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Battling the Scythe
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 13
"Dans L'ombre"
Original Air Date:

The Scythe informs Alan and Jules of a Narvik outbreak in Puerto Rico. Arctic Biosystems goes up in flames in the Helix season finale.

Fighting Off an Assassin
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 12
"The Reaping"
Original Air Date:

On Helix, The Scythe is tasked with retrieving the Narvik virus and cure by Ilaria. Hatake loses a loved one.

A Final Push
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 11
"Black Rain"
Original Air Date:

Julia discovers a cure, just as the Vectors infect several scientists. Ilaria's kill squad arrives.

A Last Ditch Effort
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

In there last attempt to call for help, Alan and Julia make it to an abandoned satellite station on Helix.

A Dangerous Mission
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 9
"Level X"
Original Air Date:

Walker and Alan take on a dangerous mission when they decde to destroy the rest of the NARVIK virus on Helix.

Sutton Takes Walker
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

When Sutton's relationship with Hatake is revealed, Sutton holds Walker prisoner on Helix.

Saving Walker
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 7
"Survivor Zero"
Original Air Date:

Hatake works to protect Walker from Sutton's mercenaries on Helix.

Decoding the Virus
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Jordan and Alan attempt to decode the virus while Hatake secretly cures Walker on Helix.

An Embrace
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 5
"The White Room"
Original Air Date:

Members of the CDC begin to realize that no one on the base is who they seem on Helix.

A Deadly Turn
Watch Helix Season 1 Episode 4
"Single Strand"
Original Air Date:

As the crisis turns deadly, Alan and the team struggle to handle secrets and suspicions that come to light on Helix.

Helix Quotes

Major Sergio Balleseros: There are people in the Army, myself included, who are wondering if this outbreak was an accident.
Dr. Doreen Boyle: You think Hatake did this on purpose? Why would he do that?

Dr. Alan Farragut: This secure lab allows us to separate vectors from those who are just infected.
Daniel Aerov: Vectors?
Dr. Alan Farragut: It's what we're calling the infected who are physically attacking others to spread the disease, like Peter.

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