Psych Review: Back to the Future

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And just like that, the fragile fabric that kept our team together throughout Psych Season 8 starts finally frays as life gets in the way.

There's no question that Psych Season 8 Episode 6 will become another classic episode in the Psych cannon, not only because of its solid writing and epic directorial debut of Kirsten Nelson, but because of the way all the love and emotions poured into it resonate with you long after the episode ends.

Nothing made me happier than seeing Kirsten Nelson resume her role as Chief Vick, but leave it to Psych to immediately turn the tables on you before you even know what hit you!

For a moment I thought Juliet was truly considering going with Karen of her own accord. Yet at the end of the episode it was clear she had no choice and loved Carlton enough to hurl herself into an exciting - but also very scary - new life journey.

And best of all, each little moment was handled genuinely; you could swear that for a second you weren't just seeing characters cope will the changes, but the actors themselves wrestling with the reality of being in their home stretch.

We'll start with Lassiter as an example. He's wanted nothing more than to become Chief of police from day one. Clearly this is one of those situations where you should have been careful what you wished for because the change in title came with a desk job and having to let go of his confidante.

The magical part of the exchange between Juliet and Lassiter is that they never really talk about how much they love and respect each other. But today, in kind of their final moment together, the words came flowing out. It was a beautiful thing to see.

It was definitely a contrast from Psych Season 4 Episode 16, where Carlton held Juliet in his arms as she bawled in the immediate aftermath of Yin round two. Both moments are defining for this pair and spoke volumes.

The Shawn and Juliet moment had its own heft to it. We rarely see them contend with serious relationship issues, but this one seems to trump them all somehow. Shawn is right that five hours between Santa Babs and San Fran isn't long-distance, but for man without a car or any serious prospects as of this moment, it might as well be the distance between him and China.

This will be Shawn's defining moment. Will he step up and be the man the situation - and Juliet - call for, or will he fall back into his old ways? It about broke my heart to see Juliet so conflicted and in such need of comfort. The way Shawn gently handled her, telling her how much he loved her gray suits and inviting her to cuddle, melted my heart.

Juliet leaving without waking him - and that final scene watching that iconic, though a little less green-looking, Volkswagen Beetle traveling down the road - was perfect beyond words. If I didn't already know that Juliet was in the series finale, I would have sworn it was meant to be the final scene of her in it for the series!

The combined talents of James Roday and Tim Meltreger writing and Kirsten Nelson directing are not to be overlooked. As much as this casts knows how to sing, dance and act the heck out of anything put in front of them, without the words and the way the scenes are shot they would not have half the impact. And tonight was a real punch to the gut, and in the most wonderful way possible.

Now we get to look ahead to the future - and what a wonderful future I have no doubt it will be, even if it is new and uncomfortable to some extent!

This is definitely one for the DVR and On Demand re-watch list! I know I will be!

Lots of moments that really touched our hearts tonight. Which one had you crying more?


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This has probably been the first time that I didn't care about the case because the personal relationships were so much more exciting and emotional. When the mayor kept Carlton I knew he was going to have to get rid of Juliet and that's why she would go with Karen. Juliet and Carlton's scene together was amazing and so emotional you've always known they've cared about each other but they actually said how much they meant to each other and it really felt like they were saying goodbye it was heart breaking to watch. Juliet and Shawn's scene was also amazing and I knew she would leave without waking him up but him holding her was so sweet and her driving down the road crying and Shawn waking up without her was heartbreaking and this really felt like it was goodbye. I hope that in the end Shawn goes to San Francisco to be with Juliet because they really love each other and it would be heart breaking if they weren't together.


Overall, I did not think this episode was very good (I didn't care whatsoever about the cold case and Gus seemed totally sidelined throughout), but the Lassiter/Juliet goodbye was perfect. You could see how heartbreaking it was for both of them to realize they'd come to the end of the road as partners. Beautifully acted scene by Timothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson. I was thinking this morning the only two times Psych has ever made my cry (or at least come very close) were both Lassiter/Juliet scenes. Last night and when Juliet breaks down at the end of "Mr. Yin Presents".


Wow. I feel like I'm reading a review for a completely different show than the one I became a big fan of the first few seasons. The writing has continued to take a sharp downward slide, one its been on all season. And Shawn and Gus continue to try much too hard. Where to begin... The "plot" was ridiculous and the murder mystery made no sense. While it could have been believable that Shawn and Gus would agree to help Lassiter, they didn't really sell it. Was Lassiter in bed alone? Where's the wife? The big emotional scene between Juliet and Lassiter... since when does "Psych" do big emotional scenes? That whole encounter screamed "filler." And once again, Henry is reduced to a cameo role.

@ Jim

Could not agree with you more, the whole episode was a sad and pathetic affair. I watch Psych to laugh and not be weighed down with all this emotional nonsense. This is by far the worst season of Psych, even worse than seasons 4 & 5 which were pretty bad. I have been a loyal, loyal must see fan since the pilot back in 2006 and it's just sad to see the show go out this way. I at least hope than Shawn & Jules get engaged in the finale and Shawn & Gus stay together as well, that will compensate a little for enduring this awful season. Although parts of season 7 were sad and emotional like this too and it makes me sick because there was no need for it on a happy fun show like Psych. Anyway I hate to say this but if this is how they would continue then it's best they end the show now instead of driving it even further into the ground. I grade this episode with an F for epic fail.


That's a ridiculous question! I am STILL crying.......


I loved this episode, this will probably be one of my all time favourite episodes.


Great writing and directing. Very sad, crying with Shawn and Juliet. I can't believe that USA is taking this wonderful series off. It's the funniest series on TV. I loved how the cast changed characters and went back and forth in time. Awesome episode.

@ Bonnie Maynes

I agree Bonnie. I loved Gus singing and dancing. Yes, it was a totally different episode than I am used to (in the end). I could hardly watch. Shawn and Juliet were so-o-o-o real!

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