The Tomorrow People Review: Always Fighting to Survive

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Okay, fair warning: Major amounts of gushing and squeeing ahead. You have been warned.

I know you guys are going to think that the only reason I loved The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 12 is because of John’s story.

While it’s true that I l did indeed enjoy every bit of that, the truth is that this was just one heck of a strong episode. Any time a TV show can make me cry I give it high marks and this episode did exactly that, not just once, but a couple of times.

First of all, can we talk about the action in this one for a second?

Between John teleporting just in the nick of time to save Astrid, Stephen shoving Peter off a cliff (oops), Cara busting her way into the building and then she and Astrid shooting their way almost out, it was enough to just about give me a set of the vapors.

You can check our browsing histories? Not that I've looked anything on the internet that I'm ashamed of


Beyond the action, there was a ton of story happening in this episode as well. That scene with John and Astrid has now become my favorite scene on this show, hands down. It just revealed so much more about both of them: Astrid sharing her wishes for her future life and John realizing that he’d never thought of his own future.

All of it was beautiful.

John: If you notice anything weird.
Astrid: Like being stalked on the Uptown 3 train?

Because of what happened with Astrid, we got another piece of the puzzle that is John’s past and this time we found out what happened the first time he dared to reveal his powers to a regular person.

It turns out he has good reason to tell people not to let regular humans in on who and what they are: It can end up getting your friends killed. But though it was brutal, that action led John to become friends with Roger, which may have been something he needed right then.

I've always been fighting to survive. Never thought about how I'd want to live if I had the option. Never had dreams like that.


Now that Astrid has moved into the caves, it feels like the show is trying to put a lot of the characters into one place. Personally, I’m on board with this idea. I think that having everyone mostly in one base will make for a lot of interesting interactions between them.

One thing I have to admit I didn’t see coming was discovering that Stephen’s little brother Luca was breaking out into his own powers. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that because it should have been obvious.

I’ve even thought of Luca getting powers, but for some reason I really fell for the whole “Peter is a bad paranormal” story. So feel free to ridicule me for letting that little plot point slip right by. 

John: Dammit, you're stubborn.
Cara: I'm in charge now, remember?

All in all, this episode was exhausting, and I mean that in the best possible way. I’m feeling a very strong need to rewind my DVR and watch it again immediately, which is a very good sign.

My favorite bits:

  • Russell worrying about Tim looking in on their browsing history.
  • John volunteering to check in on Astrid.
  • Stephen going straight to the dark place when wondering what Peter could do to his family.
  • Russell’s semi-coherent jokes. Unlike Cara, I found them hilarious and I didn’t have to pretend at all.
  • Jedikiah pointing out that killing humans for the greater good wasn’t a cause for celebration.
  • Stephen apparently tricking Peter into using his powers.
  • John leaping in to save Astrid just in time. Whew!
  • John realizing that Astrid loved Stephen.
  • John asking Cara to sing for him to take his mind off the pain. I was so in love with that entire scene that, if I could, I would have married it.
  • Astrid’s bucket list.
  • Astrid singing to John when he lost consciousness and then seeing his memory replayed. I don’t know what made me cry harder, Astrid’s voice, watching John’s friend get killed or Jedikiah holding him and telling him it would be okay.
  • Cara finding a way into the building, without teleporting.
  • Astrid figuring out what to do with the machine gun.
  • John sharing with Stephen the memory of the first time he met Roger. Dang it, here come more tears.
  • Stephen admitting that he might have accidentally shoved Peter off a cliff. Oops.
  • Stephen realizing that it could’ve been his brother with the powers all along. Oh boy!

When did you realize that Luca was the one with the powers?


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I got a bit behind and am just now getting caught up with these episodes. This was one of the best episodes (close tie with the previous episode). This show just keeps getting better and better. Sadly, it didn't even occur to me about Luca breaking out with his own set of powers until it was revealed at the end. That will make for an interesting new tale. Also, anytime, the show features more of John, I'm all in. I loved the main scene of John and Astrid's.. It was just that great. Whew! It's after 3am and I'm seriously debating about staying up to get completely caught up...


This was my favorite episode to date. The best scenes were the ones with John and Astrid but there was tons of other terrific scenes. This show is really improving and hopefully it will get renewed My only major problem with the show is that the writers need to do a better job explaining the limitations in teleportation. Or at the very least, they should be more consistent with the things that they can or cannot do.
This episode really highlighted some oft these inconsistencies. For starters:
1. Cara didn't want to teleport into the building because the Ultra people would be able to track her location right away. I get that. But how much time does it take to teleport someone away? Even if Ultra had pinpointed their location, couldn't she have teleported John and Astrid out fast enough by bringing another Tomorrow person with her her. There are a ton of them standing around doing absolutely nothing, it seems. With a second person, they could have been in and out of the room in a second! Is it that they first have to find or envision a location before they can teleport into it directly? 2. I can understand why Cara didn't want to teleport Astrid out of the room where they left John; it would have allowed Ultra to track John's location. However, once they had distanced themselves from the room, why couldn't she have just teleported Astrid the minute they saw the three armed men?? . 3. How is Steve still able to walk into Ultra without getting killed on the spot? Jedekiah must have figured out by now that Steve is in contact with the Tomorrow People. He can't be that clueless.

