Grimm Review: Wu Beginnings

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Poor Sergeant Drew Wu.

Just when it looks like he's going to be in on the Wesen secret in Grimm Season 3 Episode 14, his "gateway Wesen" was an Aswang. 

You know, just your typical, average amniotic fluid sucking Wesen.

Much like Hank's initiation before him, Wu's introduction into the world is going to take some time now that he's checked himself into a mental hospital.

On one hand, I'm disappointed that Grimm has gone ahead and made Wu's first interactions with them so traumatizing. It's almost nutty how tempered Nick's beginnings with Aunt Marie are compared to the vicious Aswang.

Yet, on the other hand, a longer, gorier story gives Wu way more to do, and that is always appreciated. 

Hank knows what Wu is going through and is the only one out of the group (aside from Juliette) who thinks Wu should be told... yet when he tries to build up the courage to do so he loses his nerve.

Hank's had plenty of run ins with Wesen, but when it comes to bringing someone into the clubhouse, he's just as nervous as everyone else is. No one wants to think they're crazy and no one wants others to think they're crazy, but it's exactly what's happening to Wu by keeping him in the dark. 

Just this once, though, Nick isn't the first one to begin putting the pieces together of the Wesen. Wu originally dreams of his Grandma telling him the story of an Aswang and he later goes to see his cousin to get more information.

Wu is leading, and Nick and Hank are, later on, merely confirming that Wu's recounts of the myth are true. As much as I enjoy Nick's character, a different perspective on the world is a welcome change. 

Meanwhile, Adalind is finally giving birth to the baby from hell, and in the process regains her powers. Getting get back to the creepy baby. Meisner brushing Adalind's hair out of the way is a serious issue for the little baby royal.

She gives him quite the epic stare down with those soulless eyes. Meisner, overall, is just not having a good day in general. First, he helps deliver evil, and then a kind gesture gets a death grip. Not to mention dodging flying objects and getting his hand chewed on.

Still, Meisner does have some chemistry with Adalind. Maybe he'll find his way back to Portland soon. 

Are you disappointed Wu didn't find out right away?


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While I understand the reluctance to let Wu know what's out there, it's definitely a douche move letting the guy check into a mental hospital. That's gonna be on his record for the rest of his life - forget Wesen, there are professional implications for his job! Also - Drew Wu? What were his parents thinking? Lastly - Adalind's baby is CREEPY!!!!

@ Robin Harry

Who do you think is the father of Adalind's baby? I think it is Eric's because Stepfania made that baby a hexinbeast so that Adalind could get her powers back. If it was the Captains it would have a better chance of being a hexinbeast since he is half. But it could be Sean's because Victor said find out who the father is because that could gum up the works. Victor and Stepfania have been partners for awhile. I think in the end Adalind is going to have to chose to keep her baby and lose her powers or give the baby up to keep her powers. Remember Stepfania made her sign that paper in blood about that baby. Adalind's powers are tied to that creepy baby. I like this storyline but they dragging it out...they need to move it along already.

@ Grimmfan#10

My theory is that the father is Captain Renard. I'm still slightly holding on to the theory that Renard's mother is involved somehow (not as certain that she's Stefania anymore, but still considering that a possibility). The baby is Sean's, but they're trying to get her into the royal family - what better leverage could you possibly have?

@ Robin Harry

Stefania is not his mom like I thought. Remember last week he was talking to Sebastian and he told The Captain about Stefania meeting with Victor. The Captain said he had heard of Stefania and she was the biggest blackmarketeer in Europe. I am worried about Bash. He doesn't come off as badass. Victor knows he has someone in his camp that is not on his side now. I do wonder why they had The Captain's mother call him and then do nothing else with her. They do that a lot on this show. Start something that could be a great story and never go anywhere with it. I am enjoying the Adalind's baby storyline but it needs to move faster. If the baby is The Captain this will cause problems with Hank and Nick you know Adalind is not going to keep this to herself. I wonder if Juliette will slap Adalind when she finally see her again. I am not a Juliette fan but I would love to see that!


It was so nice to find out Wu's name. Well I guess we found out his name is Drew Wu or Andrew Wu....still keeping us guessing! I really liked that Wu finally got some real air time. I was a little mad at Nick for not wanting to tell him and you see how upset Wu is he checked himself into a mental hospital! Hank do the right thing and talk to Wu. I see this as being a problem for Nick and Hank. I wonder what the Captain will think. My girl Adalind and her devil child. I don't know if I really like this devil baby storyline. The story is moving to slow. I agree Adalind and Meiser do have chemistry. Did I see a little smile in the Captain's face when he was told it was a girl? For some reason I don't see this baby sticking around. Not much of the Captain in this epi. This should not be the end of the story with Wu and his friends. The lady having the baby cares about Wu and the husband doesn't like it. The husband is going to have to tell his wife about her baby because there is a 50% the baby will be weson. She has to be upset about that and she has to be upset about Drew Wu being in the mental hospital and it is because of her husband. This story has to continue. I really like this show but sometimes the writers let things go that they should continue with and things they should let go the continue it way too long. Example: last season would have been really good if Nick had spent time with his mom but instead we good a whole season of Juliette and Renard gross kissing. And once again who keeps a key to their front door on their porch anymore!?! I would also like to see more of Sgt. Franco.


I thought this is the episode where Wu finds out and I was disappointed that he never did and he checked himself into a mental hospital I hope Nick and Hank tell him the truth soon. When the lady whispered Aswang I instantly googled it because I swear I've heard it somewhere before or I read it I know I've never seen it in anything but I know I've read or heard the word somewhere before and when I read what it was I knew I've never heard of it but I still don't know where I've read or heard the word before maybe just while googling other mythical creatures but I don't know oh well. The Aswang was freaky and I just thought of this but I was a little surprised that the husband didn't find out that Nick was a Grimm because they usually do but I guess this episode was more focused on Wu. Can't wait till the next episode.


I would have nightmares after that. Horror. I am glad the husband was not giving in to his mother, but should have knoew she would not have given up. I always remember the first season when he got cursed to eat everything. I wish they would have told him a little. Drew wu. Parents are mean sometimes


Poor Wu. Of course, the nightmare would only get worse if he should see his own well-respected Captain Renard woge...

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