Once Upon a Time Clip: Fearless Flirting

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The flirt is on... but for how long?

Ever since they met, there's been quite the romantic attraction between Regina and Robin Hood - and now that they're working together to take down Wicked Witch Zelena, it's clear that that spark is growing in intensity.

In this exclusive clip given to TV Fanatic by the kind crew over at ABC, we'll see that there could be a turning point for the potential twosome in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 15, "Quiet Minds."

However, like all good things on OUAT, a certain something could stop Regina in her tracks from taking any further steps into the outlaw's open arms. Meaning what, exactly?

Watch now and find out:

Once Upon a Time Season 3 airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. 

Here's a look at episodic images from the upcoming hour:

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I don't exactly like Outlaw Queen since I'm more of a Swan Queen shipper but I do love seeing Regina happy. :)


I love this sneak peek. Saw it last night on twitter and wore my phone battery out watching it over and over. These two have some serious chemistry b/t them. The consistent smiles at each other, laughing together, and when he gets up and gets right in front of her I was so hoping a kiss would happen. You can tell Regina kinda wanted him too. I wish they ha released the next few mins b/t them bc I'm dying to know what her reaction to the tattoo will be. I'm worried she is going to push Robin away but I'm hoping he won't let her. OutlawQueen Forever!!!


Eesh, this show is for the Twihards now...


SHE REALISES :D Haha, she sees the lion tattoo and will surely freak out. Just because she doesn't remember the last year (in which she propably flirted with Hood as well) doesn't mean Regina forgot what Tinkerbell told her all those years ago about 'the man with the lion tattoo' being her one true love!


Whao, these guys are strangers and this is what we get? Forced flirting? Umh, kind of weird coming from Regina. I'm disappointed. I don't buy or see any chemistry yet. I can't wait for sunday.

@ Luna

i agree 100% jus feels to forced like their trying too hard!


Regina and Robin! LOVE THEM! #OutlawQueen


Robin and Hook are seriously reminding me of 'Blurred Lines'. Am I supposed to be attracted to guys who encourage me to drink alcohol so that they can aggressively flirt with me without even getting to know me first?




I don't see any chemistry between their and that is incredible because Lana even with a spoon has more sexual tension (as we have seen). This ship is so forced and Regina is another person...
Outlawqueen no thanks.

@ Chiara

Hi there Fangirl312/Mel35. You guys are so predictable.

@ Ash

Lol enough of Lana and the spoon (wtf?) I mean at least get some new material.

@ johanna