Twisted Review: Hello, Goodbye

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I hope you're all caught up on Twisted - because the episode kicked off running and didn't stop until the last second!

Twisted Season 1 Episode 12 picked up right after the police announced they had a warrant for Danny's arrest.

New Secrets

When we left off on Twisted Season 1 Episode 11, shady investigator Marilyn Rossi claimed that the murder weapon for Regina Crane's case was found when the lake was re-drained. Convenient, right? The pipe supposedly had Danny's prints all over it. Facing getting hauled off to jail again, Danny fled.

At the tail end of the finale, Jo's mom Tess called Vikram and told him it was time to come back. Dun, dun, dun...yes Vikram's alive. Well... at least Vikram, was alive when the episode started. We'll get to that in a minute.

At the end of the first half of Twisted Season 1, Lacey was firmly in Danny's camp. She heard the story about Regina getting into a fight with someone whose car description matched Marilyn's.

Jo, on the other hand, was still burned about confessing her feelings to Danny and finding out he was into Lacey. She was so anti-Danny that she called out for Tess at the beginning of the episode when she discovered Danny in her room.

He ran Lacey. Innocent people don't run.


By the way, why did Danny choose to run to Jo's over Lacey's? He said he and Lacey were in a weird place, but him being accused of murder kind of trumps everything else. Lacey also isn't the daughter of the local Chief of Police.

I think he ran to Jo because he wanted her to believe him. This was his way of putting showing Jo he trusted her and hoping she would return that feeling.

By the time Lacey and Danny were together at Rico's plotting his next move, Jo had figured it out. She wanted Danny to turn himself in and that's when Danny dropped the bomb that he never even killed his Aunt Tara  to begin with. It was his father. This was probably obvious to a lot of people, but it was still interesting to hear the story come directly from Danny.

So Vikram being alive - combined with the knowledge that he killed Tara and had Marilyn Rossi working for him - set us up for a lot of answers.

It's likely he killed Regina, especially if Marilyn was once seen threatening Regina and Regina walked around wearing Tara's necklace. What did Regina know to warrant her getting murdered? Is Vikram really the sociopath? It appeared so.

We really saw a lot of Danny's pain in this episode. For so many weeks he walked around pretty stoic, taking whatever heat was thrown his way. It's part of why people accused him of being a sociopath: he seemed too calm about it all. But now we know his feelings were really all just bottled up.

I was scared, I was numb, and I loved him, so much. I'd do anything for him, he was my father.


Now that we solved Tara's murder and likely Regina's, we're on to the next secret. Danny hit Vikram after he chased and threatened Jo and then Vikram fell off of a cliff. I'm pretty darn sure Vikram is dead this time!

Other interesting tidbits:

  • Jo was ballsy with Marilyn about setting up that meeting! Atta girl.
  • Jack seems interesting...and sexy.
  • Who is this new kid Charlie? Do you think he resembles Danny or is it just me?
  • Interesting comment from Charlie that Vikram looked like Gloria's husband in those photos.

So who do you think was the one behind Danny and Lacey at the end of the episode? Vote below and then sound off on the Twisted winter premiere in the comments!


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Btw, I also thought that Danny killed his aunt and he has a juicy reason why he did it. This show really (specially this episode), blew my mind...


Love the episode. The reveal was very unexpected but it just made me more interested on how the show will go now. I hope the show will keep o moving unlike PLL (which I loved once). More power Twisted FAM! :)

Kelli hales

So throwing it out there for the Charlie debate. I think he is Aunt Tara's son. It would explain the family resemblance. If he thinks that Danny truly killed his mother, he could be out for revenge.

Sarah silva

I am so glad that Twisted it back. However my one complaint to ABC Family is that they should have aired the 2nd half of the Twisted's season and then air Ravenswood after rather than all of Ravenswood in between Twisted. I truly enjoyed Ravenswood as well, but I felt myself racking my brain most of the episode yesterday trying to remember back to last summer/fall during those first episodes that I hope I did not miss anything during this episode,
We all know Danny did not kill his aunt or Regina. However now with Danny being responsible for his dads death will make for an interesting Twist....the title really lives up to it's name.
Even though Danny does not have romantic feelings for Jo, he would go to her first for everything. He trusts her more than Lacey or anyone else for that matter.
I think there is something up Jake! (yes he is sexy, I am a fan of Ivan Sergei).
I did find it very interesting that Charlie said that Vikram looked like Gloria's husband, that would not really be a shock to me at all as Gloria seems very shady.
Avan Jogia looks good with long hair and I liked when he came out of the shower and it was down, however it was funny that he put his hair back right away. If you are going to have long hair, you should wear it down sometimes. :)


So glad twisted is back. I was totally surprised at the end when Vikram died because I knew he was alive and he'd be brought back but I never expected to see him killed off so fast and I'm pretty sure he's dead since he fell off a huge cliff. Danny killed his father out of self defense he was trying to protect himself and Jo but that probably wouln't matter so Jo and Danny are going to have to keep this huge secret which should be interesting. I can't wait for the next episode it looks really good.


This sow is very nice.please saw it.


Great episode. Really happy that Twisted is back. Can't wait to see how the storyline develops. Loving Danny and Lacey as always

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Twisted Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

It's all very Bourne Identity isn't it? In a tragic, teenage sort of way.


He ran Lacey. Innocent people don't run.