The Good Wife Spoilers: Kalinda to Explode, Firms to Merge?

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The Good Wife is on hiatus until March 9. That's the bad news.

But co-creator Robert and Michelle King offered up some very juicy spoilers today during the show's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. That's the good news.

What can fans expect when The Good Wife Season 5 returns? An explosive Kalinda, another Louis Canning appearance and plenty more...

More Problems

What does the future hold for Kalinda? Robert admitted that she's been on the backburner since her estranged husband storyline fizzled on The Good Wife Season 4, but: "She starts exploding in the second half of the year. Her story starts crystalizing."

And what about her and Cary, following some flirtatious scenes on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 12? “Can they pursue each other? Can they sleep with each other and make that exist?" asks Michelle. "What I liked about it is that Kalinda saw a Cary that had balls and was really attracted to that. So Cary’s going to want to live up to that Kalinda idea of who he is. Cary as a character is sweet, too, but he needs to harden himself.”

Will the two firms keep meeting in court? No, says Robert: "I think a lot of the repetition we're experiencing now is because we're on opposite sides of the cases…but there are other ways that they bump into each other in the course of a day. So we're doing that and also you may find that the A case will be Lockhart/Gardner one week, or it might be Florrick/Agos."

Chris Christie influences the show?!? Yes, Robert says the election rigging scandal was not meant to drag out very long, but: "It wasn't going to play out that long until the Chris Christie thing. There's so much juicy stuff there about what your underlings supposedly do for you. And when you give them a path, are you giving them a path that says ‘I want you do everything you can even to the point of breaking the law…'"

Will Michael J. Fox return? His NBC sitcom has finished shooting, so "we're trying to make that work. I think you can even say that," Robert said.

Will the firms ever merge? "We're not telling nobody!" Michelle said.

Do you want to see them merge, TV Fanatics? Watch The Good Wife online and sound off now!

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If they merge these firms the show will fold fast, its great to see the old BS gone and everyone changing their direction in life.
I'll stop watching if it goes down !!!!! I know who cares.


Out of Alicia, Will and Peter; Will is the only one who is himself all the time. He has been upfront with everyone throughout. Alicia has changed totally and the Alicia from season 4 onwards is a big cheat. I loved the character of Alicia till Season 4 but since then, the writer has simply destroyed her character. Whatever she did with Will and her employer was beyond tolerance and Will has been extremely fair in giving her the treatment she deserves.
My request to the writer is please restore the original Alicia. Bring her morality back. And till then, please don't make the cheaters (Alicia and Cary) win.
Personally, I am more interested in the professional side of the characters rather their personal lives, and would always want Lockhard Gardner to win whenever they are competing with Alicia and Carry

@ shk

Shk, you could not be more wrong. The new Alicia is much better. Will has always been the biggest slimy snake on the planet and the break off of Alicia, Cary and company was the pinnacle of the series. Keep Alicia and Cary kicking Lockhart Gardner butt.

@ guest462

I agree....Alicia should always win...She's the main star, right???


Hiatus is a bad thing. Way too long. Will and Alicia NO WAY. Ugh, Will is deceptive, slimy, immature and unattractive. So boring, I agree that ship has sailed and please don't insult our intelligence by bringing that scenario into the show again. Why do good shows that hold our interest by focusing on cases that make you think, have to dumb it down with soap opera tactics? If the writers put Will and Alicia together again, they're going to lose another fan. I was hoping now that Alicia and Cary have their own firm, we could see less and less of Will. Arrest him or disbar him for his dishonest behavior -- do something to give him a very back seat. His character is ver boring.


Whilst I am very disappointed about the shows break, The Good Wife is one of the best-made, most carefully calibrated, morally nuanced programmes currently on television. For drama, pathos and storyline, it still manages to keep me interested week by week, despite the recent decision to break the firm up, or to pit Will and Alicia against each other. This has caused the series to free fall somewhat, and I would urge the scriptwriters to concern themselves with developing alternative problems for the main characters to involve themselves with, and not to rely upon well worn clichés which have been done to death by other series. The opportunity to pose difficult moral.questions is the shows forte, and the scriptwriters need to get back to doing this. In an age where America's moral compass is being questioned internationally, with scandals like the bugging of Angela Merkle's (the German Chancellor's) phone, alongside the mass breach of US citizens privacy, these are storyline's that any good scriptwriter should be able to capitalise upon. Get back to doing what the show is best at accomplishing, which is challenging the moral ambiguities within American culture.


The extra break is due to the Olympics, CBS doesn't want to have the show take a ratings hit in my opinion.

@ Josh

The Olympics start Feb 6 for two weeks, their ratings have been slipping down since season 4 so whats the difference.


I want Alicia and Will back together as lovers.

@ Marie

NO WAY !!!!!

