Teen Wolf Review: Damned Shadow

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If there were any doubts about Stiles and the Nogitsune, Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 blew them out of the water. 

Stiles kidnapped himself, pretend trapped himself and scared the crap out of himself while he realized that the one thing that everyone has but they can't get rid of is their shadow. In Stiles' case, it's not just any shadow, but a Nogitsune the darkest of spirits - a void. 

Even Derek was shocked to think that it would choose skinny, defenseless Stiles as his body of choice, but I found what Kira said interesting:

Kira: You're going to tell Scott that Barrow might have used foxfire created by me to jump start the Nogitsune's power inside Stiles. Basically that I helped the dark spirit take control his best friend.
Derek: You should probably wait here.

All the shadow talk, together with what we learned about Stiles' (oh, dear God, no) seemingly terminal condition similar to his mother's - frontotemporal dementia - makes me wonder whether it was something that he's had all along or if it crawled in when he left the door ajar after saving the parents. I'm still not sure about that.

Scott and Derek See a Wire Break

Let's take a moment, though, to think about what I just mentioned above. Unless the Nogitsune business has temporarily shrunken Stiles brain, he's not in good shape no matter what happens from here on out. Are there witches? Healers? Can we hold out hope for Stiles?

That said, who or what is Kira's mother? A Nogitsune hunter? She's obviously a kitsune of some sort and has probably been on the lookout for Kira to show her first hint of powers. They both have the same effect on light bulbs, so maybe the type of Nogitsune you are carries down the line... which again brings me back to Stiles and his mother. Are we certain she didn't have some Japanese in her family line?

Considering the messages that Allison had on her phone, and Mr. Yakimura's thoughts that Oak Creek wasn't really a camp in California, I'm wondering if there wasn't a camp that might have remained hidden. Perhaps one that held Stiles' family line and that family line is somehow reaching out to him through Allison and Lydia and her Banshee powers.

Something is going on with the whispers and the messages. I don't believe they're all misdirects. Lydia's powers go far beyond what we understand, and certainly what she has grasped at this point, but that doesn't mean they're wrong. What she's hearing is telling her something that she needs to put together in a line and I have to believe Allison's messages are a part of it.

They're so damned interesting, aren't they? If Beacon Hills has been a beacon for the supernatural for as long as they've said, then Oak Creek might have been an internment camp for the Japanese supernatural. They would definitely not be lumped in with the regular citizens they were trying to keep out of society, it would be too dangerous.

Other cool things:

  • Agent McCall finally seems to have gotten his head out of his ass, and he was the one to find Stiles. How long do you think it will last?
  • Melissa looked hot during the entire episode. Her hair was all done up and she was on it. Too bad Sheriff Stilinski was worried about his boy.
  • I enjoyed Derek and Kira getting some face time, and Derek giving some love to Scott and sharing tips and tricks to keep Beacon Hills safe. Very cool.
  • That opening scene with Lydia and Aiden seems a lifetime ago, doesn't it?

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What was the biggest freak out moment this week?


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this episode had me in tears with stiles,his dad and scott, i kinda got the feeling when the nogitsune was saying we are trying to save your life, it didn't necessarily mean in the basement but save him from his brain issues so if he answered all the riddles the nogitsune would take over and repair him in a way


I really liked the Derek and Kira scenes together. I think they would actually make a cute couple haha. But this was seriously an amazing episode overall.


These are the episodes that make watching Teen Wolf worthwhile to me. I've admitted to feeling confused about the mythology of Season 3. The cast, particularly Stiles, has been what keeps me coming back each week. To put him in danger this episode stressed me out and boy did Dylan O'Brien deliver an outstanding performance. Was Scott implying he'd make Stiles a wolf if the brain issue didn't work itself out? While we have more than enough supernaturals running around Beacon Hills, I'd take a werewolf Stiles over no Stiles any day. I think it's going to be fun watching Dylan portray evil-Stiles over the next few episodes.

Spindae 2o

Better much better than last week! The story was much better working, dylan is more than amazing, he acts the shit out Notsigune. Really interesting. It wll be nice to see if Allison is the back up infection. I assume Kira is the mighty killer, or is it Scott(as a truth alpha) or Malia(Shelley Henningen)? So many questions! I really hope they leave us on a cliffhanger this season. #.#
Was nice to see derek in the game again, and thank you for Cora's location.
Next week is to far away!


I take everything back I said before. I don't want anything to happen to Stiles. Yes he may be skinny, defenseless Stiles, but he is our skinny defenseless Stiles, and this episode made me realise how much I want him to stay. They tried to give Aiden some of Stiles's trademark smartass lines, but they fell flat for me. I do absolutely love this storyline so far, as it has me tensing in my seat everytime something new is revealed. That is something Teen Wolf hasn't been able to do so far. The only thing I dislike is the relationship between Lydia and Aiden.


This episode was so amazing and honestly it totally freaked me out they're doing a very good job this half of the season at being scary and creepy and just messing with your mind and I love it. That mummy thing that was with Stiles I didn't know what it was at first before we saw it and I just could thinks it some freaky ass monster but then it was a freaky mummy thing and in the back of my mine I think I thought that under the wrapping was Stiles but still when he unwrapped and we saw it was Stiles I was still a littl surprised. Lydia might not have been right about where Stiles was but she was right about the place and Stiles was there atleast in his dream and Lydia needs to learn to embrace her powers and really listen not tune it out because they're trying to tell her about something really big and probably really bad that's going to happen and like Aiden said everytime something like this has happened with her someone had died. I wasn't that surprised that to find out that Kira's mom was also a Kitsune because I thought it would probably be something passed down in the family and it makes me wonder does her dad know what her and her mother are because her mother obviously knows what Kira is and has probably been watching out for her powers. I liked seeing Derek and Kira together and they found out a lot. There were times in this episode when I thought wow what a great episode but then it was only like half way through and I was just like there's more so much has already happened this feels like its longer than a hour. Allison getting call from an unknown number of directions for a camp that never existed in California from a long time ago is interesting and connects to everything that is happening and I can't wait to see how. The ending with Kira's mom talking to the nogitsune was intersting and I can't wait to find out more about her and her history. The ending with the power cord going all crazy and it going at Kira then the screen going back drove me crazy because I didn't want it to end I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I can't wait till the next episode I really really want to know what's going to happen with everyone.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Scott: Stiles, why are you whispering?
Stiles: Because I think there's someone in here with me.

There is no security and all the homicides in this school have seen to it that no sane person will ever take the job again.