Grimm Review: The Start of Something Terrible

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With the Winter Olympics now over, Grimm Season 3 Episode 13 brought about some resolution to the cliffhangers it ended with, while posing some new questions at the end,

Nick's timing really couldn't have been any worse when he visited Monroe; emotions in Monroe's family are already running hot since Rosalee walked out in the middle of all of it because their choices break with tradition. 

This is one of the few episodes that begs, and later shoves under the rug, the question of Nick's reliance on Monroe. Nick has the Grimm ancestry and ability to dish out beatings to out of line Wesen on a daily basis, but Nick has almost zero experience when it comes to Wesen world and culture.  

Nick's family keeps his Grimm ancestry a secret from him for most of his life, and his Grimm-ness only manifests itself later in life long after Nick has developed his own sense of right and wrong.

These experiences make Nick unique. They also make his unconventional alliance with Monroe, Rosalee, and Renard possible. With that comes his reliance on those on the team. It puts Monroe (and Rosalee) in the position of going against his upbringing, yet Nick isn't always reciprocating back to Monroe. 

Monroe mentions that Nick has saved his life numerous times and he's done the same for Nick. Maybe Monroe just values having some kind of friendship in his life and sees what Nick is doing as a good thing for the Wesen community.

Ultimately, Monroe is willing to let bygones be bygones and continue helping Nick. It's unfortunate, though, that Grimm pushes it under the rug. Hopefully in time they'll revisit it. 

Monroe's parents are stuck in the same position a lot of parents are when their son or daughter brings home someone they do not approve of. It's a lot of awkward conversation, yelling and fighting.

There was even some...sniffing. Eventually though, most of the tension fizzled out and bridges were crossed. The family dinner was awkward and quiet, but Nick may finally be reciprocating a little more in his friendship with Monroe by holding Grimm harm over the entire family at the dinner table (while Juliette peppers in some choice questions - like a wedding date - maybe next she'll ask Nick what his favorite Wesen killing weapon is). 

Monroe's father told an interesting story passed down by his family: that when Wildesheer show up, it's only the beginning of terrible things.

With Adalind heading into labor and aligning herself a little closer with the Resistance, things could get very messy. Both the Royals and the Resistance want the baby -- Renard even believes he's the father -- which could be incredibly bloody; Adalind is well on her way to getting her powers back; even the baby could be an harbinger of doom.  

Does Nick do enough to reciprocate his friendship with Monroe?


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Great review! I totally agree that the whole Nick/Monroe friendship imbalance wasn't properly addressed. I loved how wonderfully awkward the dinner was at the end.


This was a really good show. I love Monroe and Nick together but it does seem like the only time he spends with Monroe is when he needs help. But that could be a guy thing. Also Juliette went from being stupid last year to being way to eager this year. I love Adalind and her storyline. I was wrong Stepfania is not Renard's mother. I guess she is the one that is working for the Royals that the Resistance should have known. I am really worried about Sebashtian now. Wow Meiser with his shirt off! I found it interesting that during the Olympic they played an ad where Renard told Adalind the baby was his but on the show he said the baby may be mine. I hope we find out soon who the father is. It looks like Stephanie made this baby a Hexinbeast but something is off with the baby. That is why I am thinking the baby is not The Captains. But if the baby is Eric's why would she have to get the baby for the Royals? Also it is going to hit the fan when Nick and Hank find out Adalind has her powers back and has a baby that may be The Captains. This will really put a strain on their "friendship". Nick is not really on board with The Captain. Stephanie may just have her own plan for the child. This baby looks like it may be really evil. It would really be funny if Monroe's parents and Nick's mom would met. Now that would oh s#!$@! I am so glad Grimm is back on track this season. Season two was really bad.


So glad the show is back. I was surprised that Monroe's mom was the one that wanted to try and understand because she didn't want to lose her son. In the end Monroe's parents probably still aren't happy with his relationship with Rosalee and especially Nick but from the ending it looks like they're trying to accept it. That dinner at the ending had to have been the most awkward dinner in history. I can't wait till the next episode the show is so good this season.

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