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Beauty and the Beast Review: Happily Never After

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Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

That's what we learned on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16 as Gabe took the low road and squealed like a baby when he couldn't have his Catherine.

There were so many plot holes in this episode you could have driven a truck through them, all in an attempt to right the wrong of ripping apart Vincent and Catherine and placing miserable Gabe in the middle.

The worst part is Gabe, who had been redeemed and should have grown as a character, instead tumbled head over heels down the hill of love to become worse than he was as a beast with his supposed love for Catherine. 

Quite simply, there is very little about Beauty and the Beast Season 2 worthy of praise. 

Man to Man
Vincent and Gabe come face to face in "About Last Night" the winter finale of Beauty and the Beast

Given this spring finale, I'm not at all surprised that the series is being taken off the air without a scheduled return. It also won't be shocking if the remaining episodes are left as burners to improve DVD sales. That's how bad the state of affairs is with a show that once had a lot of potential to entertain with romance and suspense.

The whole Sam debacle fell apart when he was in prison and got his hands on the beast serum. It was too convenient. To make matters worse, instead of D.A.of the year Gabe caring at all that the criminal mastermind had escaped and would be harming more innocents along the way, he was whining about his love for Catherine. 

There was a misguided attempt to make light of the triangle between Cat, Vincent and Gabe, but the timing fell flat as it played out with the looming threat of Sam carrying out vigilante justice and turning men into beasts. Had the case been a little lighter, it would have been easier to accept. 

Vincent calling out the judge as a liar every time he spoke was cute. His heavy sigh, marveling at Cat's beauty was heart pounding and their falling back into each other's arms at the end was long overdue.

Gabe's going ex-boyfriend psycho and having Vincent arrested for murder just deflated an already overburdened hour.

Why couldn't he just walk away? A clean break was what the series needed, not more Gabe mucking things up. If they had cut that final knock at the door, the series could have ended right there and I would have been alright, knowing Cat and Vincent chose each other and were willing to work things out.

We were also given the added bonus of Tess finally admitting to J.T. why she was so reluctant to acknowledge his advances -- they are such an unlikely couple that she just can't believe it's happening. We couldn't either, but their chemistry is golden. Sometimes it's more palpable than others chemistry on the show. Yeah, I said it. 

With everyone together and happy, it was good. Until Gabe. Gabe who was redeemed until Cat let him into her life. Where's that time machine when you need it?

What evidence can the gang use from the past to toss back into Gabe's court to get him to drop the charges? Certainly there's something left to make him look as bad as Vincent currently looks to police. Want to see it all again to get ideas? You can watch Beauty and the Beast online for clues.

Should Cat play dirty against Gabe?



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Renewed for a 3rd season. Time to fix what has been broken.


CARISSA, ANYONE-PLEASE SOMEONE TELL THE WRITERS TO MAKE THIS SEASON A DREAM OF CAT'S (SEASON 2 FINALE FINAL SCENE). I'm not saying I don't want this show renewed or I have disliked everything about season 2. There have been things I have greatly disliked though so instead of the show just getting cancelled with me being unhappy/having to live with the knowledge that these things I didn't like happened lol how about ending it so fans could be happy bc most liked season 1...could the writers please just make this season a dream that Cat waked up from in the finale as she turns to see Vincent with a scar on his face next to her in bed. Yes, I know this is a cop out and taking a step back from all the storylines this year, but I would be okay with that bc I didn't love all the storylines and some were just so unnecessary and damaging. Like I honestly could think of 5 small scenes/lines that could have been changed to "almost happened situations" that would have made those storylines easier to swallow (Pointless to go into it bc it'd likely just piss me off further that they didn't do it but almost sex instead of sex). And if the writers write an ending in case of cancellation, who care if it is a cop out one? Make the fans happy if the show is ending! There's nothing to lose! Please the loyal fans! Make this season a dream and have VC wake up happy pre the kidnapping of V! And if it is renewed, that cop out would be worse, but I still don't care because I just want to be okay with VC and want those things I didn't like to not have happened. Plus, we didn't learn that much this season anyway. I think the hardest/saddest part to me if this show isn't renewed is not seeing JR+KK playing love interests on screen anymore. I'll never forget their chemistry and I'll miss it when it's gone (whenever it is). Although I guess I should just remember that JR+KK are actors and just like to do their jobs for the acting, not bc of the chemistry between them or bc they get to play love interests. So if they aren't going to miss the chemistry between them or acting as love interests, which is yes fake (not the chem though), then I guess I shouldn't miss that either whenever the show ends. It's just a job to them and so I guess it should just be a show to me, but unfortunately their chem made it more engaging to me than I normally experience with shows. I need rehab for JR&KK chemistry bc I don't want to miss it when it's gone LOL. It's the thing that makes me love BATB bc I just think it's really wonderful to see. LOL I've really been absurd and over thought this. CARISA (spelling?), what are your thoughts on this?


