Kelly Hyland Files Lawsuit Against Abby Lee Miller: She Gnashed Her Teeth at Me!

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The Dance Moms fight heard 'round the world is now headed to court.

On Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 7, Kelly Hyland grew sick of Abby Lee Miller mouthing off to her daughters. She threatened to leave, words were exchanged, Abby lept up, Kelly jabbed her finger in the teacher's face.

And then Abby tried to eat it.

Seriously. See for yourself here:

Now, Kelly has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Abby, claiming the Dance Moms star instigated this confrontation by lunging at her and "gnashing her teeth loudly."

"Miller is a very large woman" who Kelly believes "weighs around 300 pounds or so," it says in the legal documents as a way to show why Kelly felt threatened and helpless.

Did Kelly initiate the physical contact by slapping Abby? Yes, but only in self-defense, according to the lawsuit.

Watch Dance Moms online now to see what led up to this awesomely entertaining showdown:

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Fact is Kelly, like MOST of the other mothers, have become just as money and fame hungry as Abby Lee has. For the last 4-5 seasons they've allowed their children to be berated, taunted and knocked down - yet they keep coming back. WHY? Do you really think it's because "their friends are there"? Seriously? They should ALL stop pimping these children! Shame on ALL of them!! I now record the show and most of the time fast forward to the girls dancing. Isn't that what this show really SHOULD be focused on? Hopefully when those of the girls who really do pursue dance as a life career try to do so, this show won't be more of a hindrance to them than a help.


First of all no amount of money is EVER worth having your children be torn to shreds on national TV. My neice is an amazing dancer & I have already told her any EVER screams or gets in her face they way Abby Miller does they WILL have to deal with ME. Abby your "team" as you call it is a joke and so are you. Your manipulative, rude and many other things but I wont shred you down further cause IT'S RUDE. I can't wait till someone really changelles you and gives you a run for your money, shame on you ABBEY MILLER and your pathetic little dance studio.

@ Dockery44

Is that English? Your instead of you're...and changelles? Where did you learn to spell???


Lifetime you have started this Abby has just gone off the deep end even though it doesn't take much to push her to get there. Abby is vindictive towards the moms and most of all the kids ! You're supposed to encourage your child not tear them down at every single turn. I'm really searching my soul right now whether or not I even want to keep watching this train wreck. I watched it for the kids not to see Lord Abby could leave the shower right now and I would not care a bit

Nancy bernard
@ Susan La Mont

I couldn't agree more Susan! Abby is CRAZY! She had NO RIGHT to tell all the moms that Kelly had been arrested!
If you look at that film the week before, Abby was coming at Kelly like a bull toward a red cape! It is a natural reaction when someone is screaming one inch from your face to react like Kelly did to protect herself. Abby had NO RIGHT whatsoever to invade Kelly's space and scream in her face. Who the HELL does Abby think she is? She is ruining that show by bringing in all these new kids and moms when most of us loved Paige and Brooke. Abby is destroying the psyche of these girls, the only ones that she continually praises are Maddie and McKenzie, and look at her with Kelani, it is disgusting! Why should anyone try with a woman like this, they cannot please her, she hates their mothers and insults them time and again. Kelly was defending her girls, let Kelani wear the damn outfit since she is Abby's new favorite girl. Why not get rid of all of them and just have Kelani, Maddy and McKenzie? Abby is making a conceited little monster out of Maddy, as was evident when Maddy was talking about the claim she lied. She used to be sweet, she is going to turn into an Abby and that is scary!

@ Susan La Mont

Then take your kids out. It seems to me that Brook did not even want to be there. Kelly and her low cut dresses and always with a drink in her hand is not much of a mother anyway. This was about Kelly being a star and had noting to do with her kids. If she was so upset she has had years to pull her kids out of the studio if she was so very unhappy.

@ Judy

@ Judy don't u watch the show Abbey has totally gone over and your comments about Kelly is so not true!!!


It's about time someone takes action, Why would anyone want to use Abby to teach their children, she is crazy.

Nancy bernard
@ Linda Woods Vanzant

My thoughts exactly Linda. I said to myself "That woman needs psychiatric help. That was after Kelani's mom told Abby that the women missed Kelly. Then Abby, like a whiney, spoiled brat just HAD to tell the mothers that Kelly had been arrested. I hope that Kelly gets justification for the embarrassment of being arrested. She pulled Abby's hair to get her out of her face! It's easy to point at Kelly, but lets see how everyone else would react if the same scenario happened to them and their kids were always pulled out for ridicule and humiliation.