The Following: Watch Season 2 Episode 6 Online

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Looks like the happy family of psychos aren’t so happy anymore.

Joe and Lily’s plans to runaway were dashed after Ryan captured Luke, and then everything went downhill for the killers from there on the latest installment of The Following.

Lily drugged Joe. Mike stabbed, shot and punched Luke. Joe, Emma and Mandy ditched Lily and her children. Ryan killed another family member. And the FBI showed up late again.

The Following Season 2 Episode 6 was full of action and characters turning on each other, revealing a dark side to Mike, and Joe’s desire to never be controlled.

And now that Ryan and Joe have both crossed Lily? Better watch out.

So if you missed the episode or just want to see it all again, watch The Following online now.

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IHOP - International House OF Psychos well,,,,, that went by fast - is that the end of the Lily arc? Even the feeble Feebs should be able to swoop in and sweep up Lily and the IHOP. And Joe is off and,,,,,,,,,,,,, going to do exactly what? I have no idea. go back to killing coeds? there will be a second spring season of 6-8 eps, and I have no idea what is coming up next. in summary - Spotty first story arc for the second season, but a Hella Finish last night


The Following Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Now's not the time to test me, Luke.


Ryan: I thought you were dead.
Max: I know. But I wasn't.