The Tomorrow People Review: Mommy Dearest

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In my review for The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 12 (in between all the squeeing over the John and Astrid scenes) I berated myself for not figuring out that Luca was a paranormal. Well, don't expect me to do that again in this review because, I mean, come on.

Who knew that was coming?

I am not going to feel even remotely embarrassed about the surprise at the end of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 13. Stephen's mom being a paranormal was the best kept secret this show has had so far. While I had some moments of wondering about Luca, not once had I even considered the possibility that Marla might have powers.

It makes perfect sense though, knowing what we know about Stephen's abilities and powerful he is. The revelation does make me wonder if Jedikiah has known all along or if he has no idea either. I'm guessing he doesn't know because it would seem like he'd be trying to capture Marla if he did know.

Then again, who knows? That guy could also have a million reasons as to why he would keep something like that a secret.

Go to hell, Jed.


Thanks to Cassie's story and discovering that her father (aka the Founder) and her mother were both paranormals, we know that Stephen is a synergist. But it also makes him less unique than we thought he was. After all, Cassie is also out there and perhaps there are more.

Does this mean that maybe Stephen doesn't have to carry the entire burden of saving all of the paranormals himself? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The Founder: Where is Mr. Jameson?
Jedikiah: He quit.
The Founder: See, that word implies he had a choice in the matter.

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Madeleine Mantock (who plays Astrid) earlier this week, so I had a pretty good idea that nothing was going to happen between Astrid and John.

I think I'm okay with them being friends for now. I like the bond that they have and if that turns out to be romantic, I will enjoy it probably even more. But I'm not dying for it either.

When I was lying there, bleeding out, not sure if I was gonna make it. It wasn't Astrid I was thinking about.


As for John and Cara, I found myself kind of rooting for them in the beginning of this episode. Like I've said before, it's not necessarily out of a feeling of being certain that they belong together. It's more that I feel for John when he's pining for her and it broke my heart a little when she told him they needed to forget the kiss.

Could it have been a little bit of resentment then that led him to rebel so hard against her orders? Honestly, I don't think so. John was leader long before she was and he definitely has his ideas of how things should be done. I guess it was bound to happen that they would have a major dust up, but I don't think I expected it to happen quite this fast.

Respect or obey, Cara?


Where will John go and what will he do now? What will Stephen do now that he knows about his mother? Will we ever see Cassie again? Those are questions we have to wait at least two weeks to find out. I don't know if I'll be able to hang on that long, but I'll try.

What was the biggest shock in this episode?


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Holy crap, this episode was the best of them all! I'm doing a late marathon run to catch up and they just keep on getting better and better. What a fantastic way to end the show - by showing that Stephen's mom is paranormal. I can't wait to watch the next episode, which will happen as soon as I finish writing this. Sad to say, I expected John and Cara to eventually come to a disagreement, but I wasn't expecting it that fast or the results of her kicking him out. Also, I will be in the minority, but I find Cara annoying. I don't dislike her and can most of the time tolerate her. I certainly don't like her as their leader. She is more ruthless and rash than John ever was.

Cynthia atufu

I always never liked Cara cos it always seemed like she was stringing John and Stephen along. Now the fact that she asked John to forget that kiss after practically acting jealous over Astrid and John; makes it even worse. She's on a power trip and didn't even seem to care who got hurt so far there's some leverage to gain. Confirmation: I really dislike her character.

@ Cynthia Atufu

Ditto. She has annoyed me from the beginning.. but now I really dislike what she is doing.


Cara playing bitch to me was expected but Marla being a tp, that w off the charts. Lets face it, we all knew that she kinda knew more than she let on but damn, this was an expected twist.
Can't wait to hear her explain herself in the next episode.


I think Stephen is Cassie's brother and that Marla is Cassie's mother, this would explain how Stephen and Cassie are connected , how Marla could hear Stephen and Cassie "talking "and why Marla seemed to recognize the Founder.

Cynthia atufu
@ Panto

I totally agree, it's like you took the words right out of my mouth. Thought the same too.

@ Panto

This is exactly what I was thinking! Cool to see that someone else has the same theory. I guess we'll have to wait and see if we're right.


What I don't get with Marla being a tomorrow person, is why she had Stephen on medication for a mental illness when I'm sure she was all too aware what was really wrong with him. I doubt that's an issue that will be addressed by the show either..


Kinda want Luca to break out and be the chosen one, forcing Stephen to protect him. But how can Marla not know what's going on with ULtra. Color me intrigued...

@ delghetto

I would love that, I find Stephen a bit annoying to be honest...


So... I called it during episode 4... just saying...


I called the mom thing as soon as all the suspicion started flying around. It just made the most logical sense and explains why stephen is more powerful than those presented to us so far. As for something else thats been nagging me about the founder, I highly suspect that Ultra is just a tool for him to round up paranormals and assimilate their powers into himself so he can basically be godlike.
His personality and the fact that his daughter said more than once that he is "the type of person who would do anything for power" and stephens uncle saying that there are no deals with the founder, whatever aggreement you enter in with him is only to his benefit basically screams out power hungry to me. Im willing to bet thats also part of the research stephens unle and his father were working on which probably got funded by the founder for his own gain.

@ solace kane

this story could go so many ways which is why i find it so interesting. Another theory or hunch I have is maybe the founder "arranged" or manipulated stephens mom and pops getting together as sort of an experiment to see if the'yd produce offspring like his daughter. It'd be a very interesting twist that no one would see coming.


kind of thought the mom was a tp when cassie said that both her parents were cause it explained my therory why her and stephen had a connection i wish kara would get a clue she did things aginst johns orders when he was leader at least john was fair but who the hell does she think she is kicking john out of the lair so wish he would get with someone else like morgan or mabey cassie


I knew Mom knew something and lo and behold she knew more than I imagined. Although it did cross my mind a little she might be a TP. I was mostly thinking she knew all about who Roger was. What I am wondering is why she drugged up Stephen so hard. She didn't suspect that the issues he was having were related to being a TP? If so she should have known that the drugs would not only do nothing, they could hurt him because taking drugs you don't actually need can be harmful. Totally not thinking mom. I still think Luca will break out too, it's just a matter of time, he's a bit young yet.
I am beyond angry with Cara, she has become a first class bitch! She insisted on Stephen sneaking into Ultra where he would have died if John hand't saved the day. Then she has the nerve to kick John out of the lair?? She needs a swift kick in the butt and definitely booted as leader! John is a much, much better leader!!

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