The Good Wife Spoilers: Kalinda to Explode, Firms to Merge?

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The Good Wife is on hiatus until March 9. That's the bad news.

But co-creator Robert and Michelle King offered up some very juicy spoilers today during the show's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. That's the good news.

What can fans expect when The Good Wife Season 5 returns? An explosive Kalinda, another Louis Canning appearance and plenty more...

More Problems

What does the future hold for Kalinda? Robert admitted that she's been on the backburner since her estranged husband storyline fizzled on The Good Wife Season 4, but: "She starts exploding in the second half of the year. Her story starts crystalizing."

And what about her and Cary, following some flirtatious scenes on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 12? “Can they pursue each other? Can they sleep with each other and make that exist?" asks Michelle. "What I liked about it is that Kalinda saw a Cary that had balls and was really attracted to that. So Cary’s going to want to live up to that Kalinda idea of who he is. Cary as a character is sweet, too, but he needs to harden himself.”

Will the two firms keep meeting in court? No, says Robert: "I think a lot of the repetition we're experiencing now is because we're on opposite sides of the cases…but there are other ways that they bump into each other in the course of a day. So we're doing that and also you may find that the A case will be Lockhart/Gardner one week, or it might be Florrick/Agos."

Chris Christie influences the show?!? Yes, Robert says the election rigging scandal was not meant to drag out very long, but: "It wasn't going to play out that long until the Chris Christie thing. There's so much juicy stuff there about what your underlings supposedly do for you. And when you give them a path, are you giving them a path that says ‘I want you do everything you can even to the point of breaking the law…'"

Will Michael J. Fox return? His NBC sitcom has finished shooting, so "we're trying to make that work. I think you can even say that," Robert said.

Will the firms ever merge? "We're not telling nobody!" Michelle said.

Do you want to see them merge, TV Fanatics? Watch The Good Wife online and sound off now!

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Ditch Will. He's more than hurting - he's vindictive and nasty. And worse, he's boring.

Isaac rabinovitch

And the one broadcast network show I still like circles the drain. First a 5-week hiatus, then 2 eps, then a 7-week hiatus. Good formula for training people not to tune in. Which means nobody at the network is behind the show, which means it's history. Oh well.

@ Isaac Rabinovitch

You're right - people cannot keep up with the switcheroos like this. Next thing they'll change the time slot and then it'll slip off quietly into the night…


I do not like Peter. He is a cheater with his wife and about the election (perhaps he do not know how many votes, but he knows what happened) . Will is so childy now, but because he feel Alicia betrayed him. But I hope they finish together. I want Will and Alicia in the long run. Peter and Alicia together would be the worst. would like they merge the firm, but not the season. That would be so son.

@ JT

You have to be kidding Will he is the biggest piece of crap in every department. His only commitment is to have a piece and no recourse. What has Peter done since the start of season 1 nothing and the election shit was not him it was Moody and Eli who set that up. I don't know if your male or female but as a female I would have Peter over Will he shows concerns and commitment which goes along way than quick rolls in the hay.


Merging would destroy the entire story line and place a black cloud over the series, a doomsday move.

@ Kalie

Lets write WILL out of the show, he plans on leaving anyway. You have proven he can't be trusted and lets put Peter in the spot light where he belongs with Alicia and family.

@ Les

Les @ Kalie, you are one of the few that agree with me that in order for Alicia to ever become TGW she and Peter has to reunite the family . And PLEASE take Will out of the spotlight as a hero who possess all the wrong qualities of a good guy.

@ pinky toe

Oh no, please let Will and Alicia get back together!

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