Teen Wolf Review: Naughty for Nogitsune's Return

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With every passing episode, the first half of Teen Wolf Season 3 becomes a distant memory.

All of the Alpha pack infighting had bearing only insofar as it brought out Scott's status as a True Alpha. 

It was trying to get through some of that story, but it was worth suffering through the more tedious moments to get to what we're experiencing now.

As the only character without some sort of special ability, Stiles was the heart and humor of Teen Wolf. His transformation into the terror has been simply riveting. 

Both the character and the actor (Dylan O'Brien) who play him have earned their moment in the spotlight and Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 showcased the talents of both yet again. 

From the character of Stiles we were treated to unending compassion and concern for his friends and, heck, the community at large. He selflessly checked himself into Eichen House thinking it would be best for everyone concerned, but once there he was even worried about the patients locked in with him.

It was hard not to be worried when someone committed suicide immediately upon his arrival. If you've wondered where Ms. Morell has been spending her time, apparently some of it has been at Eichen House. It made sense given her profession in general, and even more when Stiles ran into Malia's fist in the hallway.

In a town like Beacon Hills when the supernatural (is that what we call them?) don't know what they are or how to handle it, they probably end up in Eichen House. Having Morell around to help would be helpful. Knowing she has a drug used for lethal injection on hand perhaps not so much.

The best relationships always seem to grow from some sort of tempestuous beginning, so let's keep our fingers crossed for our favorite Nogitsune occupied human and the werecoyote, shall we? How hot was that?!?

Even if everything else fails and Stiles never comes back to us, we can rest easy knowing that he got a little action with Malia -- Peter Hale's daughter! Remember how Peter was rolling on the floor in agony in Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 after learning he was a father? Try to imagine the moment he learns about Malia... and then that she's involved with Stiles. We need a GIF for that. Seriously.

Hooking up with Malia proved to be too much for Stiles, however, because of his massive heart and his weakness for caring for others. He allowed the Nogitsune in to save her. 

That's where Dylan O'Brien reminded us he doesn't need Teen Wolf to be a success. 

As I watched O'Brien transform from the bound Stiles with tears streaming down his cheek to the possessed Nogitsune Stiles wickedly punching Oliver in the face with a fearless glance and an inner strength that O'Brien rarely gets to portray through our Stiles, it was difficult not to imagine him leaving the series.

He has range that goes far beyond what he's given weekly on Teen Wolf and beyond what he's been given so far in films. We can't be the only ones taking note of his incredible talent. He's going to have a very full calendar.

There have been various theories mentioned about what might save Stiles and at least one comment came with the observation that changing him into a werewolf might save him from his brain disease. Now that the gang uncovered one of the scrolls that says changing his body would rid him of the Nogitsune, Scott thought turning him would do the trick. Two birds with one stone!

Malia and Stiles found the body of a Nogitsune in the basement and a scroll was buried with him. It must be another way to save Stiles. It seemed to rile up the Nogitsune pretty good, so perhaps it's a better way than changing Stiles' body or one that gets rid of him completely so he can't inhabit another.

There was one question I had about Malia -- did being emotional and close with Stiles give her the blue were-eyes or was she always able to do it and she was tricking Stiles for some reason? Thoughts? I don't believe she's evil. 

Scott used his True Alpha spidey senses to save a life rather than take one. Keeping him honorable and unflinching with the constant pressure of Aiden and Ethan at his side is a nice touch. 

Araya (better known to us here on TV Fanatic as Bay and Daphne's meddling grandmother on Switched at Birth) the werewolf hunter showed up to check on Argent. I didn't quite catch her purpose, but she's been looking for a specific she-wolf if I remember correctly. Perhaps she meant she-coyote? Peter Hale's daughter would probably be significant to her. 

With only three more episodes to go before the season finale and a major death, I'm going to have to ask if your feelings have changed on who we're going to lose. We'll stick with the cast in the credits since Jeff Davis said the title sequence would likely get an update due to the loss.

Don't forget -- you can catch this or any episode when you watch Teen Wolf online. Hit the comments with all your theories and thoughts. Talk people!

Who do you think will die by season's end?


