Days of Our Lives Round Table: They're Engaged!

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A week of Days of Our Lives that began with gun shots ended with a romantic Valentine's Day proposal as Will said yes to Sonny.

With a wedding on the horizon and Nicole and Eric's future hanging in the balance, TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Dana and SilverFox from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Teresa and JJ's future, Nick and Sonny wedding plans... and whether Nicole will come clean.


Were you surprised that Will accepted Sonny's proposal? Any thoughts on their wedding?

Dana: I wasn't surprised. The conversations Will had with Marlena and EJ this week showed that the proposal was on his mind. I think they are rushing into marriage. They are already living together and adjusting to being parents. I don't understand the hurry to get married.

SilverFox: Yes, a little. I think Will feels a bit guilty for turning Sonny down. On the other hand, maybe it shows maturity that he realizes that things are never going to be “normal” in their lives, so why wait?

Nick: Not at all, it was only a matter of time until Will accepted. I'm all for them marrying, and I hope their wedding is just as dramatic and crazy as the last few Salem weddings have been.

Christine:  I expected we'd have to wait longer to get here but I wasn't surprised he said yes. I think the wedding will be a lot of fun. I can picture Will getting completely stressed and Sonny trying to keep things calm. With all the family drama this could be a lot of fun. 

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Do you think Teresa will continue to torment JJ now that he's been sentenced?

Dana: If she wants to she could keep holding the video over his head while he's on probation. I hope not. She needs to find something better to do than torture a high school boy. I wish JJ would tell Daniel the truth about Teresa's memories.

SilverFox: Based on the last scene of Friday’s show, it looks like Teresa may have figured out a better way to torment Jennifer, since that seems to be her ultimate goal. I think she’s going to use Daniel instead of JJ.

Nick: Theresa doesn't like people having the upper hand on her, and she's going to try to do something to get back her edge. With JJ almost in the clear, she's probably going to be focusing all of her efforts on Daniel.

Christine: With JJ having one year of probation she could still mess with him but I hope not. This story's gotten boring. I'm hoping they have Teresa move on from her I hate Jennifer campaign but I doubt it will happen soon.

EJ wants to reconcile with Sami. Will Abigail be able to stay away from him?

Dana: Even though part of Abby knows it's wrong she just can't help herself. She is infatuated with EJ. I don't see that ending any time soon. At least I hope not. I'm all for more hot shower scenes.

SilverFox:  Abby is going to be a big problem for EJ. I don’t think she’s even going to try to stay away from him. 

Nick:  I hope not, the sexual tension between EJ and Abigail is still red hot. EJ might want to get back to Sami, to get back to what he knows, but there's no denying from him that his connection to Abigail is strong and is real; let's ride that out for as long as possible.

Christine: Abigail's got an obsessive streak (remember Austin?) and I don't think that's gone away. EJ is going to have his hands full. At this point as much as I'll hate the heartbreak for Sami and the kids, I'm going to love watching Sami make Abby pay.

Nicole holding back the evidence. Understandable, disappointing or just incredibly frustrating?

Dana: I think it's all of the above. Nicole has gone to extraordinary lengths to get the evidence to clear Eric. His declarations of love and leaving the priesthood have really thrown her for a loop. I have to wonder if a part of her doesn't believe she deserves a happy ending. So she's subconsciously sabotaging her chance at happiness.

SilverFox: Extremely frustrating considering she knows from experience that secrets and lies always come out. I was hoping we’d see more character growth from her.

Nick: Typical soap angst! I wish Nicole wouldn't keep something so big from Eric, and to let him come to his own decision with all the pieces. In the end, Nicole is looking for the same as Eric: her happy ending. So on some level it's understandable that she is willing to withhold this evidence in order to better her chances, yet it's a double-edge sword, those same actions will bring about big complications.

Christine: Frustrating. In some ways Nicole has come so far. She deserves to have Eric choose her and not as his second choice. The longer she keeps the evidence from it the bigger the chance that she'll lose him over it. 

