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The family that slays together stays together.

The Following Season 2 Episode 2 focused on the familial side of the killers, with Joe as something of a father and Luke desiring one.

It was interesting to see Joe so complacent with his giant beard, dirty hat, sunglasses and bad southern accent. We all know how violent and dangerous the character is, so it was weird to see him act like something of a family man. Helping Mandy with her homework and acting like a good guy felt wrong. He was the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Could Joe have turned a corner and been reborn?

Nope. After hearing of the subway murders calling for his resurrection, watching the TV talk about his own killings and the prostitute loving reverend discovering Joe’s true identity, the literary-obsessed cult leader just needed to kill again.

Although, it was a little odd listening to Joe’s orgasmic stabbing and seeing him almost excitedly get off to the murder of the reverend. I guess if you haven’t killed anyone in over a year, that’s how you feel when picking back up to the mantle?

He’s definitely crazy, even if he is calculated. Good luck explaining that one to Mandy’s mom.

So, why are Mark and Luke calling out to Joe?

They seem pretty competent and in control of their own serial killings. Perhaps even creepier and scarier than Joe?

Their obsession with playing with the dead is disturbing, as is their willingness to play house and hold a dinner with “mom” and “dad.” These two are not good guys, and I can only assume they never were hugged enough as kids or always got picked last at dodgeball.

Luke’s heartfelt admission of love to “dad” definitely showed some major parental issues, along with a potential problem for the brothers. Mark gave a rather concerned look when his brother was uttering those words. Perhaps sibling confrontation or rivalry later on?

At the same time, Ryan’s dissection of the set-up scene (depicting a moment from Joe’s book) got under Luke’s skin.

But is that really it? Do Mark and Luke simply just want someone to call “dad”? I’m still wondering about their motives and how they will connect with Joe.

It’s good to see Ryan is still determined, but even he can be vulnerable, especially when he’s reckless in his endeavors.

I find it likely that with death all around him, the surviving train member/potential love interest and his niece aren’t going to last long.

I’m glad the series didn’t take forever to get Ryan face to face with the new killers, but are they trying to get themselves caught?

Granted, the look on his face when he realized he was fighting twins was priceless. And it was good that even though Mark and Luke escaped, Ryan was able to shoot and not just miss. He actually hit Luke rather than just some random bullets flying and an easy getaway.

I’m still hesitant on the FBI’s competence, but if Ryan gives in, it could give us some team-up time with Mike. And that’s a good thing.

This was an entertaining follow up to The Following Season 2 Episode 1, but I can’t help but have a nagging feeling about the direction of the show. And as creepy and frightening as the killers and their kills are, I’m hoping that a real story comes out of it all that isn't as simple as chasing the bad guys around.

I don’t want a bunch of meandering about towards a less than creative end. The makings and potential are once again there, so let's just hope The Following Season 2 winds up being worthy of its own resurrection.

Are the twins scarier killers than Joe Carroll?


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This show is is HORRIBLE. I have never seen such abject implausibility as these nefarious villains make their way. Well, there was that show Hostages... in any event, good grief. I thought last season was bad. Now we have Carrol resurrected, Hardy going it alone, investigating without any repercussions whatsoever from a battery of inter-agency law enforcement. And what of the 3 FBI agents who DID nothing, not even trail the the lady leaving the art auction on a second murder attempt -- with gunfire no less? It's already predictable, tiresome. And I'm only on the second episode... good lord.


It's too convenient for her to have escaped being murdered twice. Not with such skilled killers. Ew. Did I just write that?


Anybody else thinking Mark / Luke might not be twins but instead a split personality? I know the French girl (name?) tried to help Carlos tell them apart in S2E1, but she could just be playing along with Mark-Luke's delusion. Or is this theory just way too off-the-wall?

@ Robert

I love the theory - but do think it's also a little off the wall :) mostly because victims, FBI, etc. have all seen both people.
Love the creativity though!

@ TiffanyO

I'm still holding out hope! After all, only the dead victims and Hardy have seen Mark-Luke (Hardy was the one who told the other agents to look for twins), apart from crazy French girl and easily-confused Carlos. I'll still be waiting for all this to be revealed (movie spoiler alert!) like at the end of Fight Club. I will stay aheaf of the writers this season, gosh darn it!

@ Robert

Lol. I admire your passion and creativity!
I would be happy in this case to end up wrong.
(But I don't think I will ;) )

@ Robert

Edit (spelling): aheaf should be ahead

C f ohara

Sean great title for the review. @nook I am also worried about Max, but an interview I read with Kevin Bacon saying how this season would be different has me resting easier. He said fans wanted to see Ryan have a few more wins this season instead of everyone close to him dying seemingly each week. I am definitely suspicious of Connie Nielsen's character Lily Gray, but I guess that's the show working. Everyone is a suspect. I was sure Ryan was going to find her gone after leaving her with the FBI agents at the museum charity. @hege I also loved seeing Ryan psychoanalyze Luke on the phone like that. I didn't even recognize Sam Underwood from the final season of Dexter because him playing both twins totally threw me.

@ Chris O'Hara

I'm down for some wins for Hardy this year. I remember a few times last year thinking GOD can't he catch a break???

Sp mckenna
@ Chris O'Hara

Thanks on the title. It's good to hear that Ryan will get a few wins in too. I want to see him get the upper hand every now and again, and even those moments where he was talking to Luke on the phone worked great for that.


I liked the episode! I hope Ryan will work with the FBI again The twins are super creepy but no one is creepier than Carrol. The killing of the reverend was, well, creepy. James Purefoy is such a good actor! If I met him on the street I guess I would run the other way. :-). The lady played by Connie Nielsen, I think she is a follower of Carrol. Looking forward to the next episode.

Sp mckenna
@ hege

I think the twins have been a great addition to the show. Plus, they seem fresh faced in their craziness, but I'm sure Joe Carroll has plenty of insane things to come. Curious as to how the twins and Joe will end up connecting.


I really dont understand ryan at this point. Having so much death around him, his sister being kidnapped, etc etc. How can he involve his damn niece in his shit, srsly!! I dont like it, she's cute!


Anyone else think that the survivor lady is actually a plant?

Sp mckenna
@ TiffanyO

I have thought that, but I'm kind of hoping that isn't the case. You never know though, anyone can be a follower.

@ TiffanyO

I was thinking the same! Feels like they want to set her up as a new love interest for a possible new novel for Joe.

@ Nook

it's ridiculously suspcious that she even survived the subway attack... and is out of the hospitel so soon.

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