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It's been a rough day in Psych nation.

With the announcement that this will be Psych's final season, Psych Season 8 Episode 5 was a welcome distraction to keep things fun and light before the beloved show takes a two-week break for the Olympics.

A Sexy Private Eye

A role-reversal reminiscent of "Meat is Murder...but Murder is Also Murder" from Season 2, this episode found Gus taking the lead, but not to impress his Uncle or other family member.

This time the motivation was purely personal, as Gus over-identified with the victim, who was very much a dead-ringer for Gus - from his apartment to his leisure activities.

At the same time, Shawn is starting to realize that Psych is waning and he's in desperate need of a stream of income, as he's leaching off of everyone around him. It is about time he was bringing home the bacon, especially if he ever intends to become more serious with Juliet.

Tonight's episode demonstrated that Shawn may actually be taking the observation into consideration, as he diligently sought employment everywhere they went. Though I will say that bartender was a favorite. Say hello to job 58... at least temporarily. As quickly as he got it, he lost it! Better luck next time, bud!

Gus' identity complex, plus Shawn's employment-seeking binge, combined to create a hilarious cocktail of shenanigans, a beautiful detective and a destroyed company car.

I have to admit, though, that if I was Gus, I would be darn near tired of paying for damage repairs for that thing! That also brings the problem of how he and Shawn will get around now that the Blueberry will be no more. Ideas?

Also, what may Gus pursue next? It's obvious Psych won't pay both he and Shawn's bills. And six months worth of pay won't hold out for long. One interesting ride is ahead!

Shout out to Lassiter, who is back to Detecting in homicide; Henry, for flipping Shawn out of his beauty sleep; and Woody for staying creepy as always. This was also the first episode without Maggie Lawson/Juliet aside from the Psych Season 8 premiere, which they expertly played as a trip home.

As always, solid episode to tide us over for the next two weeks. No massive cliffhanger, but a little bit to think about as we move forward. This is a perfect combo.

So, how will you be spending the Olympic hiatus?


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I have really enjoyed what is turns out to be the last season of Psych. This episode was hilarious from Shawn getting dumped out of the hammock to Gus' new love interest making goo goo eyes at him from the the rear seat.
I'm gonna miss this show.


So the end is near. Only 5 episodes left. I can't believe it. Psych has been one of my favorite shows since the beginning. As I said before I will be said when it's gone.
This is has been the first show that I can see the writers are working towards an end. It looks like they are going to start tying up loose ends. Gus's pharmaceutical job was always a bit of a running joke and the first to go. I'm glad to see Gus leave his old company and move on. It's about time. I was sad to see the blueberry go out that way, but happy to see that Gus my finally have himself a real potential girlfriend. It's about time they gave him a love interest again. I can't help but wonder what will happen to Psych, but guess they will have to close shop and Shawn will have to grown up. This episode shows that he needs to start taking responsibility for his finances and stop leeching off Gus, his Dad and Juliet. They have already established that if Shawn really wants to be with Jules then he needs to give up the whole fake Psychic act. I think that is where this is heading.


I enjoyed the role reversal and Dule Hill was great showing us Gus's angst over the realization he is just a "cog." As for Shawn, honestly his character has become annoying to me. But maybe they have something planned for his future in these final 5 episodes.


I loved the role reversal with Gus taking the lead and really identifying with the victim. It was hilarious. I loved Shawn trying to find a job. I hope they are hired by the Police again. Is Maggie coming back at all? I hope so. And now to the saddest part Psych ending for good. I feel it has many more stories to tell. It is the funniest show on TV. I love all the characters, especially Shawn and Gus. It's such a well done show.

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