Beauty and the Beast Review: Vincent Has to Go

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It was interesting to watch Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 14 play out its central theme: that Vincent has to go.

Four characters made mention of it in one fashion or another, but only Gabe put it so bluntly. What did each have in mind?

Cat's endless struggle trying to come to terms with the breakdown of her relationship with Vincent appears to be never ending. The expectation that she would so quickly remove him from her mind, herself from his life and enter into a new relationship was fantastical, and yet that's what she set out to do -- unsuccessfully. 

There has not been nearly enough time for either of them to move on from the intense connection they had, especially given the circumstances under which they parted. We've always known that, and Tess and J.T. have tried to get their BFFs to realize the error of their ways. 

Vincent still jumped into something with Tori and Cat followed suit, fully aware that the pain she was feeling every time Vincent was near indicated she was far from ready to make the leap with Gabe. Gabe's heart was on his sleeve, but he appeared clued into Cat's need to separate herself from Vincent. Rather than risk losing her, Gabe leaped and now has to force the hand of Cat and Vincent's activities to save what he has with Cat.

What a ridiculously tangled web that could have been delivered in a cleaner, more introspective fashion. 

Sure, it's fun to see romantic triangles, but the most fun we're getting out of this right now are the bro-code moments and chats between J.T. and Vincent. J.T. had all the best Beauty and the Beast quotes as he tries to get his pal's head in to the game. He faults Cat for breaking up with Vincent for being more beast than man when she wonders why he's choosing to help the non-beast Jacob Sutter rather than stopping the beastly one.

What did she expect? As it turned out, she had no idea. She's finally discovering how easily lines get blurred when you're in the heat of the moment. For the first time when she shot at a beast she didn't think of the man inside, and it was Vincent's first time thinking of the man lurking inside the beast. They're becoming more aligned, and yet they're father apart than ever. Go figure.

The hour started and ended with a dream. Vincent was gettin' it on with Cat at the opening and as the show came to a close, Cat imagined her conversation ending their friendship ended Vincent's life. Yep, Vincent's gotta go, but not quite like that! 

It all comes down to Cat and Vincent. They need to rid themselves of the other people in their lives putting pressure on who they're supposed to be and work on who they want to be -- together. If they take a look, they'll notice they're more aligned than they thought, but they spent so much time listening the what others put in their heads they missed the reality of who they are together. 

If they decide they're best apart or together or as friends -- any choice is alright as long as it's their decision. 

Interesting bits 'n' bobs:

  • I liked that they used the old worry about whether anybody would show up to your funeral with Gabe's faux death. What a crappy police force. You'd think they would have pulled out all the stops to prove he was really gone. Nope!
  • I didn't realize what a success J.T.'s formula was to create a beast. If he can work that well under pressure, maybe he can do the same to cook up a cure.
  • Gabe is the one who finally put together that Sam and the Tony Barnes they were looking for were the same person. That took too long.
  • While it was absolutely ridiculous that Vincent only scribbled on a chart and sent an incoming patient to the ER, it was fun seeing him in the hospital and the trust his mentor had in him. If the show continued, stabilizing him as a doctor would keep things interesting.
  • Did you notice that Cat and Gabe hadn't even made it home yet before Sam had found his next beast candidate from the orphanage? Did every kid end up living in New York City? That's ridiculous.
  • I guess Dana Landon decided to go into witness protection?
  • There wasn't any update on Tess and J.T. after Valentine's Day, other than their seating arrangement at the funeral. That's enough, right?

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Do you think Gabe will exit gracefully when Cat chooses Vincent?


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the writer has lost his grip this time Gabe has to go i can't stand it anymore . he is good in helping and leading the team but no relationship with cat .

@ ragwar

You actually need to read the content of the post beyond the title in order to join in the conversation. Read the content, and get back to me.


I loved this episode. It was great to see Vincent as a doctor and having to choose between his human side or his beast side. Clearly he's great as both and should accept that.
But I felt bad for him as he was trying to be human for Cat and she wanted him as a beast. She really need to make up her mind.
I loved the new tension between Cat and Vincent that I don't even care about Gabe.


