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Well, Helix Season 1 has come to a rather quick conclusion and one thing's for certain: it wasn't predictable in the least.

The producers were right when they said the show would not be what audiences expect.

As with most brand new shows, there are installment that are far better than others. And Helix Season 1 Episode 13 was easily one of the first season's best hours. It wrapped up most of its loose ends, while introducing clues that will play out next season.

That's right, Syfy has announced that Helix was renewed for Season 2, which will premiere in 2015.

All season long, the latest installment corresponded with the number of days since the outbreak. Naturally, I was expecting "Day 13" to appear on my TV screen here.

Instead, the show jumps forward in time to "Day 235," and Alan is beating a silver-eyed hostage. How did we get here? Who is this man? Why are they speaking French?!? Don't worry we'll find out soon enough.


You contacted your military, the FBI, even Interpol for help but no one believed you. Ilaria is everywhere, while you hide in the shadows.

Immortal Hostage

Our heroes question the Scythe, with Julia's focus being locating her mother. Jules roughs the kid up a bit and Alan stops her. Sure, I understand Alan's point about being better than that, but that murderous punk sure deserves a nice ass whoopin' right?

Losing Daniel/Miksa in Helix Season 1 Episode 12 was tough and I was glad to see Hatake still grieving. It was also nice to see Julia cut him some slack. Her reassurance that she does not hate her father went a very long way I'm sure.

After a little good scientist/bad scientist interrogation, the Scythe informs Alan and company that they are too late. There's an outbreak in Puerto Rico with all the Narvik side effects. Does this mean that Alan will travel to Puerto Rico next season to cure the sick?

Meanwhile, Anana and Tulok come across a missing snow mobile. Apparently Balleseros is walking the rest of the way. He wakes at the base, the Scythe's second in command, Blake, had saved his life. The two know each other as well and she tells him the Scythe is exactly where he wants to be.

Alan, Hatake and Jules leave Peter in charge of the Scythe and make their way to Level G, which is where Jules' mother is being held captive. Balleseros is there to greet them at gun point claiming he doesn't work for Ilaria. All he wants is the list of abducted Inuit children. Hatake tells him there is no written list, it's all in his noodle. He proceeds to write the names down and hands it to Balleseros, who hands over the Narvik.

Julia's mother recognizes her and explains though she loved Hiroshi, he was way too ambitious. The reunion between Hiroshi and Jane was touching and it was one of the few times Hatake comes across as human, versus a cold-hearted immortal.

Anana and Tulok arrive offering their snow mobiles to transport everyone off the base. Hatake spots Tulok and calls him Daniel/Miksa. Hiroshi, I think watching your son's head blow up right in front of your eyes should remove any doubt he's now standing in front of you.

One of the big twists of the night was the reveal that Peter had been working with the Scythe all along. I'll admit, after everything these characters have gone through, I hoped at least Peter would get a happy ending. Possibly ending up with the girl. Not on this show sucka!

The Scythe: Smuggling the virus off the base was a masterstroke.
Peter: Yeah and it almost got me killed. Transformed into one of those things.

Alan hands the Narvik and cure to Julia, telling her they'll need them in Puerto Rico. Peter watches as the two kiss passionately.

Hatake mentions the Scythe has one weakness. Did you guess what it was? It was cool that Jeri Ryan made one last appearance right? The Scythe blows the base, kills Julia's mother and boards a chopper with Julia. Alan throws Constance's head in, distracting the Scythe long enough for Julia to give him one cannister. Was it the Narvik or the cure? I guess we'll find out next year right?

The final scene takes us back to Day 235, which is where we started at the top of the show. However, Alan is sitting at a café in Paris reading about an outbreak. The waiter slips him an Ilaria business card and he draws a white "X" on the wall behind him.

Alan meets up with Peter and tells him he's found Jules. He also tells his brother to continue without him if he doesn't make the checkpoint.

We see the Ilaria logo and it appears Alan is at their Paris headquarters. Inside, silver-eyed immortals are gathered waiting for someone. In walks a woman, with a mechanical finger and we soon realize it's none other than Julia Walker.

I assume the show's opening sequence takes place after Julia walks into that boardroom. Alan must take one of the board members hostage, which is the immortal he's seen torturing at the top of the show. He's still not sure that she's alive. 

This leaves us with several new questions... Was Jules brainwashed by the Scythe or is her presence there part of a greater plan to destroy Ilaria? Did anyone else aside from Alan, Peter, Jules and the Scythe survive the explosion? Where's Hatake? The writers didn't inform us that Sarah's pregnant only to kill her off right? Will Season 2 follow the same characters in new locations?

What are your pressing questions? Did you enjoy this first season of Helix? Hit the comments section to discuss tonight's finale and remember if you missed an episode, you can watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.

Do you think Season 2 will take place in Puerto Rico?


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Helix Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You contacted your military, the FBI, even Interpol for help but no one believed you. Ilaria is everywhere, while you hide in the shadows.

Immortal Hostage

The Scythe: Smuggling the virus off the base was a masterstroke.
Peter: Yeah and it almost got me killed. Transformed into one of those things.