NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Death by Underwear

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I never would have guessed it was possible to kill three trained men within seconds using only  a shirt, bandana and two batteries.

That's how NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 15 opened, which set the deadly tone for the hour. NCIS was on the hunt for the truth behind a diplomat's assassination at a Los Angeles Consulate.

The investigation took Sam and Callen to Mexico to revisit the first case they worked together.

It's odd to think of a time when Sam and Callen couldn't anticipate each other's move. Seven years ago, Sam was "Teddy" and Callen was a weird operative with an initial for a first name. They didn't know each other, but had to work together without the implicit trust they grew to have.

When they walked into the hair salon, I found it difficult to believe the women would just accept the men back into their lives after disappearing for seven years. Were Sam and Callen that confident in their appeal that they didn't consider it was a set up? In the end, it didn't matter, but it was a dangerous risk to take.

The theme of the hour was about a person's tribe. Who do you trust? Tuhon recognized the lack of trust in the partners seven years before, but wasn't ready to acknowledge it was there for them yet. Tuhon was betrayed and feared both friends and enemies. He had a profound, yet sad philosophy, "A man with no friends doesn't have to worry about them turning into enemies."

Tuhon brought up Sam and Callen's past, but he also questioned their future. Who would take over when Hetty eventually leaves? Would it be Callen? Sam? Someone else? That didn't go over well when Lauren Hunter showed up. Could this have been foreshadowing the major cast member who's rumored to leave in NCIS: Los Angeles season 5?

Tuhon trusted Hetty and by extension Sam and Callen more than his own men. After an epic fight was fought in the bar, he headed to Los Angeles to finish the fight. When they arrived at the safe house, I fell for the trap. I should have known better, but Eric and Nell's concern fooled me.

It wasn't Tuhon and the NCIS agents who walked into the trap, instead it was Carter and his men. I should know by now a book is never just a book. Hetty left the freshly cleaned hachet in the book for Tuhon to use against Carter. With the doors locked, it was a blood bath. Only Tuhon, Sam and Callen were left untouched.

The assassin ruse failed and Tuhon was left to live out his days however many he has left. His involvement in the case left a mark on Hetty, Sam, Callen, and even Deeks. It was Tuhon who made the knife that Kensi got from her father. It was a reminder of the insular nature of the military intelligence arena.

The biggest takeaway I had from "Tuhon" was that the show is not the same when the Boathouse crew is separated. Sam and Callen make outstanding partners, but they aren't complete without Deeks and Kensi by their sides. The four of them with Hetty, Nell and Eric are a tribe and a special one. Their interactions and banter are what make NCIS: Los Angeles fun to watch.

With them working separately, the heart of the show was missing. They all need each other whether they recognize that or not. Nate is no replacement for Kensi, though it was nice to see him and his houndstooth suit.

While they were taking down a tribe of assassins, Kensi's life was potentially at risk when Sabatino confronted her about the investigation into his finances and the drone surveillance. He was adamant that he was not the White Ghost. And, Granger agreed. Is Kensi investigating the wrong person?

I don't think Sabatino is the White Ghost, but there's something wrong with him. He seems to have lost himself in his isolation and quest for answers. I hope that Kensi and Sabatino can find a way to work together, but only if he's stable enough to not endanger her. Otherwise, I'd love to see her NCIS: LA partners show up and provide assistance. She can trust them. They're her tribe after all.

Is Sabatino the White Ghost?

There were a few light-hearted moments.

In addition to Sam giving Callen a hard time about his date, Deeks had two hilarious lines in "Tuhon." He's never at a loss for humorous responses.

I mean everybody's got to go at some point, right? I just don't want my cause of death to be another man's underwear.


You've heard of Obamacare? This is We-Don't-Care.



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Does anyone know the title of the tagalog rap being played in the background of the bar when Sam and Callen came in?


What was the purpose of Hetty wiping down that blade with a lime?


This episode held my interest but NCIS LA just isn't the same with Kensi not there with the team. Deeks is definitely at a loose end and I'm missing the hilarious Deeks/Kensi banter. More than that, I'm worried it won't return if the spoilers we've been given mean anything. Still, an enjoyable episode but I'm pining for more Deeks!


if not for this whiteGhost storyline I would of given up on NCIS la


Really don't care much for the White Ghost storyline. It's just not believable, and Sabatino's character is right. There are plenty of shooters who practice their skill in the field daily who would be better choices.


And one of the best scenes..when Tuhon recognized the knife that he made for Kensi's father and his memory of Kensi as a sweet girl not knowing that she is now Bad-ass Blye. Deeks's expression was can see the thoughts whirling around in his head.😊. We know Granger worked ops with Donald Blye but Hetty must have as well if Tuhon did. With Hetty leaving early to spend an evening with her old friend Tuhon, it would be nice to explore that relationship and for Tuhon to meet Kensi. Aaah..wishes...


So happy we had a new episode. Great review and questions to ponder. I've heard the rumors as well and the comments throughout the episode seems to foreshadow Hetty leaving. That would be heartbreaking for me. Hetty is the indisputable leader with her wisdom and subtle guidance/training of her people. Hetty sent Kensi not just for her sharp shooting skills and to uncover the mole. This assignment also gives Kensi the opportunity to grow as an agent.
Love the recurring theme/motto "trust your (our) training" throughout this season.


Deeks joke about Obama care was hilarious. Also love Tuhon's nicknames for Callen and Sam. 'The tribe of one' makes sense Callen's a foster kid, and 'The tyrant with a trident' Navy SEAL.

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