11 How I Met Your Mother Musical Moments That Will Remain Legedary

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How I Met Your Mother has been known for many things over the years:

Humor. Romance. Suits. Many girlfriends for Ted.

But one thing that has separated this sitcom from almost all others has been its use of music, whether it's Robin Sparkles prancing around in a mall or the Mother beautifully playing the ukulele.

So, as we prepare to say goodbye forever tonight, we first take a look back at 11 How I Met Your Mother musical moments that will forever remain - yes, it has to be said - legendary...

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I loved when Robin met up with her old co-star and they sang a nice song about friendship '2 beavers are better than 1'.


one of the best songs is when Barney's brother gets to meet his dad finally and they sing Stand by Me and Barney keeps interrupting...oh and the auto tune version, priceless.

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HIMYM Quotes

Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
Ted: It was never your truck.
Barney: if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.
Ted: It was a rental.
Barney: Number ten, "The Winne-Bango." Number nine, "The Pick-Up Truck." Number eight, "The Ford Explore Her." Number seven, "The You Scream Truck." You Scream. (they all laugh) Number six, "Feels on Wheels!" Hello! Number five, "The Ride Her Truck." Number four, "The 18-Squeeler." Number three, "The Esca-Laid." Number two, "The Slam-Boney." and... the number one thing I would've called my truck if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back... "The '69 Chevy."

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things...we're done here.