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Hillary makes it clear to Stephen that she will do whatever it takes to make the cut at Ultra, even if that means turning him in for sharing his powers with regular humans. Stephen worries for Astrid, but also wants to keep his mom and brother safe after finding out Peter is taking them camping. Cara says he’s overreacting, but John volunteers to watch Astrid.

Flashback to young John using his powers to save a friend from an armed robber. In current time, Hillary reports what she knows about Stephen. John keeps his promise and checks on Astrid, but she thinks Stephen is overreacting and tells John to take a hike. In the woods, Stephen tries to force Peter to use his powers. One attempt seems to work, but another doesn’t and Peter is nearly killed, leaving both Peter and Stephen’s mom upset.

Jedikiah tells Hillary he will have to kill Astrid, but tells Hillary not to celebrate. Astrid is attacked by Ultra, but Stephen leaps in just in time to save her and is shot. He can’t teleport them home because he’s too weak. Astrid calls Cara in desperation and is forced to remove the bullet with Cara and Tim coaching her over the phone.

Since Ultra can track anyone using their powers, Cara gets into the building on foot, but can only teleport one person at a time. John tells her to take Astrid and she does, but immediately returns for him and barely gets him out in time. Home from the camping trip, Stephen visits Astrid, who is now stuck underground for her safety. Stephen thanks John for what he did and tells them what happened on the camping trip. It’s then that all realize that if it wasn’t Peter with the powers, then it is probably Luca, Stephen’s little brother.

The Tomorrow People
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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Hillary: But the girl, you're going to kill her?
Jedikiah: If I say "yes" and you smile, you're next. You got it?

You can check our browsing histories? Not that I've looked anything on the internet that I'm ashamed of