Teen Wolf Review: Crazy Like a Fox

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Talk about an action packed romp leading us absolutely nowhere!

The Nogitsune showed its true nature on Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 and it was a hell of a ride.

For most of the hour, Scott thought he had his old friend Stiles back at his side, but it was one colossal setup -- the Nogitsune wanted Scott to feed on all of the chaos and misery it created so that it could, in turn, suck it out of Scott like he was a giant buffet table.

Was any of what we witnessed courtesy of our old buddy Stiles? Who the hell knows? 

Impending Disaster

Here'ssomething that I can't help but be bothered about. This whole Kitsune trickster spirit thing. Unless I've missed something monumental, and I don't think I have, every Kitsune is a trickster. While that isn't necessarily cause for alarm, it does make me wonder how much we can trust other Kitsune. I'm lookin' at you Kira and Kira's mom.

Being a trickster could just mean they like to have fun, but until I see the whole list rolled out before me with definitions attached, I'm going to hold back on preparing wedding vows for Scott and Kira no matter how many times she sucks the electricity out of a tense situation and saves the day.

Mom obviously knows Kira is onto her Kitsune self (or else her daughter is a complete jackass -- why else would she be bounding into open water and grabbing live electrical wires) and yet Mr. Yukimura is asking if she's "told her yet." What are they holding back?

What are the "tails" she's breaking to bring forth the Oni? Is it like lives of a cat? There are only so many available and then you die? We need to know these things. Sooner rather than later please. Why? Because it's so damned interesting. I just want to know. Ya know?

Poor Scott. He was out in the thick of the chaos, thinking he was doing good by taking away pain in people who were suffering only to later learn it was all choreographed by his best friend who was going to twist the knife in his abdomen to really rub in the pain. Did we know Scott was capable of taking so much pain upon himself?

Thank God Isaac didn't die. He's not out of the woods yet, but it seems like he'll survive only because he's a werewolf. Everyone else was gone upon stepping in the water. 

We've all been wondering why the Malia story came and went without further mention. Wow! What a great reveal. Of course I have questions. Why is she a coyote and not a wolf? Is she a hybrid? Who is her mother? At the very least we know we'll see her again and that Peter isn't going anywhere. 

Learning more about Lydia's powers as a Banshee and why she screams (to help her focus and cut out distractions) was a nice tie-in to the Talia and claws mystery, as well. All of those pieces felt like they were hanging out there, but they were just waiting for the right moment to release the information. Well worth the wait, don't you think?

Deaton had perfect timing with the lichen serum (of course) and he'll heal Scott. It looks like Stiles will be up against his own mind and the Nogitsune again -- will he be able to defeat it given what was discovered with the MRI?

There was so much more to the hour, but those were the events that really made me want to shoot into next week. Are you going to take a moment to watch Teen Wolf online so you catch more to talk about? Share your thoughts in the comments and take our poll!

Are you happy Malia will be back and part of the Hale family?


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I want to say I love Teen Wolf. Everything about it is amazing. But with Malia being Peter's daughter I'm afraid Peter will get "soft." Peter is the one who's usually secretive and well bad ass. I think Malia could change that. Hopefully though Stiles will be okay. I love Stiles I'm just afraid he will get replaced permanentally. I hope not they say there will be a death a main character dies. But thinking Stiles seems way to obvious. :) Hopefully I don't want him to go.


@Carissa...my understanding is that there are different TYPES of Kitsune and only the "void" is the "trickster"...not every Kitsune is a trickster..but I could be wrong! I believe the "tails" are some sort of power source and once they are all used, I think the mom will become powerless. I think th info they need to share is probably the family history. I believe the dad mentioned the mom's ancestory line when Scott came over for dinner that one time. Of course these are my theories and I could be wrong!


First: Dylan O'brian did one hell of a job this episode. I never really thought that he could play something so evil, but I was wrong. Last episode gave us a glimpse of it, but that scene with Scott, really good. This season is getting better and better each episode. I'm not sure how I feel about the revelation of the connection between Maliah and Peter, but I am happy that they did not leave those storylines (the nails, maliah etc) just hanging out there, I was wondering what the deal with the nails was for a while now. I need to watch this season again when it's done, because some of the mythology is passing me by now. (like the tails thing).

Fearless diva

Im curious though, what do you guys think about Peter being a dad plot?


This was such an action packed episode. It had me hooked. Evil stiles was great as well. I'm assuming the tails that Kira's mom has relates to the nine-tailed fox myth, when they lose all their tails they die.


Great review! I'm honestly so lost at this point, I just watch out of habit and 'cause Stiles is awesome of course. Reading your review helps though, thanks Carissa!


The tails refer to a Kitsune's power. The stronger they are the more tails they have. The strongest Kitsune have nine tails.


they said there many kinds i thought the void kitsunewas the trickster. I also thought the 9 tails fox kintsune so when they lose them all she would die. Stile being bad was a great suprise. I knew he had it in him last year when he had the smile when he made jared throw up on the bus trip. I was wondering about the random sotry of the wolf girl. I missed alot in first 10 min. Like everyone rewatching at least once.


I've never been so into a season of teen wolf before it was like oh great episode can't wait for the next one but now it's like oh my god this episode was amazing and I need it to be next week so I can see the next episode this show has gotten better every season and this season it's gotten better every episode. Isaac stepped in the water to save Allison and the ambulance driver didn't know what was going on but everyone else knew something bad was happening yet they continued to get out of cars, drive forward, and walk into the water even after people yelled stay back which had me going are you kidding me how stupid are you people but good thing Kira was there to save the day and they way Derek and Scott looked at her afterwards it looked like they were shocked but happy about it. I didn't think Stiles was really Stiles at least not the whole time but he did a very good job acting like he was. The Malia story tying back into this is exciting and the way there doing it is very interesting and I can't wait to see more of it I though the Malia story ended fast but to know they were planning for this made me excited. Kira and Scott were totally kicking ass outside the animal hospital until Scott got stabbed. Deaton got there just in time to save Scott and posioning the fox but it not being killed was intersting and I can't wait to see what happens with that. I can't wait for the next episode I am loving every minute of this seasons and I don't want to wait till next week to see the next episode.

@ marissa

I agree. Everything tying in made me want more right now! Then again, that means the season is coming to an end and... Noooooo!

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Born out the blood of a Nogitsune, this lichen is quite special. More powerful than you know.

Dr. Deaton

I tried to find Stiles and I lead everyone into a mental institution. I call that a colossal failure.