@ Percy

NO NO NO...Alicia and Will should not be together


another American show bites the dust. for me-- 1) this has little to do with The Good Wife- but why- why?!- do American tv shows insist on these long, momentum-destrying hiatuses ?
Sherlock's mini season of 3 episodes played in 3 weeks. period.
Downton Abbey's short season of 8 episodes plays in 8 weeks. period.
why drag a season out? it is suffocating for the rhythm of the drama, in my opinion. 2) like ever other American show I've made the mistake of investing time in- The Good Wife started out strong. engaging. enjoyable. but then ? for the sake of 'shaking things up', eking out indefinite numbers of seasons.. ? ? I don't know- but the temporarily exciting Big Changes yanked every major character out of joint. Alicia, Will, Diane.. are all no longer recognizable, in my eyes. I, personally, am saying goodbye to the show- but it leaves a bitter taste.. to have to leave without the satisfaction of seeing story arcs resolve in an organic, dramatically true manner. I'll go back to watching BBC!

@ guest

Absolutely correct. I will continue but three other people I got into the show are quitting because of the insanely stupid hiatus.


Hiatus again? Ugg! Terrible for us rabid fans. I cannot believe the show is not better supported. It’s brilliant. Will? No. Not a strong enough presence to go up against Peter and win … although Will is a good snake … but not someone who will impress Alicia EVER again. So … What do you think of someone like Sam Elliot playing a California or Texas lawyer who comes in and charms judges and juries and even the opposing lawyers with his calming and wise presence, his deep voice, his overwhelming logic, and his ‘there are no rules in a knife fight’ attitude? He doesn’t abide by any rules but he still seems so ethical – unlike Damien. And of course Alicia would fall under his charms and chase after him because he is so calm, so ethical-seeming, so reliable, so successful, so cool … and he doesn’t need anything from anyone and that makes him even more compelling. He is MORE than an energetic match for Peter and completely threatens that house of cards while at the same time somehow worming his way into all of their lives … And if the ageism regarding he and Alicia is considered … what a furor will happen when GRACE falls under his spell … WHOA! The sex kitten brings out her little claws when her fantasy life with him is threatened. Can you imagine Grace competing with her mom in the seductive beauty department? And maybe this character also gets close to Peter by doing some pre-emptive ‘lawyering’ to protect Peter from the next batch of hot water – since it is unlikely that it is ethical for Alicia to represent Peter … nor anyone from her firm. And Zach falls under the ‘spell’ of Sam’s character and is inspired to be a lawyer like Sam. And, of course, the drooling moms of Alicia and Peter are smitten by Sam’s character. And Owen? Completely ga-ga, too. I can see how one guy, a powerful presence – like Sam Elliot – could throw EVERYTHING in “The Good Wife” to the wind. Wonder where the pieces would fall. And could Sam’s character entice Kalinda to do things beyond her normal ‘control’? And wouldn’t it be enticing for us all to see David Lee destroyed by an ethical-seeming lawyer? And Cary spends his time trying to bring Sam’s character into the firm because of the presence and stature that the firm would gain … and, of course, the ‘charm’. And even Will wants this west-coast ‘savior’ to join LG because the Sam Elliot character is well-connected to the richest clients in LA and/or Houston ... and he also has an amazingly successful boutique firm of lawyers. Will would KILL to get this. And … maybe he DOES! How infuriating to Will, and others, to run up against a litigator who never loses – never gets close to losing. How does the Elliot character live such a charmed life. And all of the other characters like Eli and Nathan can only stutter or be speechless in his presence. What a laugh! Hey, I can dream, can’t I? And Diane? Yup, she’s after him like a cat after catnip. She, too, loses control of herself. Is there anyone who doesn’t succumb to his charms? I vote for Robyn who smells a ‘rat’ or something and takes on the investigation of the Sam Elliot character with a vengeance but no one cares … even when she finds evidence of something …


Oh, please! What are you thinking, defending the reunion of a family where the husband betrayed his wife in every way possible??? Will and Alicia forever, with the flaws and all (which make the characters more realistic, in my opinion). They are lawyers, what did you expect? Just kidding (not really...)

@ Marian

What the Hell do you call Alicia screwing around with Will a play date, she crossed the line big time which makes Peters hooker a walk in the park. What she did while married (separated or not) and completely lying to everyone including her own children is a complete life of a slut not a Good Wife. Peter has been an up front from the start and she still keeps playing the love card with him and lying also when is she going to commit to the renew Vows and stop this thinking career is more important than family. I don't see any real love towards any of her kids or husband.

Drea xoxo
@ Katrine

Alicia - will peter - countless prostitutes, her ex best friend kalinda and potentially more that are yet to be disclosed. arrested and sent to prison should i continue @katrine?! calling alicia a slut is uncalled for when she never paid for it and wasn't even with her husband!!! Peter has not been upfront he's just covered his tracks well

@ Katerina's Gladiator

A slut doesn't pay she gives it away. Her husband has repented and moved on even helping her to get where she is now. If you haven't seen how nefarious Will is you haven't been watching very closely. Total scum.


I totally agree with Les and pinky toe; I'd like to see Alicia & Peter's marriage WORK and I DON'T like that whole Will flirting etc. That ship has sailed, it's in the past! Let's make Alicia a good wife and Peter a good husband!!

@ Caro

I’m so tired of the Good Wife taken off the air for hiatus without any warning. From now on I'll take Downton Abbey over the Good Wife anytime.

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