Blue Bloods Review: Going Too Far

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There were plenty of women targeted in Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 14 for an array of reasons. Although each handled it differently, Detective Baker was definitely my favorite. 

Murder of a Drag Queen

Love how Baker takes on Deputy Chief Sal DeLuca at the symposium. How much of a jerk do you have to be to make lewd and harassing remarks in the middle of a conference full of your peers? As much as Frank obviously wanted to step in, it was great that he held back and let Baker deal with the jackass herself.

Apparently this wasn't the first time she's had to do so. She said she kept his voicemails in case things escalated but shouldn't 150 voicemails already be considered harassment? 

I found it interesting that NYPD had surveillance drones to follow the car. I wonder if DeLuca saw that one coming?

The case of the murdered drag queen was actually very sad. When Burton broke down in tears in the interrogation room after finding out that Tiffany had been killed, it was his broken, "I was going to show him Paris" that really got to me. 

The 1940's film noir look and mood music was a hoot. Loved Tallulah's outfit and the way she dealt with Danny. They were such fun together. 

Erin's abduction was truly scary and for that reason I can understand why she was so angry at Doris Cooper…but I also understood why she let the dying woman go. 

As far as the other ADA. Yes, he was an ass and had quite the chip on his shoulder but I couldn't completly blame him for Timothy Cooper's case falling through the cracks. Erin only figured it out because the woman bought a $3,000 coat two years later and then decided to run the license plate of the car she was driving. Then took it a step further and had another state unseal juvenile records. That took a lot of jumps and just the right timing to come up with the answers that cleared Timothy.

As usual, the Reagan family dinner was great fun as Nicky asked who had the most speeding tickets. Turns out it was the last person she expected as Henry answered her in this Blue Bloods quote

It was your lead foot mother in Joe's hot rod.


I have no doubt her father made her pay for every one of those tickets. 

Once again, my only complaint was that we only got to see Jamie at the family dinner. I can only hope that there's a story arc with his name on it coming our way sometime soon. 

Your turn TV Fanatics. Would you like to see more of Jamie Reagan this season?


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I thought this was one of the better episodes of the season. I particularly liked that Baker's role was expanded a bit as I have long thought that her character was being wasted. She did a terrific job both in dealing with that crazy cop from out of town and her relationship with Frank Reagan. The drag queen story line was well done both in crime solving and the human aspect of respect and humor that Danny brought to bear. I, too, like so many others on this site was truly disappointed in Erin's final comment to that distraught cancer-ridden woman who had fought for two and half years against an uncaring system to free her wrongfully accused son. Erin acted so compassionately during the episode that her final comments not were unduly harsh but out of the Reagan mode of the show.


I don't even know why I like this show... oh yeah... now I remember ... because it's excellent!


I think Blue Bloods was my favorite show until this drag queen episode!Really,?Can't we have one program that stays morally uplifting?As much as the media would love us to think that there are thousands of drag queens out there a,it isn't true.They are a an aberation and a family as Catholic as the Reagen family would not tolerate and cozy up to those types.This show is becoming less and less a family show and even less Catholic.

@ Agnes Larouche

I'm sorry Agnes Larouche, but haven't you been paying attention to YOUR OWN POPE who has advocated tolerance and caring for all humans? Pope Francis would never label
anyone an aberration is my interpretation. Do you think the NYPD should NOT pursue the case because it was the murder of a transvestite???

@ Lindalou

Being an aberration means not normal...sorry their lifestyle is not normal.Otherwise the human race would cease to exit.We would not multiply and fill the earth..which was commanded by God.I never said I wouldn't come to ANY HUMAN BEINGS aid if it was necessary...but that doesn't mean I approve of their lifestyle.Pope Francis said that too..hate the sin love the sinner.

@ Lindalou

And why @Agnes Larouche, is being 'more' Catholic important? The fact that the Reagen's are Catholic is a thematic element of the Reagen family nothing more. You don't have to be Catholic to have family values.

@ wizarddrummer

Unless you are Catholic you wouldn't understand me.Being Catholic is not an outfit you put on in the is my life the very reason I exist.I love being a Catholic and that means I follow all the rules.The catholic life and their moral options stemming from their faith is a big draw to their program for a lot of people that I know...that is why we love Tom Seleck as the Patriarch of the family and their moral compass.


I have been watching Chicago PD and although it is a new show it already does a better job of striking a balance between the detective squad and the patrol officers than Blue Bloods ever has. We get full stories of the detectives and the patrol cops in the same episode and they are both fully fledged out stories. Blue Bloods could learn a thing or two about giving Jamie and Danny a story in the same episode.

@ Amy

I too watch Chicago PD and I like the show, but to compare it with Blue Bloods is like comparing Apples to Swiss Cheese (both of which I love by the way) because the show's format / story line is completely different. Chicago PD centers around that special unit, comprised of Police Officers that are detectives. Blue Bloods centers around The Commissioner and his staff, Danny a detective (who would normally NOT be working with Jamie), Erin and her DA world, the family (wives and kids) and Jamie the beat cop that has his own slice of the pie within the framework of the story.
I think that the show does an excellent job of balancing all of those elements together.

Sarah silva

Blue Bloods remains one of my favorite shows but every week I say that we need more Jamie! Well except for the handful of episodes we get each season that feature a Jamie storyline. It seems like they give him a good few episodes then he is back to just being at the family dinners. I really hope that we see more Jamie.
Once again I do like Donnie Wahlberg and he looked very dapper in his 3 piece suit near the end of the episode but I would be just fine having some episodes where he is not on that much! Agent Baez is more of a main character than Jamie is.
I felt so bad for Burton, I wanted to give him a hug.
What happened to Erin was very scary and despite that she still looked at the case and ended up finding the truly guilty people and got the ladies son released.
Danny was so good with the Drag Queen's he did not even flinch when some were flirting with him. The fact that he watches a show called Queen Bee was funny.
I loved how Det. Baker handled every moment with Saul.
Lastly the wardrobe department needs to get a talking to with some of the choices they have had for Nicky this season, the slicked back hair and leather jacket look a couple episodes back and then the earmuffs that were larger than her head were awful choices.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I was 'mad' at Erin's character on this show; what she said about the abduction at the end.
Because of sloppy work done by the police and the DA's office, that boy suffered more than 2 1/2 years in Jail. The mother was separated from her boy for that length of time. It's not like the mother didn't try, she tried many times to get the DA's office to really look into that case, but they turned a blind eye.
Erin and all of those goons (DA's, Police, Forensics, etc.) in real life need to step back and get off their high horses about being so god dang almighty in their flawed view of being perfect or the typical we-can-do-no-wrong attitude. In real life, most of the time, when our law enforcement makes a mistake they don't even apologize. They can come in with a warrant and trash your house and when they realize that have the wrong address they just leave. I would have said "What would YOU have done if that had been your child in Jail? How desperate would you be after more than two years of writing letters and and coming down here in person where NO ONE WAS LISTENING OR BELIEVING YOU? That few minutes of fear and discomfort you felt was my last hope of getting someone's attention! And it was only a fraction of the misery my son and I went through at your departments expense. Consider what you went through as being a teeny tiny taste of what we went through!"


I don't often watch this show the title tonight episode did catch my eye and it was amazing both stories Gripped me for the beginning and I will admit that the NYC Queens story almost made me cry a bit and then made me send a heartfelt message to my fiance afterwards lol

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Tallulah: You catch on pretty fast.
Danny: That's why they gave me a gun and a shield.

The right to a speedy trial is fair and that doesn't take an expert.