Wow Carissa....... So I am sort of surprised by some of the commentaries. This is a free country and freedom of speech is part of our culture. This is ultimately the point of a blog like this one. I totally get the loyal fans defending the show. I am one of those loyal fans. But numbers are numbers and BATB ratings are 50 percent less than Season 1. I think due to a tough night, lack of promotion AND in attention to details. The second season does not build on season 1 nor does it expand on any Mysteries. Come on everyone... Who killed Cats mom? Why was she killed? How did Vincent know that Thomas Chandler was not Cats dad??? How come the beast mythology has not been expanded upon? Why are we wasting time on stupid Gabe storyline?? I would like to know why Vincent's nephew hasn't sought him out...... This would be logical. People have stopped watching for some very real reasons!!!! I for one will continue to watch and be hopefull. But weak or stupid storylines are not heling the cause.

@ Scarlettcmc

I love the show and have watched since the beginning. THANK YOU!!! This show can be great if they went into all the things you wrote about. Why didn't Vincent's family seek him out after he went public? What about the talk between Vincent and Evan "are you going to tell her?" What was with the whole Reynolds family being beast hunters? So many avenues open and then just left out to dry. The writers need to have the romance, but not think we only watch to have Vincent and Catherine hook up every episode. I would love to see a strong Catherine again. I would love to see Vincent with his family. I would LOVE to see JT as a scientist and working. I would love to see Tess as the Captain. Oh well, if we get Season 3, hopefully the writers can turn this season around and make it a great show.

@ Scarlettcmc

Hi Scarlett...It's not been the most pleasant way to end out the middle of the road with BaTB and many people stopped following me on Twitter because of this review. It did give me new insight into fandom, however. I learned that a lot of people learn there is a negative review and jump over here to read not knowing my history with the series -- missing the many near 5 star reviews I have awarded a show many other sites have written off. There has been much about BaTB that has been worthy of praise, but things fell apart in what seemed like desperation. I'm glad you mentioned the open questions. I never even thought of Vincent's nephew until another commenter pointed it out. That's a lost opportunity they can't get back in a way that will feel credible at this point. If Gabe had walked away and Vin's nephew had knocked on the door at the end of this hour, my review would have been completely different. Interesting things to think about. Thanks for dropping by!!

@ Carissa Pavlica

Carissa.... FYI- I am the commentator who talked about Vincent's nephew in the March 3rd episode!!!! :).

@ Scarlettcmc

You're one smart cookie! LOL Sorry I didn't go back to look. That was a brilliant catch and I WILL write about it in a future review with credit to you!


Hello Carissa,
I did receive your reply which was a surprise really...never expected it.
Now to respond to your mentioned that I did not come to the website to seek positive recaps. In all honesty, all this time i have been seeking any new info/spoilers on the upcoming episode, a lengthy synopsis of some sort and i came to this website seeking it as i have done other times. I do like reading the quotes and looking at pics period, but on this recent visit I chose to read your recap and went back 3 episodes. I do not recall ever having read them because i usually read Nick Romans reviews and do not seek comparisons of any kind. For each of the three episodes i read, there was a list of personalized negativity that seemed to be a common theme. It almost seems as if you find the show a waste of time. I do not find the recaps insightful or thorough but more so a blog that one writes to a friend or friends. I doubt if it is meant to be that and if it is then I am entirely wrong in my assessment because I did think that this was supposed to be a professional recap/preview of some sort.
I mean no harm, reading Julie's comment was in line with what I was thinking having read all three reviews and that is I responded to her.

