Psych Season Premiere Review: Choose to Believe

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After what feels like the longest hiatus in the history of cable television, our favorite psychic and his black friend have FINALLY returned to primetime - and with jolly good installment to boot!

In true Psych fashion, they also chose to kick off Psych Season 8 Episode 1 with the return of the infamous international man of mystery himself, Pierre Despereaux.

Psych in London

I really loved the storytelling choices made in this episode. Placing you in the action of the story to walk you back through it really grabbed my attention. The best part is, it didn't stop there!

Shawn, in a much better English accent than the one he exercised in Psych the Musical, narrated the events leading up to their double-barreled - and clearly one-sided - encounter with the villains of the hour.

One could also argue that there was another villain on our hands: Despereaux. Though he didn't manage to get away with anything this time, one has to wonder what the point of having him at Interpol under a name like Royston Cornwallace Staley - or Roy Staley for short - could truly be?

I will admit that I wondered up until the very end whether or not the Despereaux we came to know and love for his uncanny ability to encompass constant mystery and intrigue was, in fact, state-created. I would assume, given that the homeless man outside the pub was the same man apparently portraying Stuyvesant, that Despereaux was engaged in some kind of long con, the ultimate aims of which I am still unsure.

Did he actually start out as a paper pusher that thought international art theft was a reasonable and gentlemanly hobby? Was it simply a back story he provided to initially fool Shawn and Gus into aiding his plan?

I choose to believe in the con. That was Despereaux can continue to live on as the criminal every other should aspire to be.

That didn't mean that it wasn't hilarious to watch Despereaux attempt to handle Shawn in field situations, though. It simply demonstrates how off the wall he and Gus truly are, even to someone usually as calm and collected as Despereaux seemed to be.

Speaking of off the wall... Gus and his obsession with the Harry Potter franchise was not only out of left-field, but thoroughly engaging to watch. He CLEARLY takes it very seriously! He berated a TSA official and was dedicated to correcting anyone who misrepresented or belittled the franchise.

I assume this was meant to reflect the feelings and behaviors of diehard fans and it was really entertaining to watch!

I will note that we did get to see a little bit of Lassiter in this episode, and can clearly see what impact the interim Chief has had on his career, as he now dons an Officer's uniform rather than his usually Washington black suit. One can only wonder how long Lassiter will be in this new position?

Overall, solid and exciting start to a new season! I can't wait to see what else Psych has up its sleeve for Season 8!


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I used to love "Psych," but this episode was absolutely terrible. Completely ridiculous and confusing plot, and the characters have been reduced to two-dimensional caricatures. I hope the rest of the season gets better.


to answer your Despereaux confusion - it was all 100% a con, no debate. - the flashbacks of him as a rookie agent that WE the audience physically saw but Shawn and Gus just heard from Despereaux's mouth were all lies that never actually happened - Despereaux got away with the stolen treasure at the end so it wasn't all for no reason


it is the last season. no more


I missed "Psych: The Musical". Did Lassiter get busted to patrolman in that episode? Because I'm missing a step here.

@ Michael (not Westen)

No in the season 7 finale a new chief came to replace Vick after Shawn and the gang failed to nabbed a suspect(even though they caught him in the end) and lassie lost his head detective job and the new chief told Shawn and Gus he wouldn't need them anymore


Loved the episode and so glad the
Show is back it feels like it's been forever. I was so happy to see Desperaux he is my favorite bad guy and I'm still not sure if he is really interpole or not but if he's not then that is an amazing con he pulled off and honestly I hope he is the art thief I've loved since the first episode he was in because it makes him more amazing. Shawn always seems to get along with the criminals which I love. Gus and the Harry Potter stuff was funny. We only saw a little but of Lassie and no Jules which was sad but it looks like we'll get a lot more of them in the next episode which is exciting. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good and funny like all their episodes.


Despereaux is my 2nd favourite Psych bad guy behide Yen and Yang

David lee lewis

love this show, one of the few american shows i like.


BACK TO THE ACTUAL EPP....I thought it was a great opener and I felt sad to see Lassie in uniform pushing a cart...glad they left all that for next week and started with Despereaux. :)


Yep. I say "black" too...I got yelled at 3 times from 3 different black people in 3 totally different situations about not being African, being from D.R., how UNAMERICAN I was to ASSUME that just because someone is black that they came from Africa and ... I forget the 3rd incident...but 3 strikes and it's more PC rubbish from me - period! :)


"our favorite psychic and his black friend" Did you REALLY just type that????????? Seriously????????

@ Terrie

You need to realize there is nothing wrong with saying black. No one has a problem when someone says white people.

@ Terrie

You do realize simply referring to Gus as black is a runner on this show meant for comedic purposes, correct?

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