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Revenge Season 3: New Promotional Photos!

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Emily Thorne's plan to set Victoria Grayson up for her murder and then disappear into the sunset with Aidan died when Daniel pulled the trigger on Revenge.

Now that she's found out she can no longer have children, our heroine is hell bent on making every Grayson pay.

But with Victoria digging into her past and Daniel wanting his own form of payback, will Emily survive as a member of the Grayson family?

And will her quest for Revenge cause her to lose both Jack and Aidan?

As you ponder these pressing Revenge Season 3 questions, check out the following promotional pics of the cast looking absolutely stunning - and don't forget that you can always watch Revenge online right here at TV Fanatic. 

Revenge Season 3 Promotional Photos
Emily Thorne is looking stunning as she plans her next round of Revenge.
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Emily Thorne

1. Emily Thorne

Emily Thorne is looking stunning as she plans her next round of Revenge.

Finding Happiness

2. Finding Happiness

We never see Emily smile this much. Is a life of Revenge making her happy?

Never Underestimate Conrad

3. Never Underestimate Conrad

Despite plenty of attempts to take him down, Conrad Grayson remains a power to be respected in the Hamptons.

Losing Lydia

4. Losing Lydia

Will Conrad be even more dangerous now that he's lost Lydia for the sake of his son? Revenge returns Sunday, March 9th on ABC.

Uncovering Her Secrets

5. Uncovering Her Secrets

Will Victoria be able to uncover all of Emily's secrets before she gets her Revenge?

Victoria's Hands Are Full

6. Victoria's Hands Are Full

Trying to juggle the travails of Daniel, Charlotte, and Patrick is certainly keeping Victoria busy on this season of Revenge.

A Broken Heart

7. A Broken Heart

After losing Declan and their baby, Charlotte's heart was broken but did her time in Europe help her move on?

Looking Like Her Mother

8. Looking Like Her Mother

With each season, Charlotte looks more and more like her mother. Revenge returns on Sunday, March 9th on ABC.

So Many Secrets

9. So Many Secrets

With so many secrets, do Aidan and Emily have a chance at a future on Revenge? What happens when she finds out he killed Takeda?

Is Aidan the One?

10. Is Aidan the One?

Some fans believe that Aidan is the man Emily is meant to be with. Who do you think is Emily Thorne's true love?

Nolan's Red Shoes

11. Nolan's Red Shoes

Leave it to Nolan Ross to pull off red shoes. What other man on Revenge would even try it?

Emily's Faithful Sidekick

12. Emily's Faithful Sidekick

What would Emily do without Nolan Ross as her faithful ally? The Hamptons wouldn't be the same without Nolan.

Who He Wants To Be

13. Who He Wants To Be

Although Daniel claims to be different, he appears to be acting a lot like his father on this season of Revenge.

A True Grayson

14. A True Grayson

Since finding out about Emily's betrayal, Daniel has proven to be a true Grayson.

Going Along With the Plan

15. Going Along With the Plan

Will Jack Porter still be willing to keep quiet and go along with Emily's plan when Revenge returns this spring?

One True Love

16. One True Love

Do you think Jack is Emily's one true love or just a childhood crush? Revenge returns on Sunday, March 9th on ABC.

A New Life

17. A New Life

Finding out she could no longer have children seemingly destroyed Emily's plans to run off with Aidan and have a new life on Revenge.

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