Helix Review: Missing Kids and Creepy Dolls

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Before this Helix episode even aired, the title struck me as quite interesting.

Perhaps I'm late to the party, but I've realized the episode titles are, in themselves, clues.

Day two introduced us to "Vectors." Day Four dealt with "The Single Strand." Last week, "The White Room" referenced the Arctic itself and we discovered Dr. Hvit's frozen head. Incidentally, cryogenic fluid is touched upon this episode, but more on that later.

Helix Season 1 Episode 6 is titled Aniqatiga, a quick search enlightens me. The word means "sibling" in Inupiaq (the Alaskan Inupiat people's language). Makes total sense, as we soon meet Daniel's sister and twin brother.

Day 6 opens with Balleseros, who was stabbed by Daniel with an ice axe being dragged away. We learn his masked savior is peace officer Anana (guest star Luciana Carro). The B-story introduced here, deals with missing children in the Arctic Biosystems area.

Anana's brother, Miksa, went missing at age four. That's right, it now seems Hatake kidnapped and raised Daniel as his own. I like this twist, and it adds yet another layer to Daniel Aerov, who at first seemed nothing more than a secuity officer.

Alan has a touching moment where he bids farewell to Doreen. It's amazing how quickly we get attached to a character and the Helix fandom mourns her as well. It took six days, but Alan finally starts to come front and center, showing more backbone this week.

He wants Balleseros to answer for his crimes, decides they need to get Julia out of Level R, and gets busy with Sarah. Of course, he also manages to hit the virus research hard and watches it "Hulk-out" like before.

The real meat of this episode, however, belongs to Julia, and her hallucinations. Yes, there's a little girl roaming her subconscious, complete with creepy doll. In this latest hallucination, Peter tells Julia that maybe the little girl is trying to remind her of something.

Julia wakes to find Hatake's wound has healed. Last week I wondered why such an extreme injury was necessary, well apparently, Hatake heals at a superhuman rate.

Julia asks what many fans were wondering, why Hatake didn't tell her Jaye wasn't real. He claims speaking to Jaye seemed to help Julia, so he didn't interfere. Is there any truth to this? With Hatake you never know what to believe.

Jules passes out and Hatake gives her a sedative. Was this red fluid really a sedative or did it somehow speed up Julia's transformation? After all, Peter has been going through this "change" for days now right?

Hatake ducks behind a yellow filing cabinet. Secret passageways for the win!

Alan confronts Hatake about the "delivery mechanism" spliced into the virus.

You put this place here so you wouldn't be regulated. So you could play God with people's lives.

Dr. Alan Farragut

Hatake finally confesses that, yes, Narvik is a delivery system. It was created to treat Cancer, all five classifications. In the bigger picture, this cure means a stop to the deadliest disease of our time. That said, because it hasn't been perfected, this gene-therapy is what's causing the vectors.

Daniel pleads with Hatake for answers and tells him he left Balleseros out in the cold to freeze. That earns him some serious backlash as Hatake slaps him, stating ominously "they will come." I'm now pretty sure the Ilaria corporation is the show's big bad, not Hatake.

We briefly meet Dr. Victor Adrian, who works in cryogenics. When Alan and Sarah were testing the virus and it hulked out, Alan used a fire extinguisher to slow the virus down. Alan makes a deal with Dr. Adrian, put Peter on ice in exchange for a ticket off the base when help arrives. There has to be more to Dr. Adrian, I'm sure we'll learn his story in the next few episodes.

Peter is placed in a special suit and it is flooded with cryogenic fluid. Dr. Adrian explains that Peter is not breathing, the fluid is keeping him oxygenated. This turn of events leads me to believe that Dr. Hvit's frozen head will come into play soon.

Hopefully, it doesn't wake up and start talking, that would completely ruin the show for me. The head obviously holds some importance to the Ilaria corporation.

I had a feeling the little girl in Julia's hallucinations would turn out to be Julia, herself. I think it's safe to say the clone theory is out the window. Little Julia informs her they are in their summer home, in Montana.    

During the turkey dinner sequence, the characters tell Julia this is all about her. As we've come to expect from Helix, for every mystery solved we get a new set of questions.

It's all about you Julia. It's always been about you.

Dr. Peter Farragut

In the dream sequence, Sarah tells Julia "you have all the answers, you just don't know it." What secret does the cabin in Montana where Julia grew up hold? Is the cabin even real at all or an implanted memory?