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Who really taught Allison of all people was going 2 die i mean yeah she took everyone by surprise,and BTW she was really really acting cucu at d beginning of season3 part2 u needed 2 c Allison's hair well d color was ok but her hair was really scattered lyk dat of a mad person. C'mon people post ur comments i'm dyin of boredom here. I have no idea y jackson had 2 leave he was d main reason i loved 2 watch teenwolf and it was bcos of a movie 2 called guess.....Arrow well i lyk luv arrow but still it really doesn't mean he had 2 fucking leave d movie it was so DAMN annoyin when my bro told me his dad sent him a london it was just bcos he wanted 2 act in arrow.


I agree i actually think Malia's power is a gift and she wasnt taught how 2 use them and i'm certain their involuntary.


I think there's a pretty big chance that Lydia, out of all the main cast characters, is going to kick the bucket. After all, if she does leave, they are already well on their way with pairing Malia and Stiles (sadly no Stydia).

Fearless diva

Call me delusional but seeing Derek "Fall" and have a wound on his chest made me think that there is less chance he will die come season 3 finale. Why you may ask? Well, simply because its way to easy, especially now that we saw that tease. I think Jeff knows Derek and Stiles are beloved characters, and while he may not kill them, he isn't above making us sweat and fear for them. I read a theory somewhere that the person that dies could be Alison because of how weird she's been acting(the whole cell phone being turned off) and the fact there has been no news of her in season 4. However, somebody also said that what if the key to unlocking her Banshee powers is for Lydia to technically die and then come back a la Elena Gilbert. As to the blue eyes on Malia, I think it was just to show that because she killed innocent people she has those eyes.


This was an amazing episode I loved it. I loved seeing Malia again and was glad she wasn't crazy and she was actually pretty normal for someone in a place for crazy people and she was a turned back into a human after being a fox for so long she totally normal. I loved her and Stiles together the shower scene and her punching him was funny and then him letting the nogitsune in so he could save her was very sweet and totally Stiles. I can't wait to see what happens next with Malia and in the next episode this season is so good. Earlier I would of been surprised if they killed off Stiles but now I wouldn't be because Dylan is such an amazing actor and he could be doing big things and I could see him leaving the show for that. Until this season we never really got to see how great of an actor Dylan is and it's amazing he plays the character so well he's crying one minute then the next his face is totally serious and showing no emotion it's amazing.

Spindae 2o

I really liked the episode, a really good episode. I'm glad Shelley/Malia is back, her care free spirit is a nice contrast to Stilles compulsive behavior. Stilles letting Nogitsune to protect Malia was a nice move, hopefully Stilles will reappear.
I like Oliver and how gaga he was. Dylan rocked the episode, I really see him be a great movie actor. Wouldn't mind for loosing stiles if it suits Dylan's career.


I don't think that was a scroll buried with the Nogitsune, I think it was a picture because I could have sworn Malia asked Stiles if he recognized him. As for Malia"s blue eyes, she's had them since the death of her mother and sister. You saw it when she was in coyote form. It just like Ethan, Aiden, Peter, and Derek with their blue eyes, the result of killing someone. She was responsible for the death of her mom and sister. Dylan O'Brian is an amazing actor. I just love him. He's already going far with this role and his upcoming lead role in the movie Maze Runner based on a major book, and I'm not surprised. I hope they keep him around because I love him on the show, but if not I know he will continue to go on to do great things.

@ Kamarra

I know Malia is a were coyote and had blue eyes prior to becoming human again, but she told Stiles she didn't know how to become a coyote again without Scott's help so I didn't think her eyes would be changing, either. She seemed to think her ability to change was gone when she talked about it. If she knew her eyes could change she wouldn't have felt that way.

@ Carissa Pavlica

I thought blue eyes meant you were a Beta...she asked where to find Scott so I am assuming she wants to be part of the pack??

@ Carissa Pavlica

She also mentioned that she can be pretty strong 'when she puts her mind to it' so I think she does still have her abilities, she just doesn't know how to use them. It could explain her blue eyes at the end, maybe its involuntary?

@ Jen

I totally agree that she has her abilities and doesn't know how to use them. They could very well be involuntary. I guess changing at the full moon is, right? Or do they even do that on Teen Wolf anymore? So many werewolves on TV to track these days!

@ Jen

I agree with you Jen. I think Malia has her abilities but just doesn't know how to use them. She never had anyone to teach her like Scott had Derek.

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