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Hannibal: I gave you a rare gift, and you didn't want it. You would deny me my life.
Will: Not your life.
Hannibal: My freedom then, you would take that from me. Confine me to a prison cell. Did you believe you could change me the way I've changed you?
Will: I already did.

I'm dismantling who I was and moving it brick by brick.

Hannibal thinks you're his man, and I think you're mine.


How was my funeral?


I haven't been gorged, drowned, plucked, and roasted, not yet.


Your lure is the one thing he wants despite everything he knows.


You hook 'em; I'll land 'em.


Hannibal: You fantasize about how you would kill me. Tell me, how would you do it?
Will: With my bare hands.

I don't want to kill you anymore Dr. Lecter, now that I finally find you interesting.

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