Once Upon a Time Review: Wicked Always Wins

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I hope Emma was able to rest up during her "New York Serenade."

Because it looks like her life is about to take another turn, as something wicked arrives in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12.

But let's start off in the Enchanted Forest. 

When everyone arrives, they immediately run into Prince Philip and a very pregnant Aurora. You'd think they could at least give their old friends a heads up that there's a new villain in the kingdom - but Aurora's dead set against it and even Philip doesn't say a word. I never was a big fan of these two. 

I loved the changes that have occurred between Snow and Regina. It's best for the kingdom if they band together. but there are doubts as to whether Regina is really on board, until Snow finds her burying her own heart.

Regina's in such pain knowing that she'll never see Henry again that she removes her heart to stop it. But Snow knows how she feels. She's had to give up her daughter twice. Hearing her empathize with Regina and convince her to feel the heartbreak now in the hopes of feeling more later was one of my favorite scenes. 

And it was quickly followed by one of my favorite Once Upon a Time quotes. as Snow tries to get Regina to run from the flying monkey only to have The Evil Queen stand her ground.

I don't run from monsters. They run from me.


She might be heartbroken but she's certainly not about to turn from a fight. Even the protection spell on her castle got her ire up. Regina was looking for a fight, but it will have to wait until they figure out the identity of their nemesis. 

By the end, Regina and Snow were talking like sisters about the new boy in town when Robin Hood showed up.

Snow: He's kind of cute, huh?
Regina: He smells like forest.

Back in New York, Emma looked happy. Granted, she wasn't squealing in delight and saying yes to Walsh's proposal... but still. She appeared more content than we've ever seen her. 

However, Hook was not to be dissuaded, even when she had him thrown in jail.

I've been in my share of brigs but nothing as barbaric as these. They force fed me something called bologna.


Oh, how I love Hook. Despite swearing he'll always be a pirate, he's the guy that tracked Emma down in New York in order to save her family, which makes me wonder what has happened to Neal. 

Emma looked so sad when she had to tell Walsh that it was over. I really felt for the guy, until he turned into an evil flying monkey. I'll admit, I never saw that one coming. 

Looks like her new life wasn't all the perfect after all.

Now, somehow everyone who was transported to the Enchanted Forest is now back in Storybrooke - only we don't know how or why. And neither do they. Yet in that missing year Snow became pregnant so time has obviously gone by, even if they don't recall it.

We've certainly got more questions than answers. Is Rumpelstiltskin still alive? Exactly who was returned to Storybrooke and why? And how will Regina react when Henry only knows Emma as his mother.

It certainly looks as though this will be a wicked second half to Once Upon a Time Season 3.

Tell us, TV Fanatics, do you like the new relationship between Snow and Regina or do you prefer them as sworn enemies?


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I did enjoy it. Thought Aurora and Phillip were disgusting ! So much for friendship ! Anyways, I definitely was happy to see Hook again ! Those lines he gave had me laughing hard ! Now, about Walsh, I was suspicious from the start. Didn't see him turn into a flying monkey though (ewwwww) . BUT, I kept asking "who are you" "where did you come from" "what do you want". However, Emma getting her memory back so soon was a tad disappointing. Oh well ! Now back to the EF, Robin Hood and Regina, now I like that ! She didn't go for it the first time around, I cannot wait until she sees his wrist tattoo ! I like the new dynamic with Snow and Regina, as long as she stays evil ! Rumple, where are you ? Bring him back please... I don't think Charming and Snow gave up on Emma, I don't know, we'll see. I just thought that it was still too soon to tell. Trying to be strong for the others maybe.
Okay so Storybrooke is back. Not a surprise thanks to the spoilers from the producers. But HOW ??? And also, why can't they remember a full year ? And who is that Wicked Witch ? What did Regina do to her ? And where are the other townspeople ? So many questions !


I thought the Emma scenes in New York were the most boring. Sorry she is my least favorite character. At least she didn't complain this episode. Emma's superpower lie detector? lol that thing never works. Much prefered the Regina Snow scenes. Cant wait to see Regina and Wicked Witch confrontation. Am I the only one who thinks Belle and Bael will get together. (that will solve the who will Emma choose story.) So when will Rapunzel and Elsa the Snow Queen show up on Once?


I also felt that their use of the wicked witch as this seasons villain was just a terribly boring choice. It didn't feel fresh or inventive. I understand a need for a replacement villain for Regina/Rumplestilskin but they could have gone about it in a much better way. Don't just reveal the uber villain laughing maniacally in front of a mirror. Also, I'm glad they mentioned the fact that there were another 50 town members that landed elsewhere from Storybrooke. This was a huge town. By the end it seemed to shrunken to 20 people.


I'm really upset by this episode. The show ended on such a hight note. I almost see the last 12 episodes as a past season. They tied up all the loose ends and gave the show the fresh start that it needed. I am flabbergasted that they would undo all of their good work and bring us right back to where we started. Show's need to evolve beyond their original concepts in order to succeed. Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Hart of Dixie. These shows began dying on the vine when they refused to move the story forward and let characters move on and grow. We as viewers graduated from storybook a long time ago. We moved forward and now were stuck right back where we started, only revisiting the other wold through flashbacks I presume.


A very beautiful episode ,Emma and Hook are so adorable . I am glad that Storybrooke is back .


Anyone else bothered by the fact that while Regina is heartbroken over losing Henry, Snow and Charming seem all blase about it, like bummer oh well we can have a new baby now. Just abandoned our daughter (again) despite the fact that she never recovered from her first abandonment. Shouldn't they know that anything can happen in the Enchanted Forest and that if they just tried they probably couldve gotten back to Emma and Henry? Even Neal though of that and he's kind of an idiot. LOVED the whole flying monkey twist though!


Where is Mulan ? She was joigning the Marry Men the last time we saw her. They will have to explain why she left or that will be irrespectuous for the audience. Just like the fact that they still don't explain to us how Philip got his soul back...


Ok will some one please explain why Emma and Snow are the same age?? The daughter is as old as the mother..don't get it

@ LandSlideLily

Eeeum have you even watched season 1??


I do like that Regina and Snow are "bonding" and joined forces, I just hate that since they joined up they ALWAYS try to suppress Regina's usual way of doing things. I get it- Charming, Snow, Emma, etc- they're the good guys and they don't want to have to go to Regina's level, but the goody goody act gets annoying and even they have to admit that while Regina's way is typically dark and violent- it gets the job done. Need I remind everyone when she got them out of that vine trap that Pan had set up? I'm a fan of Hook and Emma but I'm also hesitant to say that I really want them together since that could surely seal Hook's fate. After all, since when has any good ever come from being the savior's lover?

Sixxx 6

Ok first let me say what an awesome return...except for those damn flying monkeys. They are the sole reason I HATE the original wizard of oz and of course with the CGI we have now they had to make them extra creepy. I did not see Walsh (though he'll always be Auggie to me) turning into a flying monkey. I was as confused as everyone when Emma drove back and Storybrooke was there cause it disappeared when they returned to the Enchanted forest. But my guess is when Emma drank the potion and all the memories came back, it broke the curse that reina had to use to bring them back and drinking that potion brought everyone back to Storybrooke. I cannot wait to see the showdown between Evil vs Wicked, but I will always bet money on Evil, cause no one touches the evil queen when it comes to vengeance and what evil can do..and no one touches Lana either;)

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Just because you believe something is true does not make it real.


Emma: You're a crazy person or a liar or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?