13 AWWW-Inspiring Moments Between Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory

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Sheldon and Amy have one of the most unusual, yet entertaining relationships on television.

They've been together for three years and finally had their first reciprocal kiss. It took a long time to happen, but oh la la! What a kiss!

Tell me you caught it on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 15.

Sheldon may have initially kissed Amy in a sarcastic manner, but it quickly became much more. He was drawn in by her and the smooch. Is this the beginning of a physical relationship between the two of them? We'll have to wait and see, but the kiss did make Sheldon's top three list. 

Check out some of the best romantic moments over Shamy's three year relationship. They danced, held hands, kissed, and well ... had a few unusual moments as well!

What's your favorite Sheldon and Amy moment?

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Sheldon says "I love you too." to Amy


One of my favorite moments of theirs will always be the tiara. His search for the perfect, her reaction... Gold.


"...a physically relationship"? Proofreaders needed! Apply soon!


I LOVEEE when sheldon take care of her on 6x10 and obviously THE KISS I was crying and screaming, amy deserves happiness is so obvious that she loves him, she could be with Stuart or other but she wants sheldon even with all his issues and quirks bc she loves him, I love her so much, she is my fave character and what makes me most happy is know that the kiss make amy happy even for this precious 11 seconds, I really hope that they never break up them just like mondler they put the "mean to be" thing to another level. They are literally soulmates. I can't imagine sheldon without her or her without him. Ugh babies


when amy hugs sheldon when he is sad in season 6 :3 so adorable


In my opinion, Sheldon was much funnier when he was single and talked like a robot. I never liked Amy's or Bernadette's characters, I think they are weird stereotypes. I enjoyed the show so much better when the focus was on Penny's interaction with the guys. Now everything is about these couples, and I don't find it funny anymore. I'm afraid the writers just focus on the relationships, because it's the easy thing to do, and because it's the best way to drag the show for many seasons more...

@ ElenaGreece

I kind of agree. Sometimes couples seems nice but I missed the nerds with the hot girl.

@ Fifty

Well they do have to grow up at some point and most people to feel a biological urge of some kind at some point to have families, and it seems the more brillant they are the more their egoes need offspring-so the coupledom makes sense. I also recall Shamy talking about kids early on and feeling it was their obligation to reprodude. What's happened is it got messy-emotions got in the way. Sheldon can't un-feel what he feels. I agree Amy can be a little hard on the nervous system, but I just see her as the femaile nerd that actually undersands the nerdy guys the best. Shelson's no dummy. He found the one woman that can tolerate him.


Don't like the change in Sheldon with Amy. He's a lot funnier when he is actually clueless. Don't think them "going to the next level" will keep me as a watcher


Of course, last night takes top prize, but: Two other moments that I like are when his mother intervenes in The Zazzy Substitution, and the scene in her lab at the end of The Vacation Solution where she stands firm until she gets a genuine apology from him for his previous behavior. Those puppy-dog eyes! And no one but Amy can get a real apology out of Sheldon. Long live the Shamy!


Sorry can't get into that relationship..3 years just to kiss? If Amy was as smart as they make her out to be she would have gotten a real boyfriend about 2 years back.
I know their trying to make it out to be humorous but in reality their both just pathetic.
Anyone else would have moved on long ago.

@ david

"they are" is they're not their.


Frankly, I always thinks Amy sucks the oxygen out of the room when she appears in a scene. She is weirder than Sheldon and not in a good way. I admit I was pleased that they took things to the next level but I just wish she didn't have so many creepy qualities. Where Sheldon is endearing, Amy is just unappealing.

@ allie701

so glad i am not the only one who hates amy. i am with she bring everyone down well epect rajs


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