Beauty and The Beast First Look: Sam's Got A Gun!

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Oh, Sam....

On Beauty And The Beast Season 2 Episode 16, Sam (Tom Everett Scott) is spiraling out of control and it's up to Vincent and Cat to stop him from destroying a large group of people.

Of course, to keep things interesting, that involves the former romantic duo revisiting a very important place that may help them stop Sam - but also may lead them to rethink what they mean to one another.

In this exclusive photo - given to TV Fanatic by The CW - Sam holds a gun on David. To what end? Where will things go next?

Tune in Monday and find out!

Sam's Got A Gun!

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. 

Here's a look at more photos from the episode:

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I can't wait to see it ! Unfortunately I have to wait till Tuesday morning here in Europe before I can watch it on


Beauty and the Beast season 3 Vincat forever!!


Can't wait for this episode and go down memory lane! Love Beauty and the Beast!! Need season 3.


hope the writer will give justice to beauty and the beast story! never in the history of batb that gabe is the character and hero!!


Beauty season 3 anzi per sempre


Beauty and the beast


Beauty for ever


Beauty season 3

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