonderful rapport this ensemble cast has with each other.


Is it me or the show is getting stupider??

@ Paun Drazen

says the moron who just used the word "stupider" XD oh the irony. get a clue, jackass ; )


Our family loves Psych... and can't wait until Wednesdays!! We have every episode recorded and my sons (12, 10 and 8) can rattle off quotes from every episode. The one thing this season that I am let down with is the fact that Shawn is hardly using his 'power'. That was certainly the basis for the show... and now we have him making many incorrect 'guesses'. He tends to be wrong as much as he is correct, and even when he is right, it is such a quick moment that nobody is all that impressed. I will say that I think that the actors/actresses are having fun with it and I guess that is what I think matters most at this point. I would like to see them go back to him being so aware (in tune- "psychic") like at the beginning. When Juliette says to him that he is either psychic or he is a really good detective, he seems to have lost his touch. (Maybe that is their point??!) I think he needs to knock it out of the park to close out the series. He is nothing more than a joke for much of the plot now. Again, if they just want to ride it out and have fun making the ending that is fine. They have earned it... but many fans want to see some sort of an end that shows Shawn being able to make his dad proud and use his talent to continue to solve crimes. I also think that Anthony M Hall needs to go now. They have played that for too long. I guess they are going to do what they did from the beginning and that is to always do the unusual. My guess is that it will not have a tidy little ending. That goes without saying. I don't see them getting Shawn and Juliette back together. The chemistry is not what is was with Shawn and Gus either. It certainly might be because they had to get these episodes done quickly. I would like to see more episodes... but it just seems that they are running out of stuff and they all have other things to do. I realize that I am rambling... but I am thinking out loud... and putting down my thoughts. This is not a professional review... but a heartfelt take on what I feel. I love the show and feel that there are some extremely talented people involved with this show. I will appreciate whatever they do. I don't watch any other TV programs at all.... Psych is it. I will hate to see it go for sure... and I guess it would be nice to have them do their best work at the end. I understand about 'jumping the shark', but I think they can kick butt with the remaining time... and I hope that they do. It would not surprise me if James R actually set up him and Gus actually jumping a shark in the blueberry. Anyway, my meds are wearing off now.... Peace All!!


Great episode. Laughed a lot. I have to say, where's the Shawn/Juliet relationship at? It felt like they are not together anymore, like the "love" chemistry isn't there anymore so far in this season. I know I'd like to see that moment where Shawn/Juliet made up and decided to give it another try.


Great episode. I enjoyed seeing Lassie pull himself together and get to be his old self with not much help from Shawn, lol. The new boss is funny but I want the old boss back. I hope it isn't the last season.

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