Once Upon a Time Spoilers: The Big Apple, The Big Bad & More!

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Earlier today, I was treated a sneak peek at the spring premiere of Once Upon a Time Season 3 - and, well, it’s all sorts of fabulous... which also means it’s all kinds of spoilery.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that I can’t tell you.  In fact, here are a few fun facts courtesy of show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis that you’ll see in the Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 12.

It airs March 9 on ABC...

Different Time Zones: In true OUAT fashion, we’ll start this crop of episodes bouncing between present and a year ago that will unfold into a bigger mystery. Gotta tell ya, it’s nice to see the bulk of characters back together in big group scenes though it may not stay that way for long!

Wicked Witch Backstory: We’ll see the fantastic greened-up Rebecca Mader in the first episode back, but don’t expect to get her history immediately.

“The backstory is kind of doled out over a few [episodes],” said Horowitz, with Kitsis adding: “As far as her origin story, we’ll actually reveal that in episode 16, which is entitled ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green.’”

And her name is not Elphaba as you might think. It is Zelena.

Going to the Chapel... and Behind Bars?: While I cannot say between which characters, there is a (OMG!) marriage proposal in the episode, as well as someone else ending up in jail.

New York, New York! Henry and Emma are living happily ever after when the episode kicks off. Henry is in school (a school project is mentioned) and their apartment is pretty nice. But, of course, how long before this gets shaken up? I mean, does anyone stay happy long on Once Upon A Time?

How much Oz? With Mader’s Zelena in the picture - as well as a few evil monkeys (they’re much scarier than the ones in The Wizard Of Oz!) - will this season be as Oz-centric as the first half of the season was with Neverland?

“It’s very different in its conception,” explained Horowitz. “The Wicked Witch is a big part of the second half and a driving force as an antagonist but the world of Oz, it’s a place that will see and we will spend a little bit of time there but it’s not a ‘everybody gets on a ship and goes there’ kind of thing.”

And, yes, a nod to the Yellow Brick Road and maybe some other Oz characters will come.

Aren’t you…? Yes, you’ll see Chris Gorham (Auggie on Covert Affairs) appearing in the episode on the New York side of things as Walsh, a love interest for Emma. But, as we saw in Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 11, Hook is also in a New York state of mind…

Where is Glinda, the Good Witch? We will meet Sunny Mabrey in the iconic role in latter half of this new crop of episodes.

“I think she’s still Glinda the Good Witch in that she’s positive and has a lot of spirit to her,” said Kitsis of their spin on the character. 'But the kind of mythology of the four witches and that thing, we kind of created our own.” Horowitz also revealed that our Glinda is pure goodness but she’s a character “who has gone through a lot more.”

Who Steals Regina's Heart? Regina is feeling the pain of Henry’s absence and goes to (shocker) dramatic lengths to deal with it. But maybe Robin Hood (who we’ll see with his Merry Men) can help her wounded heart?  (Reminder that Lana Parrilla teased us last fall about romance finally coming to Regina.)

Emma/Hook/Neal triangle: With Hook in NYC with Emma and Neal, well, not, don’t be surprised if the self-professed ‘scoundrel’ doesn’t take this opportunity as a way to worm his way into Miss Swan’s good graces. But, knowing Neal, I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

Once Upon a Time returns on March 9 on ABC. 

Remember to watch Once Upon a Time online now if you need a refresher.

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More Hook.. Gosh, I can't stand him. Kill him off already!

Ln solanki

Man i do love Chris Gorham the actor and in Covert Affairs, but i think i will be disliking him here lol... esp if he is cahoots with the witch and playing Emma. But worry not... Hook is here!
I am so rooting for Hook to get Emma home and just like Henry did in season 1, i mean they both turned up at the door. Rooting for Emma/Hook Zelena has to be connected to Regina somehow... Cora's daughter?


Looks interesting. Can't wait for more Emma and Hook scenes.


Pretty sure emma and auggie is the proposal and hook gets jailed. Please no more neal and emma. And auggie no, I want hook and emma! I waited so long


By the way, I LOVED the Neverland arc because it helped shed so much light on the regular cast. It got so much more character driven thanks to the Neverland arc and I truly appreciate that.
Snow's secret, Neal's, Emma's and particularly Hook's killed me - all the actors brought their a-game to the echo cave. Wonderful!!
I'm hoping that the Wicked Witch arc will have a similar effect on the main characters and reveal even more about them in the second part of S3.


I’m very curious to see how the whole Neal/Emma/Hook “non-triangle” will get resolved, but honestly, the way Adam and Eddy have been telling this particular story the only thing that makes sense to me is Hook and Emma being each other’s true love. And I love said story so much!
Hook and Emma are such complex, partly dark, emotionally intense characters who’ve been through so much pain – it’s like their path in life has been preparing them to “understand each other” all along. For me, Hook and Emma’s story to true love is one of the best on TV for a while now – rooting for them with all my heart!

@ Ana

Yes, I'm surprised by how much I love Hook and Emma. They are written so well and the actors have great chemistry. I'm really looking forward to them, It's been so long!

Ln solanki
@ Captain Swan

I mean Hook tried a true love kiss.. and it failed but in memory loss it does,.. u dont put in a TLK if not to have successful one in the future and pretty much Hook has put Emma first, chosen her, comes back to her etc.... true love role!


Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz were my least favourite fairy tales...well, I didn't hate nor really appreciated the Neverland part...I hope this second part of the season is going to be better...


it looks like the dinner between Emma and the other guy is the marriage proposal...isn't it? it could totally be...

@ Fra

I agree. CG's definitely on his knee at some pont and it looks like there's a ring on the dessert plate, in one of the decorative chocolate swirls at the base of the glass cup. Watching another man propose to Swan would certainly explain the look on Hook's face in another of the promo shots!

Len gb

Thanks. I know Emma is happy but really her family and home it out there, and i hope Hook succeeds in bringing her back. He finds her and to me thats is big


I can't wait to see Emma and Henry life in NY, excited for the show to come back!

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Just because you believe something is true does not make it real.


Emma: You're a crazy person or a liar or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?