Beauty and the Beast Review: Happily Never After

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Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

That's what we learned on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16 as Gabe took the low road and squealed like a baby when he couldn't have his Catherine.

There were so many plot holes in this episode you could have driven a truck through them, all in an attempt to right the wrong of ripping apart Vincent and Catherine and placing miserable Gabe in the middle.

The worst part is Gabe, who had been redeemed and should have grown as a character, instead tumbled head over heels down the hill of love to become worse than he was as a beast with his supposed love for Catherine. 

Quite simply, there is very little about Beauty and the Beast Season 2 worthy of praise. 

Given this spring finale, I'm not at all surprised that the series is being taken off the air without a scheduled return. It also won't be shocking if the remaining episodes are left as burners to improve DVD sales. That's how bad the state of affairs is with a show that once had a lot of potential to entertain with romance and suspense.

The whole Sam debacle fell apart when he was in prison and got his hands on the beast serum. It was too convenient. To make matters worse, instead of D.A.of the year Gabe caring at all that the criminal mastermind had escaped and would be harming more innocents along the way, he was whining about his love for Catherine. 

There was a misguided attempt to make light of the triangle between Cat, Vincent and Gabe, but the timing fell flat as it played out with the looming threat of Sam carrying out vigilante justice and turning men into beasts. Had the case been a little lighter, it would have been easier to accept. 

Vincent calling out the judge as a liar every time he spoke was cute. His heavy sigh, marveling at Cat's beauty was heart pounding and their falling back into each other's arms at the end was long overdue.

Gabe's going ex-boyfriend psycho and having Vincent arrested for murder just deflated an already overburdened hour.

Why couldn't he just walk away? A clean break was what the series needed, not more Gabe mucking things up. If they had cut that final knock at the door, the series could have ended right there and I would have been alright, knowing Cat and Vincent chose each other and were willing to work things out.

We were also given the added bonus of Tess finally admitting to J.T. why she was so reluctant to acknowledge his advances -- they are such an unlikely couple that she just can't believe it's happening. We couldn't either, but their chemistry is golden. Sometimes it's more palpable than others chemistry on the show. Yeah, I said it. 

With everyone together and happy, it was good. Until Gabe. Gabe who was redeemed until Cat let him into her life. Where's that time machine when you need it?

What evidence can the gang use from the past to toss back into Gabe's court to get him to drop the charges? Certainly there's something left to make him look as bad as Vincent currently looks to police. Want to see it all again to get ideas? You can watch Beauty and the Beast online for clues.

Should Cat play dirty against Gabe?


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I normally don't waste my time with these reviews. Go to and read Nick Roman's review. He earns his money. Season 2 is NOT season 1. They did a complete 360 on us and it is like it is a whole new show. Did I like every show? No. (Jen and Shannon) Lots of things I disagreed with, but I can see where the writers want to go with this show and I want to be there for the ride. I used to love The Vampire Diaries. I no longer watch it, because I just don't like it any more. So tired of Elena/Katherine. I just stopped watching. I don't criticize the show or it's fans. To each his own and some of you posting should do the same. If you have an opinion and it isn't constructive or belittles what others think, keep it to yourself. I loved About Last Night. Jay Ryan is an amazing actor and has had to play many roles this season and the chemistry with Kristin Kruek can't be denied. I'm only sorry we may not be able to see where this journey will take us.

@ Jude

How can you call a review a waste time then in the same breath preach about keeping unconstructive opinions to yourself? Either everyone is entitles to their opinion or not. Just sayin.


Fans can hate on this review as much as they want, CLEARLY they are in the minority or the show would be finishing out the season. But it's not. Reason for that - whether or not the fans want to admit it - there are problems. That isn't to say everything is bad, because it's not. But if the show as was amazing as the claims, it wouldn't have lost more than half it's audience over the last year. Maybe fans(which I used to be, by the way) could be objective for a second and have an actual conversation instead of the typical pinching their ears shut and stomping their feet, "No, no, no, this show is awesome, no, no, no, I can't hear you, it's awesome, no, no, can't hear you, can't hear you, can't hear you..."

@ Juli

Have you not noticed we are finishing the season out, we also had a break last year too....we have been guaranteed the rest of the season.....we are not finished yet. We will ROAR to the very end.

@ Juli

Hi Juli, thanks for your insightful comment. My reviews throughout the season have been very honest and some episodes were very highly praised. I liked the new direction of the show, but the attempt to fix the outward flow of viewers was worse than staying the course. Seeing the story suffer in the long run to stem the bleed in the short term seems counter productive. A difference of opinion brings out the true Beastie.

@ Juli

Yes, thank you! Maybe if the fans spent less time on forums and more time getting their friends to watch the show, the ratings might not be so low.


well, the episode wasn't that bad, I laughed, it was funny. but I mostly agree with the fact that season 2 had a lot of potential, but the writers kind of wasted it...


I am sad we don't know when it will be back. It is always sad when they assassinate character like vincent. it reminds me of Roswell tess and max. The whole 3rd season was to help us forget that happened who could. Gabe should have realized she spent months obsessed trying to find him after being kidnaped then he has amnesia. Of course she is in love still. All he could have hoped for is he is the rebound guy. Early episode he said he would wait. In the end he acted more like a beast than vincent. I hope see the end


You know what. You have no idea what you are talking about. I doubt that you even saw the episode. Totally clueless about what this show is and you are entitled to your opinion, but seriously, go poo poo on another show. BatB fanbase is loyal and true and we dont agree with you.