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Dana: I liked the scenes with Nick and the ladies. It was all so good. Nick mentioning the attempt on his life. Nick so easily getting the women to begin turning on each other. Percy's role in saving Nick's life. 

SilverFox: I’d say it has to be Eric telling Nicole he wants to spend his life with her. I also enjoyed watching Nick toy with the women and finally show them the photos. And I was happy to see JJ get off without prison time. I heart JJ.

Nick:  Will and Sonny getting engaged is my favorite scene. It's something I'm super excited to see play out.

Christine: I was thrilled to finally see a scene between Will and Marlena. It's been a long time and I really hope we get more of them together in the future.

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Annie and Elaine are not the only viewers that are repulsed by the homosexual story line on Days. Whenever I see the gay characters together, I fast forward through that scene, I do not want to listen to the ridiculous gay agenda bring spouted off by these characters or watch them engage in homosexual acts


So much to one point I would have agreed that the man with man storyline was in poor taste, I still think it is a story that needs to be told. And it has been done quite well. Although I do miss the previous Will. The story of EJ and Sami has lost its appeal because Sami is leaving the show. Now if we knew Sami would continue with another actress, then it would be of more interest and the whole dynamic of EJ/Sami/Abigail would be worth following. I think many triangle love stories are totally unexpected, that makes the story line spicey! Love the suspense of knowing Dan and Jen may soon get together and that JJ will come out as a good guy. Wish he would speak to his friends about living a sober lifestyle. And with Theresa, when her sister gets to town, I think she will be put in her place. Raffe and Jordan zzzzzzzz even the way they kiss makes me yawn. I love Maggie and Victor together. I think a romance starting with hostility, Hope and the new lawyer in town, willl end up being great. Bo has literally deserted his family and it is time to write him off. It would be cool to see Marlena with all I f her old suitors veying for her affections, as John comes back to town. I remember Don, Stephano, Roman to name a appears Nick and Gabbie will be riding off into the sunset soon, just hope she leaves the baby with the 2 Dads!!!!


I agree with Elaine I am so sick of seeing 2 men kissing it's just disgusting and sick. Your writers should be fired for writing such trash. I am glad that dad and mom Horton is not alive to see how you have turned the show around.

@ Annie

Annie you are sick I believe that a man and man or a woman and women should be together if they want. Keep your mouth shut in your negativey to yourself.


Nick is disgusting and he needs to get his and then go. Gabi is the biggest wuss and she needs to grow up. Abigail is such a slut and I hope she gets what she deserves.


The flagrent display of homosexuality on this show is disgusting to me. God calls men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women an abomination. I close my eyes and turn the sound off when these scenes come up on the tv screen. Ugh! h The flagrent display of male homosexuality disgusts me. God calls this activity, men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women, an abomination. I look away and turn the sound down when these 2 are in bed or kissing. Ugh!


Can't Waite to watch Sami make Abby Pay,, it's going to be good,,


I hate Rate and Jordan. I would rather ave had Rate and Hope pairing. HATE Jordan character. Ugly and BORING!!!


Nicole Tell the truth to Eric and let him decide or your going to lose him !!

@ Judy

Nichole should just tell Eric the truth. and everyone else. I Hate what the director is making Nicole do. the show is getting predicable. the results she is hiding to clear eric name will end up breaking her heart, in the future, they will fall in love all over again..bring back memories, please let Nicole make the right choices!!!!!
I keep remembering back to what Victor says to Sonny one time 'its funny how history keeps repeating' and he is RIGHT!!!

@ chris

What happen to Letting Eric decide freely???!!!! If Eric does choices her than She did by him RIGHT. and not just Nicole her being a man's 2nd Best.
This Storyline Must end. and no

@ chris

now I meant.


The Nick storyline is horrible. It needs to end.


Great round table! Really thought-provoking responses. Thanks for doing this Christine!

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