The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Word Wars

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It could have been a "Catfight on the Catwalk" but The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 10 was more bark than bite. We recap the short skirts and shorter fuses in our TVF +/- review.

One of these women is not like the others…and that honor definitely goes to Carlton.

Carlton's Wardrobe

She's building a sexy playroom. She makes her adorable daughters scrub their playhouse and save spiders and she even gets tattooed. Plus 21.

This is Carlton's fourth tattoo. She's already got a tramp stamp and as she shared, "I can be trampy. I have my moments, just ask my husband."

We already mentioned the playroom so I guess that goes without saying. 

But it's Carlton's shirt that steals the show. Her cleavage needed chains to hold it in. 

At least Carlton keeps things interesting because some of these other women are darn boring.

Let's start with Kim Richards. I'm an animal lover but I'm over the story of Kim and her dog. Minus 14. And for all the money she spent on doggy boot camp, I think Kim was the one who needed the training more than her dog. 

Moving on, then we had Kyle and Joyce getting a golf lesson. Yawn. Minus 18.

But I suppose they've already done a spa day so they needed a new venue from which to bitch about Brandi Glanville.

Speaking of Joyce and Brandi. We get it. Brandi says stupid things and curses a lot. That's nothing new. She's been doing that since she joined the show.

Yet somehow Brandi always felt more entertaining than she does this season. And as much as I respect being loyal to a friend, I'm tired of Lisa and Yolanda running around telling people how much Brandi is going through. Minus 27.

Seriously folks. She's lived through her husband cheating on her with multiple women. So now she's lost her dog and that's lousy but how long can she use that as an excuse for bad behavior?

On the flip side can someone get Joyce to stop saying she's being bullied every five minutes? She's a grown woman who wanted to be on a reality TV show. Why is she shocked that someone is being mean to her?

Minus 33. Suck it up, Joyce. No one forced you to be here. You signed up for this. 

And as much as I like Yolanda and I know she's been ill…can someone please help her with her hair. Minus 11. It's looking more like sun dried straw than sexy, blonde retired model.

Kyle's charity catwalk was sort of ho-hum. For an episode that  was titled "Catfight on the Catwalk" we got no such thing. 

But plus 50 to Kyle and Jamie Lee Curtis for putting their time and money towards such a great cause.

A side note on Kyle using her kids as models. Did she really have to cajole a shy 13-year-old girl to wear a short skirt, huge heels and walk the catwalk. Minus 17. It definitely made me uncomfortable. 

On the upside, plus 13 to Joyce's friend who walked in with her "Queen of the Universe" sash on. I know she supposedly "won" the title but the ridiculousness of it still makes me laugh.

Finally Lisa has a sit down with Joyce…and finds out that the skinny model can work a catwalk but vocabulary is not her strong suit. Perhaps someone should hand Joyce a sixth grade reader to catch up.

Episode total = -36! Season total = -16!

So what's your opinion, TV Fanatics? Is Joyce being bulled or should she just stop whining?


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Carlton is just creepy. All that wicken behavior and creepy sex room is horrifying!


I m not yet on ep10 but ep6, man, when re they going to fire Kim-Kyle sisters? They are turning to housewives to high school lv fights. I thought I am getting some adult reality show not this.
I am tired of their lies and back one another up. Also, can you plz stop putting Kim and have her comments on stuff? Her comments are painful to listen. It's like listening to a 2 yrs old about how to being an adult --- behavior yourself first! I m not sure how many posts I need to make for you to fire Kim-Kyle, but plz consider!


Joyce over-uses the word bullying too much, Brandi has been rude, but Joyce is perfectly capable of standing up for herself, which she has been doing with gusto of late. Brandi's behavior is sad, not intimidating.


Brandy is trash, and she got a good licking tonight from Joyce. Normally, I somewhat agree with Yolanda (and Ken) that men should let their women duke it out, but I love the way Joyce's husband said "not me - somebody messes with my wife, they mess with me." I still can't get why everybody's so in love with Brandy. Carlton, I get it - freaky deaky. Yolanda tries to act like she's such a classy lady, so why is she so in love with trash? Lisa tries to save the world - don't know why. Brandi's pure trash with a filthy mouth. So unladylike. No wonder her husband left her and she still can't get a man.


You are just jealous cause she is beautiful with a millionaire husband who adores her and defends her. Your husbands is probably broke and wouldn't even open his mouth in your defense who is probably trolling the net looking at hot girls who LOOK like Joyce! So keep burning up with jealousy, just like Brandi! Hah!...


Jealous much?
When Brandi came on new Kyle and Kim were a bit unfair to her. What she has done to Joyce for no reason is much worse. She needs rehab, and fast before she looses kids to ex. Tired of her trashy mouth, who talks like that all the time. Carlton too-always during F word around daughters- is classless.


Yoyce needs to grow up and that discusting fat husband of hers needs to go away shes just like kyle dishes shit out and then she cant take they are both shit stirers morisio and yoyses baby son bien maricones ....

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