Josh Schwartz Ponders Possibility of a Chuck Movie

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The upcoming Veronica Mars movie has given fans of that show plenty to be excited about...

... while giving creators of other shows plenty to ponder.

Josh Schwartz, for example, spoke to Entertainment Weekly this week and admitted that the resurrection of the aforementioned WB hit on the big screen has led to him contemplating the future of Chuck.

Might we ever see a movie version of this former NBC hit?!?

Chuck Cast Pic

"What it really comes down to is what is the story you want to tell," Schwartz said, keeping his options open and admitting that the Chuck Season 5 finale would enable him to easily pick up where the series left off.

"You’re starting off with a question to answer certainly," he added. "And it’s a spy story so there’s always a new a mission, there’s always a new bad guy, there’s always a new need for Chuck to save the day."

Chuck wrapped up its five-season NBC run on January 27, 2012. And don't get too excited, a movie isn't exactly st in stone.

But would you want it to be? Would you buy tickets for a Chuck movie?

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Oh interesting! I had the chance to watch a Chuck marathon recently, about halfway through S4 I remembered why I never liked the series that much. To my mind. No Chuck movie.
The guy remained a whining apologist throughout the series and after the
appalling train wreck of a ending, well, time to let Chuck go.
Generally if I know a TV show I like is optioning to a movie I submit ideas to the writers and maybe even a script but in Chucks case. No.
The buy-more is definitely no more. Best to leave it that way.


There is no way chuck is the best serie that i have seen on my buy more...i would like keep watch this movie.....


2865 people have donated to # NerdHQ and since $ 70,000 it's been going really slow. Yeah I know that this is not a donation for Chuck, BUT REMEMBER Zachary Levi is using his NerdHQ that is for a good cause, Operation Smile, as a test for bigger things in the future, like a Chuck movie! I know there are millions of fans out there from Chuck. $5 is enough to donate but if you want to donate more just go for it! This can be our last chance to show that we want a Chuck movie, we will maybe never get a second chance. So make your move and make your voice heard with a donate.


ı give promise to go cinema at least 5 times :))




this is my sister's favourite show of all time. she is crazy in love with this show. she constantly watches repeats and does not care about any news shows on tv. I am certain she would be the first person who would want to see the show come back in what ever format possible. please make all the fans happy...


Yes please do a movie or another season
Really did like the whole program
Give me more
I'll "Buy More"


Yes please do a movie or another season
Really did like the whole program
Give me more
I'll "Buy More"


Heck yes! A re-do, please, of that terrible ending! Sarah gets all of her memories back? Yes, please!


I'm all for it!

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