@ Cielo

Well said


Wow I'm genuinely shocked at all this negativity towards Season 2. I'm not going to waste my time trying to change the opinions of those of you watching with blinkers on.
For what it's worth I loved Season 1 and I love Season 2 even more ~ despite its foibles and folllies. In fact that made their relationship even more REAL to me ~ to see the struggles conflict and tension Vincent and Cat go through with and without each other. Their journey back to each other in this episode was so much the sweeter for all the crap they put each other through in trying to define themselves separately so that they could finally come to realize again that they ARE stronger together than they are apart. Vincent's battle with himself as Man or Beast has been front and center and pretty obvious for all to see. However Catherine whom I never realized that I must have put on a pedestal in Season 1 has her own inner Beast to deal with which I couldn't for the longest time see or understand her struggle and wanted Season 1 Vincent''s cheerleader girlfriend back. But then I realized I was WRONG not to see that she is far from perfect ~ she's good at pushing people away when she's been hurt and so she does when Vincent chose his Beast side and from then on she refused to see the man beyond the Beast because she didn't trust him or her own judgement where he was concerned anymore. Of course that's where bloody GaG comes in with his Mr Safe and Steady act which she swallows desperately because she feels she must (and that I stand my ground is the WORST plot ever because of who GaG was in Season 1) and I am so relieved to be done with their so called fauxmance. As to why he doesn't just fade quietly into the night ~ I can only speculate that someone up there really likes him and wants to keep him around. I'm good with him going bad again as I don't give a hoot about his redemption or lack of ~ just wanted Cat to dump his smug ass so I didn't have to be subjected to their gross PDA anymore. The point I am trying to make is that Season 2 has huge depth and amazing storytelling and does a commendable job in focusing on Catherine and Vincent's character growth as is the mantra of Who Am I and propels their story forward in new exciting ways that always leaves me wanting MORE BatB.
Coming back to this episode, the humor ~ romance ~ suspense ~ fights ~ Vincent using his Beast side to save another life, his redemptive speech to Sam that finally made Cat drop HER blinkers and see the real Vincent again culminating with that tender VinCat reunion meant everything to me and I am 100% satisfied with About Last Night and can't wait for the return of my favorite show. Sorry you haters don't get it. There is so much to love and look forward to in this story and I will never get off this ride. Long live BatB! ♥

@ ean

Totally agree Ean. There is so much more going on in Batb than what is seen each week. For anyone to understand this show they have to understand S2 and its journey back to where they started and why it was done this way. What I don't understand is the same question basically that Jude asked. I too have stopped watching shows because I was no longer interested in them - Many shows in fact, but what I never did, was get on to public forums and put the opinions of those that still love the show down or directly fight against the show like so many non fans do. And the reason the fans are on public forums such as this is to try to negate the negativity placed in the public forums by people who are not fans and are only on them to refute the fan's opinions. I just don't understand it at all. It's ok to not like every show and its ok to not like Beauty and the Beast - all the fans are asking non fans to do is to stop putting their show down and go and support your own favoured show rather than hate on one you don't watch or understand. But Ean - you know I love what you have said and totally agree with you 100% You Rock

@ Jarneen

Agree with both of you totally....have you not heard the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing"


Beauty and the Beast is back on track. Finally! While it is almost certainly too late to get a renewal for next year, I hope we at least get to see the final episodes of the season, and that the season ends with Vincent and Catherine together, and not on a cliffhanger


I liked the episode but I also agree with the review. Yes, we got what we wanted VinCat together but for me that is not enough bc to much damage has been done to the couple. You can t call them epic love anymore, I can't at least. I liked the drama of Cat shooting Vincent, or the drama of Vincent's kidnapping all of those were great trials for a couple but when you mix in love triangle the whole epic love thing is crap. What epic love?"Oh, we survived other relationships, we must be destined". The writers are lucky bc Jay and Kristin are amazing together, they draw you in and it is easy to forget the dumb, out of character moments. I am a beastie and always will be, and I hope to God we get lucky with a new season but that doesn t mean I have to agree or like everything I see. No matter how frustrated I get I will never stop watching BATB.


I usually try to refrain from commenting on negative reviews, people are free to have their opinions and maybe there was a point of two that I just might, possibly agree with. Then I read THIS ONE and I am dumbfounded. Were we watching the same episode? These two comments: "Vincent calling out the judge as a liar every time he spoke was cute. His heavy sigh, marveling (marvelling 'sp') at Cat's beauty was heart pounding and their falling back into each other's arms at the end was long overdue" & "We were also given the added bonus of Tess finally admitting to J.T. why she was so reluctant to acknowledge his advances -- they are such an unlikely couple that she just can't believe it's happening. We couldn't either, but their chemistry is golden." are the ONLY two comments that are sort of okay. You are entitled to your opinion but I actually feel sorry for you because in your quest to find fault with each and every episode, you have subsequently killed the love of the show for yourself - if you ever had it to begin with. I for one loved the episode so much, that I haven't been able to stop watching it since it aired Sunday Night (Ya, I'm Canadian, eh and yes we really are polite because you should have seen what I deleted).


I don't agree with this review because it felt like everything that made BATB season 1 so great was back last night. Cat was her old determined self and Vincent was a better version of himself too. Gabe was never to be trusted and we all knew that, and who is to say he is behind Vincent's arrest? Or did I miss something? There were more people attending that meeting and it is supposed to be an extremely powerful group. I'll be so disappointed if there is no season 3, but not that surprised. I've seen great shows end too soon while others linger for no good reason. This is a very entertaining show with great performances and it should be treated fairly. I loved this episode and even though this season had its ups and downs ( tell one which doesn't!) BATB is one of shows I keep waiting week after week to watch. I hope it stays.

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