@ Sharon

We are TV fanatics writing about TV for TV lovers. Of course I'll reply to people who have concerns. The longer term readers get a better understanding of us as a site and of individuals who review the shows. I don't review a show entirely from a point outside of fandom. If I didn't enjoy watching a show, I would stop reviewing it. That's why I put out there when I think things have gone wrong. If it sounds like it's going out to friends, in some cases it is. Many people who have commented on our site have written for us, as well. We're about the people and the fans. That doesn't mean that it's always good times and happy faces. Like I said, I have many episodes that were highly rated this season and I loved the direction. If you only read back three episodes, you'd not see the love I feel for the show. I get to know who comes by and comments help shape my future reviews because I know what matters to the readers. That's not for everyone, however, and we're not a site that posts 2000+ word reviews, so your choice to read elsewhere is understood. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season when it returns this summer!


i love this show and love your reviews!!!! the only part of this season i didn't like was when tori was on. she and vincent were a waste of time. i know every epidode can't be rainbows and sunshine or we would be bored! jt and tess are a surprising couple but a very important part to the show!! i wish i could make the ratings better all by myself so we could get a renewal :)


I love the show and am glad Vincent and Catherine are together again. Gabe is being very petty with. I never trusted him anyway. I'm glad they are giving Tess someone to be with.


The sad thing is, that even after well over a year of people having to point out the plot holes in your reviews, every week there is still at least one instance of "oh come on, how did she miss that". And, after responding last year a few times (and yes, being encouraged when you really seemed to care about what and how you wrote), when things never improved after all, I decided just to bite my tongue and instead read everything you wrote with a grain of salt. I am convinced that you 'watch' this show while actually in another room from the TV, since you miss so many important parts of scenes which do explain things that you end up calling 'convenient', or 'plot holes'.
Even worse, your style of writing seems to have taken a downward turn of late, what should be an insightful review (whether you like the show or not), has degenerated into something along the lines of an amateur personal blog rant. A good, professional public reviewer does not ridicule or discuss their subject with such a narrow minded, immature attitude. Even if you have issues with the show - as is your right - there are other ways to present your arguments so that even those that disagree with your opinion, will still agree with your right to state it. I am certainly aware that by writing this I'm inviting negative comments directed at me, by those that (unbelievably) agree with and hang on your every word, and I won't be responding to them. I don't agree with the opinions of many of your commenters either, but at least they are commenting personally, not under the guise of a professional reviewer.
I didn't write this with the intent of picking a fight, I just decided I'd had enough and that I would exercise my right to comment.

@ Julie

I have to agree with you on this Julie, i cannot remember reading any well written positive critique. It reads more like a offense.
If at all you can, please read Nick Romans reviews on Rickey and you will see that it is thoroughly critiqued and well written without any personal sounding attacks.

@ Sharon

All the well-written positive critiques didn't bring you to the site. You only come by to defend the honor of the show against a negative review. Did you comment here?
or here:
or here:
or here:
They were all highly regarded episodes by me. Many fans popped in to say they were dissatisfied with the season so far, others were happy. That's the way this works. Sometimes episodes resonate and other times they don't. I'm happy for you that you've found your peace with the series. I was happy, but not I'm back to waiting again.

@ Julie

You're entitled to your opinion. I'm not sure where you ever got the idea I would discourage anyone's opinions on this or any show. I'd love to read all of your criticism of my past reviews. My email is on the site. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I look forward to reading them.

@ Julie

Way to go Julie, well said!

@ Wilma

Yes I agree. I was disappointed with a lot of this year, but this is the first episode of season 2 that I will actually watch again! I don't think this was a fair review of episode 16. I like that Cat and Vincent are back on the right track. The ending is a bit of a glitch - however, I know that Beauty and the Beast will return with a vengeance for the rest of Season 2 episodes! We fans won't accept anything less!!!

@ Sara

You got that right Sara, I anxiously await the return of Beauty and the Beast!!


I LOVE BatB & really hope it returns. I have all the episodes of the original TV series w/Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman & even joined the fan club. This show was better by far & more up to date. The chemistry kept me watching. I also have kept all of this show. I wish everyone on the show all the best & hope they come back to charm us again.


Wow, after feeling so happy with a fantastic episode, its really sad to see such negative review & comments. The fans of the show, love it and watch it religiously. I loved S1 and I love S2 even more. Yes, I enjoyed certain episodes more than others, but that's OK because its not necessary for everyone to like every episode.
The writers are doing a fantastic job, and they cannot please everyone. So, for those that used to watch it but no longer do, that's fine but have the respect for the fans that do watch it & love it, and avoid posting negative comments about the show, characters etc. You no longer watch it so just leave our show alone and go and watch whatever you want. With regards whether the show will be renewed or not, I really hope it does. The immensely talented cast deserve recognition for their hard work and if shows were rated by quality, then this show would be on top. In my opinion it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It's very popular and successful overseas and we love it passionately. It was a fantastic episode, outstanding performance by the cast, and simply the most beautiful show ever. #BATB forever.


Yes, thank you! Maybe if the fans spent less time on forums and more time getting their friends to watch the show, the ratings might not be so low.