The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Let's Bash Lisa

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There was a serious "Trail of Doubts" on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 15, as everyone wanted to take shots at Lisa Vanderpump.

LIttle did Lisa Vanderpump know what her friends were saying about her behind her back. We recap all the back stabbing in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Minus 20 because can these people still honestly call themselves her friends.

Just when Lisa was trying to smooth things over between Kyle and Carlton it appeared that even her closest allies were turning on her. 

Speaking of Carlton, I couldn't believe she uninvited Kyle to her husband's party via emai but specified that Mauricio could still come. 

Minus 33. Talk about being petty and mean. Not to mention greedy because the only reason Mauricio was still invited was because of his business contacts. 

As a matter of fact I was left wondering if Carlton was really so upset about Kyle asking if she was anti-Semitic because she's such a spiritual person, or because she was worried the accusation would hurt her husband's business? It's hard to say what exactly brought Carlton to tears. 

Plus 8 for apologizing to Lisa for causing a scene at her party but it still seems like she was gunning for Kyle that night and took the opportunity where she found it. 

Kim arrived at Carlton's party and if I didn't know any better I'd think she was drunk. But maybe that's just normal Kim. 

She definitely got in her shots at Lisa which was still ridiculous. Lisa and Ken RSVP'd that they couldn't come to a teenagers party. Get over it already…or as Lisa told her, "bugger off!"

I was a little surprised that Joyce didn't show but maybe she was still busy planning her trip to Puerto Rico for her Queen of the Universe pageant. And plus 15 because that title makes me laugh every time I hear it. 

Did any one else want to throw something at the screen when Joyce said she's not into working out? Does that mean she has that body and doesn't work her butt off for it. Ugh. Minus 18.

But back to the Lisa bashing. Yolanda took a couple of shots at Ms. Vanderpump for blowing off her painting party. I like Yolanda but this is childish. And was Lisa really suppose to plan Ken's birthday party around Yolanda's schedule? Minus 25. 

On the upside, Yolanda and David were kind of adorable as they studied for her citizenship test. Plus 10.

One more Yolanda side note…how old is Mohammed's fiancee? Shiva looks all of 20 years old. 

Finally we get to the serious Lisa bashing. Brandi hangs out with Kyle and the claws come out. 

Minus 40. It just sounded petty. Lisa doesn't call Brandi as often as she used to and now Brandi looks back and swears she was being manipulated by Lisa. That's why she said all of those horrible things about Adrienne Maloof. 

Seriously Brandi. Your a grown woman. You said it. Own it. Throwing the blame on Lisa a year or so later is just silly. 

Despite Kyle's recently mended fences with Lisa, she was more than happy to climb on board the blame train. There was even a scary Faye Resnick flashback! Minus 50. Please don't bring that woman back. One scary witch on this show is more than enough. 

Yes, Lisa can be pretentious and she's got attitude but either be her friend or don't. Stop pummeling her behind her back while smiling to her face. 

But this is Beverly Hills and that seems to be what "friends" do.

Episode total = -153! Season total = -282!

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Does Lisa Vanderpump deserve all the hate?


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It is so childish and mean these girls picking on lisa. hate yolanda now and always disliked Kim, they are the biggest babies never The wy kim talks to people is just ridiculous, and who is she, noone!!!


I believe that in this day an age that we have evolved to a level of understanding and tolerance of what people believe(Faith) or culturally do.
Kyle is a BIGOT & A FRAUD. She spent this season, hiding ALL her insecurities about her husband's fidelity and those "Nasty Tabloids" - Well she has got to be the first celebrity EVER who hasn't taken out a LAWSUIT and sue the hell of that RAG...... I find that VERY INTERESTING. Can't sue if the CONTENT IS TRUE..... RIGHT?
Furthermore, her attitude to Carlton's religion has left a very foul taste in my mouth. Who the hell are you to judge someone's beliefs? IGNORANT MUCH?
BIGOT MUCH? That goes for anyone else who thinks that its OK to BULLY PEOPLE and what they believe - Not so long ago it was the Gays who were thought to be MENTALLY INSANE I don't care what people's beliefs are, its each to their own. But one thing I feel strongly about is RESPECTING that belief. Not saying that you should agree, but be a decent person and respect that person. But Kyle is the mean girl. Her and her sister did to Brandi Game Night and now its Carlton because her faith is Wica. How about getting some education on the topic before making deliberate judgements. Wica, especially in Europe is older than the Yanks Slavery to the Blacks! I found this season of Beverly Hills - HIGHLY OFFENSIVE ON ALL COUNTS....... Team Vanderpump!!!!!!!


t think Lisa is great & Kyle & Kim are jealous of her. I find that the sisters are the ones that cause most of the problems. I think Lisa & Yolanda &
Carlton are the most gracious & honest.


TVGUY that's not true about Lucifer and or Satan and NOT what the pentagram means. JS!


As to Carlton's tattoo - if you have the sign of Lucifer tattooed on your neck for the whole world to see, then you're going to have to deal with the inevitable comments and criticism that comes your way. And if it ends up affecting your husband's business ... well that's too bad. Because if you brand yourself with the mark of Satan, that sort of thing comes with the territory.


Why on earth would the Carlton one be so hugely offended at the notion that someone else thought she had a Star of David tattoo? Massive over-reaction on her part - unless Kyle was correct.


Isn't it fairly well known that Lisa is leaving? That's why it's being turned this way.

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