Switched at Birth Review: How to Save a Life

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This week, Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 offered up a segue installment. 

Just enough happened to propel story forward and drive what happens next. 

Everybody seemed to be trying, in one way or another, to save a life. Daphne was looking out for Sharee; Bay and Toby were trying to save their parents' marriage; Melody was intent on ensuring Travis' future; and Regina, well, she was still trying to save herself.

Bay and Toby Work Together

It's obvious how little time Toby spent in his own marriage when he agreed with Bay that taking their parents to a soda parlor to relive the old days was a good way to get them to rekindle their feelings for one another. 

No go! 

Instead, Kathryn recalled fatherless trips with the kids while John was on the road and John remembered passive aggressive arguments. Trying to eat a 250 banana split hardly gave anyone the warm fuzzies and Bay's attempt to win an iPod with a claw arcade game revealed two torn tendons putting her future as an artist in question.

What a great family night.

Daphne's friendship with Sharee was put to the test when they tried to get her mother help for her mental illness. Daphne's heart was in the right place, and nobody could have guessed how messed up Sharee's mother really was. 

After stabbing Dr. Jackson at the clinic she was arrested leaving Sharee's fate uncertain. Daphne came off looking quite good in the eyes of the good doctor, however. I don't think he'll tease her about using the place as her personal dating service any longer!

Travis and Mary Beth are absolutely adorable together. At first, I thought he didn't want to go to Gallaudet because he wanted to stay and go to school with her, but she knew her boyfriend better than I do. Most of their relationship has taken place off screen, but the writing proved how close they've become when she shared with Melody Travis' likely fear of leaving the only true home he's ever known. 

Isn't it interesting that when a story does come out of their home it's not focused on Emmett who was once a fan favorite, but instead on Travis? I'm wondering how you all feel about that.

Regina is far too volatile. She doesn't deserve the opportunity she's been given with Wes. Her mother is a pain in the butt and it was rude of her to thrust herself into her daughter's work with the intention of sabotaging it, but it was even worse that Regina listened to her.

Of course Wes was going to take advantage of the partnership he just invested $50,000 in up front. Did she really think he was doing it out of charity? Between she and Angelo, they're two of the worst business people I've ever seen. Her ridiculous "I quit,' "No, I don't quit," on and off behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

Take some time and relive your favorite show moments when you watch Switched at Birth online. Why wait? Go do it now!

Are you hoping Emmett gets a story of his own soon?


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I agree Emmit is a fan favorite and we all miss him. John and Kathryn are definitely going through a shake up. This storyline is usually reserved for the empty nest syndrome but apparently we are starting it off early. I personally agree with John that another tell all book about their friends and family is not the way to boost her career. Yes, their friends and their friends will know it was them. She is being naive in that perspective. I am glad the writers are not making this a blame game about John putting his career before hers. That would be too black and white. The truth is Kathryn loved taking care of the children and John at that point in her life but now she has changed. She wants to develop herself more and she cannot understand why John doesn't want the same thing for himself. He is content with the way things are he has lived his dream. He doesn't mind growing old in his house with his grandchildren coming to visit. In the end, I do believe that Kathryn will come to realize that she doesn't have to choose. John is not holding her back from her dreams, ultimately she was the one who did that. In her quest to finding herself, I hope she realizes that love can come with her. John and Kathryn's marriage is one of my favorite storylines. Regina has no clear head for business. Which is why she always worked for someone else. Why would a developer renovate one building without the demographic to support it. Of course, he has to develop the neighborhood that is how he will recoup his investment. Until then it will be a money pit. I want Regina to put herself first on this one, she is showing the same trait that Daphne showed when she gave free food from her food truck. Daphne and Regina need to realize that their old neighborhood does not need their pity or a hand out. How does she know they won't survive the development they may thrive. This also applies to Shereee, calling children and families was a naive way to put Sheree in the system. Sheree would never leave her mother and Sheree will age out in a year, she's 17. Now that her mother is in jail. What will happen to Sheree now and will Daphne be interested after all this. Daphne tends to drop out when things go bad, like the food truck getting robbed, there goes free food for the neighborhood. To the Bay/Emmitt fans. I believe they are the end game. Its a rarity to get a super couple on a show. It can help or hinder the writer's story. They want to expand Bay/Daphne's storyline not just make them one part of a love triangle.


I feel bad for Bay I hope she can do Art again this will hurt her deeply if she can't do art anymore. I do like Tank but am a Bammett fan Tank is nice guy tho I do like them as friends. John and Kathryn need to see that grass not so greener on the other side. Daphne tried to help her friends mom Sharee mother is very sick with mental illness I hope they have it were she gets the help but not out of trouble until shes not danger to anyone else they are some mental ill who are not a danger to ppl and can live on own and can get really great jobs and everything. am glad Daphne helped that doctor as he talked tho it.


WHERE IS EMMETT? I am so tired of him having no storyline. I do not get it. He is one of the fans favorite characters, and he has had basically no storyline for two seasons. He and Daphne who were best friends for years have shared no screen time in a year - of any significance. They made us think he was going to get a storyline with this online girlfriend - then he disappears for two shows. Bay kisses him, and makes a declaration basically saying she knows she has to forget about Simone for them to move forward, then she starts dating Tank, and Emmett is MIA???? Give him a storyline. Have Simone come back, and have the two of them start to date ...have his online girlfriend be a psycho stalker...anything. You know the writers/producers tweet that they love Emmett and Bay...are they lying so that the Bay/Emmett fans hang on? Well, my friends and I are not going to continue on much longer when our favorite character isn't even on the screen ever, let alone with Bay!

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Melody: Why do you want to go to Gallaudet?
Emmett: Because all the girls are good with their hands?

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