The Tomorrow People

Mondays 9:00 PM on The CW
The tomorrow people
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I think you and I are destined to be great friends,


Stephen: You have to let us protect you.
Astrid: You're the reason I need protection in the first place.

John: Dammit, you're stubborn.
Cara: I'm in charge now, remember?

Well, looks like it's over John. Time to come home.


I've always been fighting to survive. Never thought about how I'd want to live if I had the option. Never had dreams like that.


John: If you notice anything weird.
Astrid: Like being stalked on the Uptown 3 train?

Hillary: But the girl, you're going to kill her?
Jedikiah: If I say "yes" and you smile, you're next. You got it?

You can check our browsing histories? Not that I've looked anything on the internet that I'm ashamed of

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