Blue Bloods Review: Solving the Puzzle

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Jamie Reagan finally got a story line on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 16.

But it left us with more questions than answers concerning his character. 

I've lamented most of this season that Jamie hasn't gotten enough screen time. In "Insult to Injury" his story took a turn I wasn't quite expecting. 

Jamie seemed even more excited to track down Mia when he figured out she was a criminal than when he thought she wanted a date. Is he becoming bored being in uniform? That sounded like what he was saying to his partner in this Blue Bloods quote

I'm just getting tired of everyone else solving the puzzle. The most we get to do is take it out of the box and put a few of the edge pieces together.


Jamie was so gung ho to solve a case that he almost walked into his own undercover operation with Mia and no back up. Thankfully he thought the better of it. There were so many ways that could have gone wrong but at least it brought on one of my favorite moments of the episode.

If Jamie was about to play Mia's boyfriend then she needed to know some pertinent information like where he grew up, what his parents did for a living and what was his favorite position. 

Your feet spread apart, hands on the hood.


It's the Jamie Reagan version of dirty talk. 

Jamie's been on patrol for four years and perhaps he's getting restless for a new challenge but I wonder if being a detective is really for him. Not that he couldn't do the job well but Jamie seems more suited to being on the street and helping people face to face, not just solving the crime after the fact. 

Danny's secret caller turned into an all day investigation as he tried to track down Jill before she hurt herself or someone else.

For as much as everyone seemed to doubt Danny's ability to talk down the suicidal woman, he may have been the perfect person for her to speak with. Danny both understood the pain of losing a loved one and refused to give up. 

I almost couldn't blame Jill for wanting to kill Decker. Hearing a drunk laugh after he's killed your parents would drive anyone over the edge. 

Frank went on a field trip but what I found most interesting was how much he didn't want to go. 

Joyce's daughter, Daisy couldn't have been any cuter and I liked that Frank got to talk about the NYPD's most famous Police Commissioner, Teddy Roosevelt. Also, Frank's description of Joyce was most apt…

Linda: So Frank, how was Joyce?
Frank: Seldom right but never uncertain.

I also appreciated how all of the adults in the family made certain that all of the kids, even Nicky knew that certain language was unacceptable, even if the word wasn't said at the dinner table. 

It's what makes Blue Bloods so special.

So, what do you think TV Fanatics, should Jamie stay in uniform or become a detective?


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Sarah silva

So happy that Jamie got a storyline.
It was funny that Jamie brought up the amount of time it took Danny and his father to make detective. I say it is funny just because I have been thinking lately that I would love to see Jamie be promoted to detective but had not idea in reality how long it usually takes.
I think it would be great for Danny and Jamie to one day be partners but I am sure there is rule about having to family members working together but that would fulfill by wish of more Jamie time each week.
I love how Frank handled Joyce! He always gets his point across in a respectful manner not matter who he deals with!
I knew Danny would punch Decker.
How come you think Frank did not want to go on the field trip? Baker said that Danny and Jamie were working and was instructed by Frank to not give one of them the day off and same with Erin. I actually think he wanted to go and made sure all was clear for him to go.


I think the girl was Maya, not Mia. I liked episode because it involved all the siblings. I think the editing was off, though you can't control snow on streets. It was weird how they switched from Jaime and maya in the night to frank at museums with kids.


I liked Jamie story line I hope we see more of him


Blue Bloods is so consistently top-notch, I have come to rely on it as a bench mark in professional script-writing and ensemble acting.
How did the script of "Insult to Injury" make it to production; and why was the direction and guest acting so dismally sub-par?
A real disappointment.


I would never let my kid call another adult the b-word, especially the one mentioned. It's sad we've lowered our standards so much that it's ok for ten year olds to call other adults those names, just because they didn't get what they wanted. I'm glad they let them know it wasn't appropriate. It's not as if they got in trouble, they just made them know they didn't like it. Loved Jaime's storyline. Next week's press release states the commissioner is thinking of promoting an officer, but it might look like favoritism. Hmmmm.


Seemed to over the top of a reaction for just saying "b-word" to me, like... 20 years ago maybe... but these days I hear loads of kids say it, even when I was in school it was the same.


There's a disconnect here in what the "loads of kids" are doing and what they *should* be doing.

@ Dreamrose

Definitely agree with you Dreamrose!

@ poppysmom

I think its been awhile since some of you were 10. The "b-word" isn't that uncommon at that age. I wasn't a troublemaker or problem child and it was pretty common among me and my friends at that age. You all are talking like the kid dropped the f-bomb.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm the problem? Usually people got to meet me first before they figure that part out.


I'm just getting tired of everyone else solving the puzzle. The most we get to do is take it out of the box and put a few of the edge pieces together.