Once Upon a Time Review: Fighting Fear

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The amount of time-jumping on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 14 nearly gave me whiplash but one thing was certain:

Fear was everywhere.

I knew where Charming's dream was headed the moment I saw Emma in that gown... but expecting what was about to come didn't make it any less disturbing. He's guilty and terrified.

Charming hates that he had to abandon Emma and, on some level, he's scared that although this child is a second chance, it's also another opportunity for failure.

With so much evil lurking about, it's hard to blame him.

I wasn't all that impressed with Rapunzel's story. I appreciated the correlation to David's fear, but it still fell flat for me. Far more interesting was David fighting his own fully formed fear. The moments when his fear stalked him through the forest in its faceless hooded form was terrifying. 

Meanwhile, Snow was back in Storybrooke getting chummy with her new mid-wife. I honestly don't know whether to applaud Snow or chastise her for always seeing the good in people. It's both refreshingly optimistic and utterly stupid given all they've been through.  

Regina's talk with Henry was touching.

He may not remember her, but he certainly felt quite comfortable sharing personal information about his family with her. That must say something. And I found it amusing when Regina told him in this Once Upon a Time quote

I think one day you'll have more family than you'll know what to do with.


If he only had a clue. Some Thanksgiving in the future he might just long for those two place settings once again.

But my favorite moments were between Emma and Hook. I like that she can make fun of his hook and he never takes it too seriously. This time she was pushing for answers about what he'd been up to over that missing year but Hook wasn't sharing. What is he hiding from her? 

Hook was certainly fixated on the flying monkeys. Perhaps that's because he equates them to his rivals. Walsh was one and he suspects Neal may be one as well.   

The best moment was when Emma shared that she'd gotten her heart broken once again with Walsh and Hook explained why that gave him hope.

If it can be broken, that means it still works.


The Captain certainly isn't giving up on Ms. Swan.

The farmhouse was reminiscent enough of Dorothy's without being overwhelmingly cheesy. The bike with the basket and the storm cellar were both nice touches. 

As they saw the golden straw all over the cage floor, Regina's smirk even made me smile. Rumpelstiltskin is alive and on the run, although possibly driven more than a little mad. 

As usual we are left with more questions. Who will find Rumpel first? Will Charming become the cowardly lion without his courage? And now that the Wicked Witch has Rumpel's dagger and Charming's sword, what will she target next?

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics, what did you think of Rapunzel's story?


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Finally got to comment on this. Hated the Rapunzel storyline. So disappointing ! Apart from that, the rest was great. Now, I'm a bit tired of the Wicked Witch. Her being around the baby is scary. What does she want. What did she do? Did she have something to do with Snow being pregnant ? Nah, that might be a stretch.
Regina and Henry were so cute.
I can't believe they came so close to finding Rumple. Though in Storybrooke, he is more Rumple than Mr Gold. Why is that ?


i like this episode about the fear of david to fail again, the opening scene was creppy and sad at the same time emma looks so pretty in that dress. love the capitan hook scenes. Hate how trusting snowhite can be sometimes,
what does the wiked witch really want ??? i'm really curious about it


I quite liked the idea that it was Rapunzel's own fears keeping her in that tower. An interesting perspective!
Looking forward to see how this oz story unfolds and who the tinman may be.


I loved the scene between Emma and Hook . And it was really nice to see Emma in that beautiful princess gown ,she looked very stunning .


Also did anyone else notice that Hook is the only one so far to notice something off about the Witch? 'A bit demanding isn't she?' That's it Hook! Don't believe the facade for a second! Nothin gets past him! Now if only Mary Margaret could notice how suspiciously eager and demanding Zelena is being... Hook would have figured it out by now


I'm actually loving the whole Wizard of Oz storyline a lot more than I thought I would! So if we can assume (big if) that Charming's the cowardly lion and she's got his courage, Rumple is the Scarecrow (the whole straw tie-in, plus he's clearly lost his mind) and she's taken his dagger and I think maybe Neal is the tin man and he traded his heart or his chance for love or something to the witch in exchange for resurrecting his father, or something like that, because he did seem pretty intent on getting Rumple back by whatever means necessary right..? Just a theory! Also loving all of the Hook and Emma moments of course, I adore Hook but I'm seriously worried that they might kill him off in some noble redemption self-sacrifice thing so they can stick Emma with Neal who is (despite their glaring lack of chemistry in comparison with Hook and Emma) the father of her child. I really hop I'm wrong but if they're going to kill someone off...Hook seems like the most obvious!


My guess is Zelena's dad is the wizard like in Wicked (the musical, not sure about the book). Only question now is, who is the wizard? I'm betting the "tin man" is going to be Snow or the baby.


Maybe Hook isn't sharing because he got it on with Snow during the year blackout and the child is actually his. Just a jolting thought.

@ Brian

LOL that will be akward...


I really liked having a Charming-centric episode, getting to see his vulnerable side. And, yes, the Captain Swan moments are perfect. But seriously Snow? Can you not get the underlying "I hate you" tone when Zelena talks?
Also, not a fan of Rapunzel. She seemed way too whiny and annoying and I just could not like her character. I called them having to fight their worst fear to vanquish the hooded creature, but I did not see it being that they had to fight themself. That was cool and the hooded creature was super creepy

Sixxx 6

It was an ok episode, I just love any part with Regina, when this show first started I did not like her, but over time the writers did a good job in making me feel for her and now I love Regina, well mostly cause she gets the best one liners EVER! and plus Lana is amazing. I am hoping they get their memories back soon cause I can see it getting old very quickly. Mary Margaret I get, snow always sees the good in people but really, come on you just lost a year of your life in another curse and you are quick to accept the only one who is new to town, WAKE UP!

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