Hannibal Review: Perceptions

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Perception is everything. 

On Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2, everyone confesses to having their own perceptions about Will, Hannibal, urges, conclusions and pawns.

First, I'm mostly numb to Hannibal's gore at this point, but, in a word: wow.

Watching the victim in the beginning try to escape by literally ripping his own flesh off and breaking free from the other preserved bodies made my stomach turn. His one final moment of escape is fleeting as he ends up jumping to his death.

Hannibal pulls no punches, there's no heroic moment for the man. His final moments are gruesome and horrifying. It reiterates just how prevalent and quickly death can happen: sometimes alone and terrified. 

Maurier's interactions with Hannibal do not miss a beat. It's clear that she no longer trusts a word that comes out of his mouth and her analysis of him puts Hannibal squarely in the category of avoid at all costs.

In that moment, Maurier is much in the same position as the man in the opening: she's ripping herself away from Hannibal and it is a matter of life or death for her.

Maurier talks in non specifics - and it's never black and white that the aggressive patient of hers is Hannibal - but even if Hannibal isn't the patient in question Maurier recognizes how dangerous he is: 

And the conclusion that I've drawn is that you are dangerous.


Maurier's final scenes with Will are just what he needs. Will has been mostly alone in his convictions against Hannibal. Maurier affirming Will's conclusions, not just thinking he's a memory lapsing murderer like everyone else does, lends credence to his case.

It elevates Will to his next level because it gives him a social tie; so far all those Will knows refuse to believe him. Will knows who the real "eye" is and it's about building his case and getting out of his prison cell. His contact continued with Beverly, asking her to wipe the slate clean with him and draw her own conclusions is the first step. 

Hannibal has a very powerful quote and it highlights one of the bigger themes of Hannibal Season 2 and the series overall:  

Those in the world around him are a means to an end. He uses them to do what he is driven to do.


Hannibal's talking about the murderer, but he is knowingly talking about himself too. The FBI is a means to an end for him; mere pawns so he can continue to select people to murder so he can satisfy his cannibalism urges.

On the other side of the coin is Will; he is trying to use Beverly as a means to an end to begin his exit out of the cage to satisfy his urges to expose Hannibal and the atrocities he commits. Will's willing to put on a show for Hannibal by breaking down in front of him. 

When Katie visits Will and lays out his options, both end up boiling down to death. Either he dies sooner with the death penalty, or he dies in his cell of old age. Will is rolling the dice, no matter the outcome he's going to die, so he might as well go out trying to prove his own innocence. 

Finally, Jack's beginning to find the cracks in his own armor. He's wanting to follow the evidence and see it through to move on past his guilt, but his gut is telling him something different.

Jack's situation is a bit different from Will's but his career is close to death, and he too is rolling the dice by letting Beverly continue contact with Will. He's willing to follow his gut albeit by proxy for now. 

What was your favorite moment?


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Season Three will be Hannibal behind bars and Red Dragon the overall theme--Will on the outside hunts RD and Hannibal inside...helping....e, well if you've read the canon, you'll know...Love the shows so far--Hannibal's staggering sense of supremacy will be his downfall.


All of Bedelia's interactions with Hannibal were absolutely chilling. Watching Hannibal exert his intimidation over her, watching her step back - amazing, amazing, amazing. I'm SO GLAD she told Will that she believes him - I think that's all Will needed, just one confirmation that he isn't totally insane. I wonder if Hannibal has figured out that Will is playing him, or if he thought that Will would know that the "reflection" was not the same killer? I've decided never to watch Hannibal when I'm hungry. I do not need to be salivating at Hannibal's cooking - seriously, that leg looked delicious. It's awful.


Fantastic show. When I saw the opening scene to season 2-it saddened me because it means this is the final season. I have not become used to the gore and it continues to shock me. The only criticism I have is- in season 1, when Will imagined himself as the murderer it was drawn out and emotionally draining but in season 2-it is like he is having a cup of instant tea. Next brutal death please!


Based on the opening of S2E1, it looks like they are taking the Will vs. Hannibal sequence from the Red Dragon book and substituting Crawford for Will. Unless Hannibal ends up killing Crawford and framing a freed Will, this makes a season 3 not possible (unless they go for the SoL method of having Hannibal locked up and used as a resource for hunting others).


Considering Crawford will be battling Hannibal at the end of the season, it looks like this season will be the "Dragging Out" of Hannibal killing. I personally love this show, it is so well written and even though I am not a huge gore fan, this show does it in such a way that I am not grossed out. I hate to say it, but Hannibal would dominate Top Chef, that leg looked so damn good!!! Great show, up there with tv's best for me.


I continue to be amazed by the cinematography with this show......... I agree with the reviewer in that I've become used to the gore that is depicted in this show........... The scene with Hannibal nonchalantly fixing his gourmet meal with the leg of that victim ...........wow......... How long can they drag out Hannibal getting away with what he's getting away with? And what direction could the show go if it is figured out?????????

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Those in the world around him are a means to an end. He uses them to do what he is driven to do.


Cracks are not always weaknesses. A life lived accrues in the cracks.