Community Review: Rage Mountain, Skull River

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It's tough to swing a sequel.

Even the best ones sometimes falter - as much as I love Ghostbusters 2, say, it's still never gonna be regular Ghostbusters. And for every sequel that exceeds the original - an X2, a Bourne Supremacy - there are hundreds that fall far short of the mark.

I haven't been able to decide if Community Season 5 Episode 10 - an informal sequel to Community Season 2 Episode 14, a.k.a. "the Dungeons and Dragons episode" - is a Ghostbusters 2 or an X2. In a way, it's a little bit of both.

While the original episode had, well, originality on its side, this half hour had Jonathan Banks and guest star David Cross as the Hickey men, who both boast wits so dry, they could start a forest fire.

It was the Hickey family's show, with nearly every one of the night's many excellent Community quotes coming out of one of their mouths, and if the other characters mostly stepped aside to allow us to go in deep with this new character, I didn't necessarily miss them.

But while one of Community's greatest pleasures is simply watching the characters talk to each other, it helps when something - anything - else happens on an episode. Though there were some wonderful jokes, and Abed's performance as two hobgoblins was a tour de force achievement in field of Community lunacy, by the end of the show, nothing had really happened: no lessons had really learned and nothing had really changed.

Which is maybe a lesson in and of itself? But it's a lesson that might be more entertaining to teach than to watch.

So was this your Ghostbusters 2 or your Bourne Supremacy? Or do you think I'm nuts for loving the Bourne Supremacy? Wait, don't tell me - just answer me this:

Which was the better Dungeons & Dragons episode?


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Sarah silva

This was a great episode, however I do have to say the original Dungeons and Dragons episode was better slightly better.
I agree that there was no real lesson learned, the only thing that changed is that maybe now Hickey and his son will work on their relationship.
Did love the Fa...bulous Neil part.
I too love the Bourne Supremacy...well all the Bourne's except I did not really love the last one with Jeremy Renner.


First one was definitely better although I had quite a few lol moments in this episode.It's just that first D&D episode set the bar pretty high. Glad to see Fa...bulous Neil is still around, doing this and that in the background. On an unrelated note, there's now a Meow Meow Beenz app. It doesn't do much in terms of actually rating people like it does on the show. I just use it for the sound effects mainly when I'm bored rating people as they walk by me. Or you can add pics of people, screen capture them and send it. My personal opinion, it gets 😾😾😾 for now.


I liked the first one better because that one actually had an ending to the game. This one just sort of stopped. Those two guys are just going to keep arguing with each other and never getting anything done forever.


"But while one of Community's greatest pleasures is simply watching the characters talk to each other, it helps when something - anything - else happens on an episode." Agree. I was hoping maybe something with Jeff and Annie. I like the balance of those two together but I'm not sure where the show is going ...if anywhere with Jeff and his love life. The other week he was back looking interested in Britta but there's always been very strong moments between Jeff and Annie. I don't know... just thought by this ep something... anything. :/

@ -

I feel like a lot of us have been rooting for an Annie Jeff romance. Last season when the writers down graded her characters importance and made her more of sidekick I was really disappointed. Especially when they kept giving us a Jeff, Britta pairing.

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Community Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

That's what I love about role-playing games--being told exactly what to do.

Hank Hickey

Hank Hickey: So, Dad, I'm just curious--what is it about Dungeons and Dragons that suddenly leaped out at you at age 60?
Professor Hickey: Dungeons. It'd be the dungeons.