Psych Review: The Jury Is In

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The jury finds Psych guilty of making what's old brand new again and pulling out all the stops to do it.

We sentence them to nothing less than 7 more episodes - and preferably a season or two - of the same.

This installment clearly exemplifies why Season 8 is a gift to fans, and why this show has been so successful over the past number of years. It has no problem reaching back and saying "Let's do better," and has no qualms about making fun of themselves as they do it.

That's exactly why Psych Season 8 Episode 3 is an instant classic in an already colorful cannon.

But I know what you're probably still trying to wrap you head around is all the guest stars you saw reprising roles and assuming new ones. Which is why I took the liberty of running them all down for you, including where else in the Psych universe you can find them!

  • Michael Weston reprises his role as the lovable Adam Hornstock from the original Cloudy, Chance of...Murder (Season 1, Episode 12).
  • Alan Ruck, while he plays Rueben Leonard here, was originally Phil Stubbins, the man holding up the bank in Gus Walks Into a Bank (Season 3, Episode 8).
  • Janet Varney, who played "Bitchiest Banana" award winner Mindy Howland in Murder...Murder...Anyone?...Bueller (Season 3, Episode 2) returned as Connie Camp, co-host of Sun Up Santa Barbara.
  • Ed Lover, first playing himself in Last Night Gus (Psych Season 6 Episode 2), took on the role of Bailiff this time around.
  • Ray Wise, who made his first appearance as Father Wesley in both The Devil is In the Details...and the Upstairs Bedroom (Psych Season 4, Episode 2) and Dual Spires (Psych Season 5, Episode 12), the seasoned Psych alum returned as Judge Horace Leland.
  • Ralph Macchio played prosecutor Phelps here, but when we saw him last he was playing a down and out police academy instructor in We'd Like to Thank the Academy (Psych Season 5 Episode 13).
  • Lindsey Sloane once played a bachelorette looking for love on television in Shawn and the Real Girl (Psych Season 6, Episode 12), here plays embattled school teacher Sandra Panitch.
  • Carlos Jacott both writer and actor extraordinaire, has penned several Psych episodes and in been front of the camera at least once before, as Terrance, the manager of a suicide hotline in 9 Lives (Psych Season 1 Episode 5). Here he portrayed returned to play Morty Camp, co-host of Sun Up Santa Barbara and killer.
  • Katharine Isabelle, who was Sigrid in Black and Tan, A Crime of Fashion (Season 2 Episode 12) assumes the role of Priscilla Morganstern. Surprisingly, Priscilla's last name was Osterman in the original.
  • Dana Ashbrook of Twin Peaks fame and who also starred in Psych's homage to the '90's cult favorite with Dual Spires (Psych Season 5, Episode 12), portrays deceased playboy Jackson Hale.
  • Kurt Fuller, who has been a regular for the past several seasons, teleported back to the show's earlier days before he was the creepy coroner we all know and love today!

Phew! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, we can talk about how much awesome was wrapped up in this 42 minute gift of an episode!

Having watched the original in anticipation of this episode, it certainly was a lot more involved and exciting than the "Cloudy" of season 1. It presents an interesting conundrum in that it's hard to tell whether Psych approached the remake to make the episode of itself better or as a way of reintegrating elements of a show or movies from the past - in this case a past installment - into a new creation.

In my opinion it has to be a little bit of both. They borrowed dialog from its successor directly, but then added new elements, like the introduction of Woody before he was the SBPD Coroner, the use of Sun Up Santa Barabara and its co-hosts and the revision of the case to include an additional death during the investigation and pin the crime on a different killer.

Then again, they went to great pains to remind you several times that the episode was meant to take place in 2006, even down to Lassiter's comb-over. But as I remarked when they attempted to do something similar in Psych Season 7 Episode 5, also known as 100 Clues, it can be a hard sell given how much they've all grown up - as people and as actors - in the past seven seasons.

On a professional and personal level these individuals have grown together in ways that simply can't be undone. This fact fundamentally changes the tone of the episode as much as they try to go back to those earlier years. In 2006/2007 the actors were still trying to get to know each other, fast forward to now and it's obvious how comfortable they are in their characters and with each other.

Prime example is the Shules we got in this episode. When Maggie Lawson and James Roday interacted with each other in the original, there was a certain level of distance between the two and their characters. At that time, there was only one scene where Shawn flirted with Juliet, and Roday and Lawson weren't out in public as a couple yet.

You get to this installment, and Shawn's not only pulling Juliet aside and making predictions about a future we've already seen come true, he does it multiple times and at least once in a crowded courtroom in front of both Lassiter and his father!

The way they look at each other in their scenes, you can really tell how much things between them have really changed on and off screen. There is no substitute or replacement or remake for that.

It's all of these things that make this Andy Berman remake - with a Todd Harthan assist - so brilliant. In a way, the episode allowed us to engage in a little nostalgia while still getting in all the laughs and creative elements that make this show what it is. On the other hand, it's also a stark reminder of truly how far things have some in eight seasons, which is almost enough to blow your mind!

Did I mention how awesome it was to get Woody in on the remake action? Or how awesome it was to get Shawn and Gus in a trampoline park? This installment weaved bits and pieces of interpersonal gold - see Henry and Shawn's hallway exchange, Henry bringing a less than year old Shawn to court - with random nuggets like Shawn and Gus' Sun Up Santa Barbara appearance.