Yes Alan and Sarah finally hook up and just in time too, as Ilaria's CEO Constance Sutton (guest star Jeri Ryan) arrives to cause some trouble.

Julia wakes, seemingly healed, and wait for it... her eyes are silver.

What are your theories? Let's discuss the episode in even more detail in the comments. Have you missed an episode? Watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.

Additional thoughts...

  • Are other doctors on the base also kidnapped children? Were they the first human trials for Narvik and now Vectors?

With Narvik, the Ilaria Corporation is attempting to do what?


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After Day 7, It Seems Obvious Julia Is Hatake's Daughter. She Spent Time As Child In the lab, But Why Did HE Let Her move Out.


I think your poll question this week is key & super important. While the response are all valid & I've toyed around with the ideas myself, I get stuck on the viral element. Gene replacement therapy is used in modern medicine and even has been successful in treating some forms of cancer, but there are other options as a delivery method that are certainly less dangerous. A virus spreads, without reserve. If it was to be used in the military or even a private corporation they could simply inject the patients. This may be an unimportant detail, but it seems to me like they want to spread this specific strand of DNA to a large group of people, possibly without their knowledge which has to mean something much more sinister.

@ skheavner

Whatever the Ilaria Corporation is up to, it appears they want this man made virus as well as its cure. Ultimately profiting an insane amount by being the only Corp. that can offer a Narvik cure. Hatake succeeded in creating the virus, though not perfected yet but needed the CDC to come up with the cure. Is the motivation solely to make money? Or do they want control over the next evolutionary step of mankind?


Probably one of the worst shows I've seen in awhile... Another comment states its great because its unpredictable... Might as well call it "Lost 2: The search for the cure" because they never answer questions they just give you more... I'm just waiting for the black smoke monster to appear. How can anyone believe that the place is filled with Doctors and educated people of medicine...when they all seem to be mentally challenged. I'm sure the CDC in real life would send people to a remote location. How many times do Hataki and his loyal lap dog get to interfere with the doctors finding a cure before they just...you know...end them... tranq them... Sure video files go missing but it appears every room they go into has video cameras so why couldn't they just rewind... and see how it all went bad in the first place... ohh because that would be smart... and these people are retarded doctors... durr... they even use similar sound scores as they did in lost... creepy old music playing when things go bad... why not.. and they must love the name Julia... Lost and Helix... and you cant come up with new names?... is Julia/Jules/Jewels whatever really that popular of a name?. Come now... and now we head to inception... a dream within a dream within a dream... where everyone goes and no one seems to know the rules... at the end does someone wake up figure out it was all b.s but now he can go back to America to see his kids??? ohh wait why couldn't grand dad just bring the kids to the UK?... Glad you sheep are entertained. Baah

@ Kyle

Perhaps something in the reality show genre would be more to your liking? Baaaa

@ Kyle

Shame you don't seem to be enjoying Helix as much as the rest of us sheep are. As a huge Lost and X-files fan, while there are similarities, Helix is its own beast. In the end, a viewer always has to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy sci-fi. None of it is real my friend, it's escapism. By the way, is Bellesaros holding a shot of Narvik to your throat? If you hate the show so much, stop watching and leave us sheep to it ;)


Just got the chance to watch it. (This show really needs to air earlier!!!) Excellent recap, Hank. This show is amazing. It has that same quality that made me a die hard fan of LOST and Fringe. Every episode one question may get answered, but then we get five more questions. The writers are skilled storytellers, giving you plenty to keep you interested, but not so much that you get bored. I love show's like this because they keep you guessing and get your brain working. 6 episodes and this show has yet to disappoint. I am already anticipating episode 107.

@ Fringeite

Hey Fringeite, yes 107 looks like an important one. With Jeri Ryan jumping aboard as the head of Hatake's corporate patrons, you know trouble has arrived. Looking forward to learning more about the Ilaria Corporation. Do you think this is all driven by money and greed? Or is there something even more sinister going on as skheavner theorizes?


I'm shocked no one has commented! What an amazing show! Usually, everything on TV is so predictable, but this show keeps changing the game every week! Would love to hear other people's thoughts on the show!

@ USA+Fan

I've noticed Helix is more of a DVR show for most folks since it is late on Friday night. Fans will start commenting here soon, no worries ;)

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Helix Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You put this place here so you wouldn't be regulated. So you could play God with people's lives.

Dr. Alan Farragut

It's all about you Julia. It's always been about you.

Dr. Peter Farragut