The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Meanie NeNe

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Looks like NeNe's having a falling out with yet another friend on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16.

We recap how Marlo was  "Twirling With the Enemy" in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Cynthia Bailey was busy. First she threw Peter a surprise birthday party, then she threw the Bailey Bowl. Plus 20. The girl was on a roll.

Plus 10. I have to admit, I thought the same thing Cynthia did when those two guys walked in saying they were the Jamaican band. Where were their dreads? But they didn't sound half bad. And what they lacked I'm sure the rum punch made up for. 

It was also nice to see Peter and Cynthia doing better. They've had a rough patch lately. 

Then there was Nae Nae. Yes, NeNe said she left her in the car but there were certainly hints of her here and there. I mean, if you're not going to be sincere when you wish someone a happy birthday, then why bother coming to their party? Minus 15.

Then NeNe saw Marlo getting chummy with Kenya. Admittedly, the two suddenly looked like besties. When the heck did that happen?

And just like that, NeNe was done with Marlo. Girl dropped her like a hot rock. Minus 27.

So we knew the Bailey Bowl wasn't going to go smoothly but it was closer to the Bailey Bust. They couldn't even finish two events. 

If these ladies weren't such fools they could have had some fun but between the cheating, the name calling, and the crying, it was time to go home before the event hardly began.  Minus 30.

Marlo was looking for one of two things: an apology or a fight. She got neither. 

As Marlo screamed, "I can be friends with whoever I want to be friends with," NeNe simply stalked off without much of a reaction and we'll give Ms. Leakes a plus 32 for not throwing down on the asphalt. 

But honestly, watching NeNe walk away from a fight wasn't much fun. 

The only prize that could have been given out was to Marlo and Kenya for best fake crying. Minus 19.

It was the Bailey Bust.

If these women can't get along during a  fun little field day, how the heck are they suppose to get along in Mexico? 

The answer…they won't and that's worth tuning in.

Episode total = -39! Season total = -856!

Okay, TV Fanatics... was Marlo right to be upset with NeNe?


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nene let that little job go to her head, now she thinks shes better than them. her lapdog hubby Gregg is so scared shes gonna leave him she got him acting stupid, the only one on the show now is Kenya she tells it like it is , its about time we found someone like her. nene is going to dwts and Kenya is gonna be on the apprentice, now well see nene bragging about that belittling everyone else. I hope they throw her off in week 2
now she is picking on peter who she used to have a crush on, is no one safe from her ugly big mouth and fake teeth. pleeeeeasssse


without NENE the show would get cancelled. she is the only one who brings in the ratings. love her or hate her truth is she the money maker, so if u cant stand her stop watching dumbasses. get yo money NENE fuck the haters for being broke and a joke. do u cuz aint none of these bitches or mitches paying yo bills. bravo is, and as long as they like it, love it NeNe love it! miserable people need to die already!


NeNe has the NERVE to tell Peter to stop acting like a bitch?? HELLO NeNe HREG IS THE BITCH AND YOU HAVE A SET OF NUTS!!! With those ugly ways you have. I hope you go somewhere OFF the tv screen because YOU do NOTHING for me. I HATE SEEING YOUR FACE BECAUSE YOUR WAYS ARE SO UGLY, with your grand dad behind husband acting like a bitch.


NeNe's husband acts like a little female and I can't stand how everybody kisses up to NeNe. She has a ugly attitude and I wish her and Greg would just GO AWAY!!!


NeNe is Nasty & Ugly!!!


NeNe is Nasty & Ugly!!!


All said and done, Nene should be taken off the show. We are tired of her. She keeps saying that 'she and the other girls are not at the same level'. At what level is she? Nene cannot even speak proper English...she a very said woman who thinks that she is the only one to be seen and heard, in other words, she is the only one to shine. Very, Very, sad!!!!


I used to like Nene but I think fame has gone to her head and she is too big for her boots. The way she treats Greg like a little puppy dog. Don't see why she is getting upset about Marlo and Kenya's friendship. Nene is not coming over very well lately. She needs a kick up the backside.


All the ladies from ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES are amazing I hope they keep making money. That is all what matters to them. They dont care about womenhood, respecting themselves or each other... they are back stabbers. They will continue doing bigger and better I can see them starting in movies, gameshows, I wouldn't be surprise if one of them have their own talk show someday. Black people need to do better!!


she let that other personality loose and that bitch is a none caring none loving don't give a dam bitch not a good look for anybody

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