It's amazing to see how much a world has opened up when you have to go back and reconstruct it. There are so many more possibilities in the Psych universe now than their were back in season 1, and Psych took advantage of every possible one!

So only one question remains: which "Cloudy" do you like better?


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There was literally no purpose in the re-making of this episode. It revealed nothing about the 'past' of the characters, did not change them in any foreseeable fashion, and didn't add to the story. I can only say that it detracted from the original. I've been a fan of the show since it started, and haven't missed an episode - but I fell asleep watching this one. Hopefully we'll get more into a forward moving plot-line that might actually span from one episode to the next.

@ Evad

Wait till the back half of the season. The first few episodes are always for fun.


Great to see so many fans voicing their thoughts in constructive ways. While there are points for both "sides," I think that Psych as a show is all the better for its dedicated fans and their strong opinions either way. Now, this episode, like many of their easter egg-laden episodes rewards many re-viewings. It was really interesting to see the more subtle changes--such as Henry advising baby Shawn in the courtroom. In the original, Henry "deduces" that the young man on the jury must "not be married" whereas here he's simply "single." A slight change, but it implies a broader awareness of the world in which--wait for it--not everyone gets married (there's probably more that can be said). Also, this slight dialogue change along with Shawn's own "ironic vision" in the hallway with Jules about "8 years from now" might be the writers hinting something to its viewers about the characters on the show (or maybe even the actors in real life).


Only Psych can redo their own episode and make it funny! Loved all the guest stars and Easter eggs! I recognized most of the guest stars or at least knew they were on other episodes even if I couldn't place them but I admit I did miss the guy from Twin Peaks as jackson Hale. I love that they even brought back Juliet sneezes! They mention on one of the DVD commentaries that .was a thing in every episode in the 1st season but then never went anywhere or was explained. Just made me laugh that it was back. I love that this show dares to do something different and the fact that it can succeed! I always enjoyed the first run of this episode and rolled my eyes wen i first heard it would be be remade but I trust these writers! Especially since it was Andy Berman who was the original writer.


I liked this episode for many reasons. The first, it was such a tribute to the fans. You got to make these connections to these actors who played other characters in previous episodes in new roles. I mean who does that, only Psych. I lost it when I realized Ed Lover was the Bailiff...."Come on, son"! The second reason is that this show has never taken it's self seriously. The writers and cast can switch back in forth between an episode like this or the Musical and one where Henry gets shot or when Jules finds out Shawn is not psychic. They can make a dramedy anytime, but how many shows go out on a limb like this. I enjoyed ever minute of it. Psych is just a fun show and I will miss it when it's gone.


I have been watching psych from the very beginning and the season 1 episode I thought was one of the most entertaining of the whole series. When I watched this last night I had to turn it off. The show has always been funny but had a serious side now it is just going overboard to the point where it isn't funny because they are trying to hard. For example in the first season when he gave hornstock the funny weather names it was smooth and done in a way that made it believable, yesterday when they remade that scene it was just way overdone with gus crawling to him and them having 10 more names. I dont get why they cant get back to the ying yang murders instead of the stuff they are coming out with now? The new chief is just plain annoying


I've been a longtime fan of "Psych," but I agree with Taylor and Joe about this episode. I also found it boring and disappointing. It seems to me the writers are out of ideas about how to move the characters forward, so they need to resort to gimmicks like this. It also seems like they are trying too hard.

@ Jim

They are nowhere near out of ideas. This season is a gift to fans where they are picking the things they would most want to have done if they don't get a renewal. The growth episodes are spanned across the back half of this season.

@ Chandel Charles

We will have to agree to disagree.


I am almost positive that Adam Hornstock father was also the wine owner from the episode were shawn and julie go on vacation. Also the cousin vinny dialogue was awesome.


I'm glad they remade this episode as the original is on of my favs from the first season and now I can see it twice.


Writer/actor Andy Berman has an on screen cameo in this episode, too.
He's one of the court room spectators clapping at the close of the trial.
Thought it was worth a mention.


There are plenty of reasons to do a remake of an episode on any show. Just as well, there are many reasons not to do a remake, hence why this hasn't really been done before. But, solely for the sake of being unorthodox, Psych realized USA is the perfect channel to do this on, and they certainly took advantage of this fact. In reality, many shows do what Psych did. If you've ever watched a tv show on DVD, you can find these phenomena in the extras, usually classified as "Deleted Scenes" or "Alternate Ending".
I love Psych. But tonight's episode was boringly disappointing. The logic behind this has found me wanting. Cons easily outweigh the pros which proves to me this is just a bad idea. Writers should have been proud of their original work and moved on. Better idea would have been to do a present day version, that way you don't have to explain the extra 20-30 lbs James Rhoday has put on in the last seven years.
Sorry for being so negative. I've been watching Psych since it was first aired. This doesn't make my opinions any more or less important than you fangirls out there, but I would love to debate how it does as well as discuss the many cons I can associate with doing a remake I didn't feel like including into my comment here. E-mail me if you feel differently or just was to tell me I'm wrong.

@ Taylor Berrier

I too have watched psych since the it first aired and I love the show! It always has a way of putting me into a good mood. This episode however sort of troubled me. Though it was a great episode the first time around and I do love seeing some of the guests make an appearance again, for a show that could possibly be on its last season I wanna see meaningful episodes and not replays! Maybe I missed the announcements about them renewing the show but if this is the last season and we only get a few more episodes of Jules(who is such a great character) I would love to see it stick to a story line of sorts. Still a good episode and all.

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