Please I want Gabe GONE ! I cannot take him anymore. I always loved to watch each episode several times, but this season it's hard to even watch once because of Gabe,
The last scene with Cat waking up next to Gabe in the bed was a scary watch. I won't ever be able to erase that scene from my head .Ewwww


Cat shacking up, with Gabe? really . so this show is about the Beauty and Gabe. I understand now why the show maybe cancelled . first season was great.

@ chuck 1

this is so true....the Cat creepy Gabe show has ruined everything good and true about VinCat love. That Catherine would never have trusted the creep no less sleep with him...the writers need to take some classes in reality writing. I guess by now all the true viewers have left and the show is a goner thanks to incredibly bad writing and Brad Kern.

@ chuck 1

Agree. Cat sleeping with Gabe ??? OMG , what are those writers thinking ? This is Beauty and the Beast , not Beauty and the Gabe.


my thought is that Gabe will team up with 'someone' to get rid of Vincent - whether that is with Bob (my 1st choice considering Bob already helped him once); Sam (not really going with this as it could lead to Gabe becoming a beast again and it didn't look like it was something he wants to do); or some other yet unknown person. If Gabe were to just bow out gracefully....ya I so can't see that happening. ;)


Cat really nees therapy, she is a mess and do not know even what she wants. On one hand she says a stable relationship without trouble a more human relationship so she is with Gabe but ont he other hand she still wants Vincent to help her on cases but on his beast side. Who understands her. It is obvious Cat and Vin still love each other but they both are trying to have a normal life without the other one and is not working as the more they ran into each other and work together the more the spark will aways be there. Clearly Cat got fed up with Vin as he chose his beast side over his human side and Cat wanted Vin from his human side, then Vin did not want her to be hurt anymore so he stepped away from her so she can move on and live a normal life,like she wished, the reason why Gabe took advantage of that situation. But now Vin complains that she is with Gabe hello?? Vin made Cat to be with Gabe as he chosed his beast side over the human side but also Cat pushed and pressured Vin too soon to be iwth her. THye both need therapy For me Gabe still hides something from her, he acts like this innocent victim but there is something fishy about him still.

@ Beastifan

I totally concur with you in reference to Cat. She is so wishy washy. Even last season I noticed that. This season she has been so frustrating to watch, from telling Vincent he'll lose his humanity to her saying how could she have dated someone like Vincent. She does need therapy. As for Gabe and Cat being together, I dislike it. It's simply not right. They have no chemistry as a couple. Gabe knows better. He knows Cat still loves Vincent even if she will not admit it to herself or anyone else. That is why he told Cat Vincent had to go.


I read your title as Gabe has to go. Seriously. Like 5 episodes back.
Romantic triangles are no fun when your new love interest previously tried to kill you and your true love ~ talk about sleeping with the enemy. Cat doesn't need a man. She needs therapy. With the hot shrink from Season 1. ;o)


Agree that some of the best things about these episodes are the scenes between Vincent and JT.
Sometimes I don't understand Catherine. She doesn't want Vincent be a beast anymore, it's supposed, but she looking for him to help Gabe, as a beast.
On the other hand, I'd not like that Vincent loses his beast side, so I met him and so I love him.
Great review!


Lovely review of an awesome episode ! Looking forward to e.15 which will be terrific. Can we forward time. #BATB #Redemption


Enjoyed this episode although seemed to reflect getting Cat back to Vincent more then next operation. So just short notes. Cat clearly enjoying Vin in retaking hospital non-beast role. I think I heard right that Cat and Gabe took it to the next level in Cabo.She even called Gabe ,Vincent at some point. Hilarous. Hoped it was during sex act. When Vincent asked about trip Cat referred to it as Calelente. Cold shot at Vin. Loved TJ 's line about Jekel/Hyde and how much Cat uses him. Clearly Cat an Gabe now living together but Cat seemed curious who Vin is spending his nites with. They may end up getting back to what they were just worried about damage caused getting there. Really enjoying this Vincent. Gabe needs to move on.

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