The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: If Only She'd Called

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Miss a few phone calls and suddenly their are "Lines in the Sand."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 17 featured everyone ready to gang up on Lisa Vanderpump. Was it warranted or a massive overreaction? We recap all the drama in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Warning to all of Brandi Glanville's future boyfriends. If you call her every evening and then stop…expect trouble.

Brandi turning on Lisa seemed to be fueled by the fact that Lisa used to call to check on her every morning and for some reason stopped. 

Hey Brandi, maybe Lisa has a life. Minus 23.

But once Brandi started questioning Lisa's motives for everything from magazines to waitress selection it seemed as though all the Housewives were ready to pile on. 

I will give Brandi a plus 10 for questioning why Scheana is waitressing private parties when Lisa knows Brandi will be there.  That's just being a bad friend and Brandi should talk to her about that.

For some reason Yolanda decided it was her place to clear the air. Minus 15. Sounds as though she's trying to get into everyone's business, exactly what they are accusing Lisa of doing.  

Honestly, Lisa has backed Brandi through some horrible times. Things that Brandi deserved to take the blame for and now Brandi's stabbing her in the back after few missed phone calls! Minus 50

As Ms. Vanderpump said, "You support the underdog and then the underdog bites you."

I wasn't surprised that Kyle didn't know who to believe but aren't Mauricio and Ken suppose to be friends? I expect more out of the guys. 

And what is up with Kim Richards? First she's crawling around in suitcases, then she's retelling Brandi's story as though she witnessed it herself and then she's screaming at Ken across the dinner table, "You're a big, stubborn, old man." 

Once again she brought up Ken and Lisa missing her daughter's graduation party, again. Minus 18. I have three words for you Kim. Let. It. Go.

Only in Beverly Hills is missing a party a federal offense. 

The one thing that annoyed me about Lisa tonight was her whining about the hotel room. Minus 13. We know you live in a mansion but suck it up for a night or two and share a regular bathroom with your husband. 

Puerto Rico was so darn beautiful. It was a shame to see so much proverbial blood in the water.

Episode total = -109!  Season total = -347!

So you tell us TV Fanatics, which Housewife is telling the truth?


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I don't think Lisa or Kyle are perfect but Brandi is about as low class and nasty as they come. I'm tired of Yoland's 'holier than though' attitude. I think she is fake.


Love watching the Housewives, but a form of bullying when they surround 1 person and start to attack.... It would have been better having a one on one when they got home.... And no respect for Joyce as she had arranged everything and with her Dad passing......Brandi goes from 1 friend to another and sows the seed then watches them all.... Carn't u all get on at least in one episodes.....


Team Lisa. Brandi is a horrible friend. And proved what a double talker she is. Shame Lisa was the best friend she was gonna have on that show. I hope Kyle sees sense. The rumors must be hurtful. But she needs to know what's what.


Brandi is a troublemaker who spins a good story at the expense of others to create a good drama and be the centre of attention. Brandi has always been the stirrer in every altercation-I hope karma catches her, she's becoming annoying the dirty tramp.. Lisa, rise above it, you have far more class than the likes of Brandi and the slutty hilton aunts...


I have found anytime Lisa gets challenged on something she has said She repeats the question/accusation. That means she's stalling while trying to think of a lie to cover her arse. When Kim told Ken to shut up I thought you go girl! You are sober and not taking crap from anyone.
I think Lisa stirs the pot and then gets mad that you call her on it.
Since when is Brandi all meek and timid that she can't stand up to Lisa?
A couple of glassess of wine and Brandi will be telling all the girls off.
Poor Joyce. I have a feeling the producers knew something was going to go down between the girls and since she was still grieving they probabaly said "let's give her a break and tell her "ya might not want to go on the boat with the bunch today?

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