@ Frances

My thoughts... on your thoughts!
1. I completely agree, it didn't make much sense. We've seen the Tomorrow People teleport willy-nilly, so what's the problem? In and out in a few seconds at most, which wouldn't give the Ultra agents time to react.
2. Another excellent point. Instead of teleporting out, Cara puts Astrid in mortal danger to fight the Ultra agents!
3. This is an extremely pertinent question, one I assume will be swiftly answered during the next episode. Perhaps it will be spun that the Tomorrow People were using Astrid to spy on Stephen without his knowledge, which is why John and Cara were protecting her, and Horrid Hillary is a vindictive harpy who falsely accused Stephen of revealing his powers to Astrid.


I was staring in disbelief at Astrid when she was asking how soon she could go home. A day, two? Really, for such a smart person, she apparently devolved into a total idiot. Ultra set up a whole special 'audition' just to murder her, and she actually thinks it'll be okay to go home in a day or two? The entire operation, though, was botched from beginning to end, starting with Horrid Hillary's vindictive 'outing' of Astrid, thus forcing Jedikiah to summon the firing squad. Will Astrid's rescue change circumstances? After all, will continuing to go after her *really* help maintain operational security? After the huge mess they made of the hotel? Given that Astrid knew about the Tomorrow People for weeks and gave nothing away, it might be in Ultra's best interests now to not draw even more attention by attempting to murder her again. (How were they going to explain her bullet-ridden corpse in the first place?)

@ Dreamrose

Um, she was being sarcastic with asking about when she could go home. they were trying to tell her things would be ok, but she knows that at least in the near future, no, they won't.

@ J

The scene just came off a little oddly, is all. I think most people would be more concerned with the obvious initial fact that mysterious men in dark suits are trying to murder them. Oddly, I don't recall her asking if her family is safe from the execution brigade, which would, I think, be kinda important under the circumstances.


love john and Astrid's scene they look good together


Ok, well I must have missed out on the whole emotional happy, happy, joy, joy vibe that the reviewer experienced. I walked away from this episode thinking how big a "B" Astrid was to Stephen. She barged her way (kicking and screaming & stalking) into his secret life, demanded to know everything about him and his powers and NOW she is going to blame him for not being able to go home? Ahh...that's true love and friendship right there. And personally I found the whole Astrid singing to John bit over the top and in your face cheesy and it detracted from the scene of John's memory of his friend being killed. Some moments just need to play out, simply and quietly and eloquently. It deserved to have the viewer's full attention. I enjoyed learning more of John's back story and felt it was strong enough to stand on it's own. I enjoyed the action sequences but Astrid suddenly using a machine gun without blinking an eye came off as unrealistic. Disappointed overall with the episode other than the John story line which felt genuine and moved me despite the addition of the song. It feels like the writers are pushing to hard to manipulate emotion instead of just letting it happen...Hillary being evil is overplayed, too heavy handed in it's efforts to make sure the viewers know she is a bad guy...let us figure that out, we don't need it shoved in our faces so blatantly which is how I feel about the song...Heroes...yeah, we get it. Message received...John is a hero and that comes across simply by his actions and the part is portrayed by the actor very well, no need to oversell the point by throwing the song in just to make us aware. Good show and I normally enjoy it much more...this was just disappointing which is a shame as it did have a great story driving it.


Loved this episode. I really thought Peter was the paranormal but Luca being it makes more since and I can't wait to see what happens with that. I almost thought that Stephens mom knows about paranormal or knows something because of the way she talked. John and Astrid's scenes were my favorite. I liked them talking and sharing with each other it was nice. Cara getting into the building without teleporting was genius. It will be interesting now that Astrid is living with ths paranormal and at the end she seemed to be mad at Stephen because it is his fault and it will be interesting seeing their relationship. At the end when Stepen told John and Cara that he accidentally pushed Peter off a cliff was funny. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.


Yea Astrid singing David Bowie's Heroes was a nice touch


Hillary is a witch! I hate her! She completely ruined Astrid's life and almost got her killed just because she wants to beat Stephen. I loved it when Jedikiah told her that if he said he was going to have Astrid killed and she smiled she would be next. I wonder what's going to happen when Jedikiah confronts Stephen about Astrid. Also you said John asked Cara to sing to him to take his mind off the pain but he actually asked Astrid to sing to him.

@ ryan jones

Hillary is horrible, isn't she? I loved it when Jed gave her that verbal beatdown, saying that getting someone killed was not a cause for celebration. "If I say 'yes' and you smile, you're next." Jedikiah is definitely not your average mustache-twirling villain; there were tears on his face when he took young John to see his friend executed. Though I'm definitely curious as to what Jed is thinking after it becomes clear that Astrid is being protected by John and Cara and the Tomorrow People.

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Hillary: But the girl, you're going to kill her?
Jedikiah: If I say "yes" and you smile, you're next. You got it?

You can check our browsing histories? Not that I've looked anything on the internet that I'm ashamed of