2014-2015 Renewal Odds: Will Your Favorite Show Survive?

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It's make or break time for television shows on the bubble.

While some networks have already announced renewals for the 2014-2015 season (Congrats, Vampire Diaries! Way to go, Arrow! Nice work, Shameless!), most will wait until this spring to make such lineup decisions.

Many shows are yet to receive any word, yet all Gladiators out there can rest assured, for example: Scandal isn't going anywhere.

But what about those stuck in the middle?

The performances of the following programs over the coming week will play a key role in their survival, as we've attached some odds to various dramas and comedies whose fans can only pray they find a spot on the 2014-2015 schedule... 

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I hope the Mentaist is done


"MOM" omg this show is awesome! I've recorded each episode and watch them over and over....every one has hilarious situations and lines,not to mention being real life situations,too! KEEP:FWBL (friends with better lives) GREAT show and characters/cast perfectly!!!!


Mentalist has to come back for another season yes I know Jane has caught and killed Red John but he isn't happy! We the fans are fully invested in these characters and we are happy van pelt and rigsby ended up together and that beautiful daughter they created but we want to know is Cho going to find romance or the biggest question you truly need to answer are Jane and Lisbon meant to be together you gave us not so subtlety hinted with Marcus thinking Teresa and Patrick were together before he made a move on her, rigsby and can pelt always thinking they were going to get together. The Mentalist owe it's fans this you need to settle the will they/won't they question c'mon you owe us. The ratings are not what they use to be we get it but make it happen.


Love,love BATB it deserves another chance for all of the fans trying to save the series


Of the whole list, Grimm is my favorite...please keep! I liked Revolution in the 1st season, but it's lost imagination and steam and seems more interested in pushing a thinly veiled liberal political agenda, so thanks for Season 1 and goodbye. Dracula is interesting but takes a bit of warming up to get into. Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyer's version of an American accent is hard on the ear and makes it difficult to watch at times. The Tomorrow People is okay but the character chemistry just isn't there for me, and shirtless doesn't trump talent. Also, Mark Pellegrino's trademark smugness, which served him so well as Lucifer on "Supernatural", doesn't really work here.


I love Hart of Dixie. It makes me laugh, and I cant imagine my life without it...but most of all, I love Wade- Wilson!!! Please, please, please, save the show.


It would be a shame if HOD is not renewed for another season because the writers ruined everything we loved about the show. They need toi Get rid of Joel ASAP, make Zoe a doctor again, let Zoe and Wade get back together, give George a storyline, let Lemon find happiness, and bring the sexy fun back to BB. Simple, right? The CW needs to stand by this shoiw...it's better than the writers made it...and the fans love it.

@ Judith Constantino

Im with you from Amterdam!
ZADE has to be back, Lemon and her mom give the drama, Zoe's mom and Brick haha LOL!
AB / Lemon fighting about a guy!
Earl finds love! Vivan and Joel? enough tings
And let Wade and George ding more often!

Drea xoxo

TMP should be renewed!!! HoD let Zade die therefore so should their ratings! why would you build up Zade to ruin it! then force george and zoe to end up not doing it! only positive was annabeth and lavon


Cancel: Intelligence, Community (don't know how it made it past the pilot), Beauty And The Beast, The Crazy Ones (don't know how it made it past the pilot), The Mindy Project (see TCO), Revolution, The Mentalist, Trophy Wife (see TCO) and Enlisted (see TCO). Keep: Hart Of Dixie, Grimm, Dracula, Almost Human, Super Fun Night, Nashville, The Tomorrow People. I watch Rake, but if it was canceled it wouldn't bother me.

@ Keith

Beauty and the beast had a rough start and has its issues but the story line is getting interesting again. i quit watching but out of boredom i went and watch the recent ones and it has CW's drama, and love story, and the action all over again. it really is getting good and i want to see where this story goes


I have to agree with another poster . . . bringing Joel into this series certainly has caused me to lose interest. He is dull and absolutely not a fit for Zoe. What were the producers thinking? Up to the point where they brought him in I was hooked on the show but now . . . I'd rather watch ice cream melt!

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